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:LOL ... yeah, i usually just refer to them as "my son" and "my boyfriend".. as for the artificiality, i feel this way sometimes too, but when i see it i use it as a reminder that when it comes down to it, they really are dear. (and dorky..)
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I was told you could consider it sarcastically, as well. darling husband - or you could substitute another d - i think having 2 letters help differentiate between another meaning. plus, it seems to be historical, not limited to this board
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I have often wondered how "dh" and "dd" and all the rest originated! I have seen them on every message board I've been to. They seem quite universal. Also "AF," it just seems so overly quaint and tactful, but again, I've seen it used consistently on many boards. And it is quick and easy to type. Wonder how long these abbreviations have been around and how they originally got started.
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Perhaps to make it a two letter abreviation? Just saying "S is sleeping" could mean that you mis-typed something. =)
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Does anyone know what tmi means?

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Hmmmm... beats me. Did you see it in a post on the board? Maybe given a sentence so it's in the context of the discussion I could figure it out.

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tmi = too much information, as in personal information

ex. 'When dh and I were bd'ing last night we were interrupted by ds and dd who wanted to know if they could watch tv - oops, tmi!"
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okay they all picked me to ask <me being pushed to the forefront of a group of friends> "What is bd'ing" <blush - cuz I know I should be able to figure it out>
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babydancing, ie having sex to try to conceive

(i think there's also an acronym list somewhere in the ttc board, which is where i learned a lot of the more obscure ones i saw popping up elsewhere)
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I've seen this recently at the beginning of posts, almost used as if addressing someone, but I can't figure it out or don't see a correlation with anyone on the thread:




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I've seen that too and wondered; I think it may be an abbreviation for a Hebrew phrase because the women who use it are Jewish (I think).
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Yes, it's a Jewish thing.

The b'H is an acronym for the Hebrew "barukh HaShem," literally meaning "bless G-d," or idiomatically, "thank G-d."

The bs'd is an acronym for the Aramaic "b'siyata di'Shmaya," meaning "with the help of Heaven."

They are written (usually in Hebrew letters) on the top of a page of writing, before writing anything, one or the other, interchangeably. Orthodox Jewish folks will write it on every page they write. On the Internet & on the printed English page, the letters you saw are the way it comes out ...

- Amy
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Wow! That is really interesting, thanks so much for clearing that up for me. Learn something new every day....

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I know WAHM = Work at home mom... but what is WOHM? It seems to be working not at home, but I don't know what the O stands for.

Thanks. =)
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Work Outta Home Mom
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I've seen "CD" a couple times and I'm not sure what it means.

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cloth diapering
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OMG it's the first time I look at this thread, and I'm LOL at the first post. The one where Cynthia says that all small letters can happen because the poster is nursing her baby.

Where else would one find that explanation? Sometimes I'm just overcome with love at MDC
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bump ?

I saw the link to the explanation for "bump", but the link comes back as invalid when I try it.
Can someone explain or repair that link?

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The thread list is filled with discussions that are active. The most active are on page 1 and the latest posted to are at the top of the list. If a thread falls down to the bottom of the thread list or out of sight to page 2 or beyond a person may post a new reply to it with the word "bump" to move it to the top of the list on page 1. They do so either to make the thread visible for someone else or to encourage more responses to the thread.

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