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Anyone else?

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I'll take the plunge and make the first post... even though it is so very early

We found out 2 days ago that we are pg, due somewhere around July 1-5 (depending on the method for calculating EDD)
My LMP gives me a due date of 6-22 but I ovulated late so that is not an accurate date. (Thank goodness for NFP so I wouldn't be counted as "overdue" when I haven't even reached my true "due date")

So that makes us a whopping 14 days pg. (I guess that puts us right at 4 weeks by standard counts)
This was the first cycle where we weren't TTA anymore, but not exactly TTC... just having fun and seeing what happened... (guess it worked hehe) because we chart I know that I never have luteal phases longer than 10 days, so the 10th day was Friday, and on Saturday when my temp still hadn't dropped I pretty much figured I was pg. We tested on Monday and that was positive.

So here I am... anyone else?

take care
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Um, holy cow!

I was just lurking around here and was surpised to see a post in the July expecting club already. And here you are, Elaine! CONGRATS!!!!

I so, so hope I can join you here. I will be testing this weekend and feel more preggo signs than PMS signs. Please send me some babydust and baby vibes! How fun if we can be preggie buddies. I am so excited for you.

And if you come to the meeting Sunday, I need to make sure I share a cup with you, have you sneeze on me...whatever I can do to "catch" what you have!

Grinning for you from ear to ear!
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HA! I found you both! Congrats, Elaine! And good luck Jennifer....I can't wait for some news on Sunday!

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Isn't that the truth when you don't ovulate on day #14. I O'd really late at day #30 (longg cycles with me). I ended up delivering right on my due date counting from when I ovulated. Otherwise I would have been considered 2 weeks over-due.

Anyway, I was just looking to see who was newly pregnant. Have a healthy 9 months.
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Hey Jenn and Nichole,
Okay so I kind of felt silly posting... because my baby is the size of a pinhead right now and looks like a flat disc with a neural tube.
Sooo it is early and it hasn't sunk in and I am being realistic and trying not to get overly-excited too soon.
But it is pretty funny how it works, huh?
I feel like I am a walking advertisement that NFP really does work because apparantly I have no problem getting pg when we aren't TTA anymore (Liam was conceived the first month we tried as well)... so being a "fertile myrtle" as some folks have dubbed me, I should have a million kids already if NFP *didn't* work... heh heh.
Well now of course I can't wait to see you on Sunday Jenn, see if you have any news.
This month I really did have symptoms of being pg starting at about 7 dpo- my uterus felt full, round ligament twinges, peeing in the middle of the night- but I didn't start thinking about believing them until my pd was late.

But like I said, it doesn't feel real and I actually do forget that I am pg... heh heh... I guess this is the second-time-around ho-hum, been there-done that kind of thing.
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Hi! Glad I'm not the first one!

I just got a BFP this morning. I'm trying not to get too excited too early either but I think it's too late for that, lol. I'm due around the end of June, beginning of July... I'm going with July for now. I'm not totally sure when my last period started, can you believe that? So maybe I'll pop over to the June board too.

Anyway, congrats Elaine - wishing you sticky baby vibes!
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Add me to the list of July babies! Due 7/3 based on conception ff was giving me a heart attack, gave me 5 different O dates over a week long period and 3 of the dates would have ment no way could I have gotten pg via AI!
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