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Goodbye first trimester!

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Call me superstitious, but I am glad to be starting the second trimester! I feel like I can relax a bit now. Plus we got to hear the heartbeat today, so that was reassuring, too. Anyone else glad to leave the first trimester behind?

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I've got a few more days, I'm 11 weeks, 2 days. Someone said that the 2nd trimester doesn't officially start until the 13th week though so maybe I've got 12 days? Either way I'm excited to have the first almost over with. I "almost" heard the heartbeat yesterday. The midwife found it in 2 different spots and then lost it.
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I'll be joining the celebration in a few weeks.
I'm only 9 weeks! (Not outta the woods yet)
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I don't know if I am out of the 1st trimester yet or not. I am 12weeks and 3 days. I figured I would wait until Sunday (13 weeks) before I officially considered the 1st tri over. I am looking forward to it!!!.
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I think the "official" start of the 2nd tri is 13 weeks- they say that after you make it through 12 wks, the mc risk decreases. But if you've already heard/seen the heartbeat, that's pretty much the same thing.
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Congrats to those of you who are nearing the end of the first trimester. Hopefully we can start sharing the FUN times of being pregnant... I'm tired of being sick and tired! ((I'm heading back to bed... stomach is not good today))

3wks (give or take) until my 1st trimester is over... Not that I am counting or anything.
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I can't wait, I wish I had been able to hear the heartbeat at my last visit though. I won't get a chnce now until 14 weeks. I did see it at 6 though. I am still very nervous...
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12 weeks, 4days...

but to me the first trimester is all but over!! Wooo hooo!!! AND I've heard the hb and seen it once, so phew!

I am excited and nervous to have the first tri over...I just can't believe it's been 12.5 almost 13wks. already! May will be anytime it seems!!

Congrats to us Mama's!
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I thought it was 14 weeks? After 13 weeks is over. I am 11 weeks and am still throwing up today, and know I was queasy last time until at least 14 weeks or so.

But 12 weeks is close enough! Especially if you feel better. Woohoo!
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the book i read said 12week fetus 14wk of preg for the end of the first tri. who would have thought such a seemingly easy date could be so hard to figure out !!!! Before i read the book, i thought it was 12 weeks of preg for the end. now im more confused!! :LOL oh well i guess it really doesnt matter all that much. when i get my energy back...wahtever the day...that will be the day to celebrate for me
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I, too, am so glad to be exiting my first trimester. Had no nausea with my first pregnancy so this time around was rather unexpected and unpleasant! Heard the heartbeat on Friday and it sounded like heaven! Looking forward to hearing how all of you are progressing and comparing notes. EDD is 5/9/05.
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