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Such a rush!!!

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The El Bee stocking on the Yahoo group really got my blood pumping! My hands are still shaking! I have no money to spend but these are El Bees and after the week I have been though I figure I deserve them. This is the best I have felt in DAYS.

So now to wait and see if my email was fast enough!
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me too!
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I know I wasn't really prepared because I thought it would be just diapers - which I don't need. I sent an e-mail about the woolly bully, but I'm sure I was too slow.
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LOL... me too! I feel like I am high or something. I think that was even more exciting than HC!

Waiting to see if I got anything either... how long do you have to wait normally?
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Good luck ladies! I showed supreme self-control and didn't try for any of them this time. I have spent way to much money on dipes in the last couple of weeks. I agree, these kinds of stockings can be such a rush!
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Originally Posted by Holli
How wrong is this? I only wanted all-velour so I only sent email about #12. I'm sure I was too slow so this lamenting is worthless. But, I realized after the fact that the stitching is orange. I am not a huge orange fan. Could I learn to like orange on an elbee if I got it? LOL

If you got I will take it. I heart orange!
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I'm hoping I wasn't too slow. I had everything set and Holden woke up so I ran to get him and then sent the email ... so I'm sure I missed it! I'm just hoping that maybe lots of people were actually reading the descriptions, I only read the sizes!
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I hope I get one. I've been having the worst time getting to my hotmail account so I used my new backup account outlook. I hope it's just as fast or faster I'm still shaking! LOL
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So what numbers did everyone else go for? I tried for #13, but I doubt that I was fast enough.
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Holli, I asked for 12 too - I bet you were faster!!! Yesterday was an awful day - in fact I'm still in a funk - I know any of these would cheer me up!!!
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I tried for the same one as you Holli.Now I am not holding out much hope. I wish I had gone for a hemp one.
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What time did you send for 13, I tried for 13, 14 and 22. What time did you all send the email to see who got it! Maybe we can figure it out ourselves.
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I tried for 12 too but not for me, LOL
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Good luck girls! I have to say that I LOVE how Laura gives everyone that gets one just one. I think that is so darn fair. YK? It lets everybody have a little love.
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I tried for #3, then regretted that I hadn't asked for 12. Not like I would have gotten either . . .
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I asked for the first qualities... and then I sent another email asking for #12 in case I didn't get any of the firsts.
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Are they still not gone, she said shed send an email when they were gone, no email. No way possible they arent all gone yet right?

I was hoping for a small, but I tried for 2 Mediums & a doubler hoping I got at least one!
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LOL I sent my reply so fast I didn't even see the doublers!!!
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I tried for the larges.
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I didnt see the group post up until 2:02(my time) and I sent the email at 2:02(my time) LOL
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