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ginger - yours doesnt work
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Originally Posted by nym
ginger - yours doesnt work
it depends on the internet browser you use. what are you on?

ginger, in order for the pics to work for everybody, it's better to name the files you put on the web without spaces.
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Originally Posted by valeria_vi
ginger, in order for the pics to work for everybody, it's better to name the files you put on the web without spaces.
It links off my blog so I don't get to control how it codes. Sorry to those who can't see it!
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I see it now, cute!
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You still can barely tell! I think because I'm still fat from DS :LOL
But I will do a photo SOON!
All you mommas look GREAT
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Alrighty - I've decided to do a slideshow & update weekly. Here's this weeks' installment: http://share-adobe.shutterfly.com/os...EeEOGrFozYs2Vc
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I really should have strated taking pics yearlier. I am 15w6d today and I only have 1 pic where I am 15 weeks. I still haven't tranfered it from the camera to my computer, so I can't post it yet.
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I'm 19 weeks: http://share-adobe.shutterfly.com/os...EeEOGrFozYs2V-

Where's everyone else at?!?!?
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Here's my pics... I really should be more dilligent about taking one every week!

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here are mine. http://jordan.photosite.com/gestating/
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Originally Posted by nym
Do you have a belly yet? DH took my pic last night...
um, yes, lol!! i know this thread is old. anyway, i keep all my belly pics here. ---> http://community.webshots.com/user/impromptukiss
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Here is the side view of me! I took it yesterday but I am 22 weeks today.


And here is the front. I was trying to get my belly button but I'm not sure it worked.


I had to take the picture myself so the bright spots in the mirror are my flash!

Valeria I just saw your question about my pants! They are naturally that low rise. I think I had even pulled them down some for the picture though.
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Your pictures are so great! I really need to take some. I don't have a single pregnant picture of me when I was carrying DS! I LOVE your bellies!
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I don't know it this works, but these are me and my ds (he is in all my preg-pictures )

I think this may work now

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nope. didn't work. You gotta do a share. Go into your account, click the Share online tab, choose the pics you want to share, then there will be a button on the right that says "Next". Click it. Then you have to put in an email address to send it to (I put in my own), give it a subject title and click "Share Now" on the right. This will bring up a screen with a link in the center of it. That link is what you copy and paste to let us see the pics. If you sent the email to yourself, you will also get that link in your email. You can just click it then copy the URL from the new window as well.
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Thanks annakiss, I think it works now
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So many pretty bellies. One day maybe i will post mine. I really am getting bigger and am noticably preggo but i am so fat anyway that i am afraid a pic would just make me look like a hugly fat woman.
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I just got a shot of me finally...I'm 20 weeks in the picture and finally starting to feel pregnant. I really had nothing of a belly up until this point so I'm a happy camper now that I finally look pregnant rather than just looking as if I ate too big a meal for my own good.

I hope it works...I'm also new to this picture sharing thing.
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I changed email addresses and consequently changed websites, so my new pic is here:


I only have one, but you can get a good side view of the belly. Last PG I took pics every week, on the week. This time I've taken 2 pics! Is that horrible!?
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