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Such a rush!!! - Page 2

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I tried for #23
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I also sent at 12:02pm my time!
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Originally Posted by Holli
hahaha! #12 wins the Miss Popularity contest!

Yep, velour is queen.
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Originally Posted by Lauira
Good luck girls! I have to say that I LOVE how Laura gives everyone that gets one just one. I think that is so darn fair. YK? It lets everybody have a little love.

i didn't know that...never did this before! so, if you asked for more than one, and you were 1st, how would that work...would she ask you what your 1st choice was? i just listed them in order of her numbering system, not my preferences.

but hey, probably didn't get any! then again, SOMEONE had to and we all think we were too slow
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I sent my email at 3:01 my time and it arrived at 3:01 :LOL I didn't go for 12 though!
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So if we asked for two we will only get one?

That's ok, seeing as I've never felt the Elbee love.
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I sent @ 12:00 my time - I'm sure it will go down to the seconds, not minutes....
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Originally Posted by ChristiansMomma
So if we asked for two we will only get one?

That's ok, seeing as I've never felt the Elbee love.

Yup! Fair, huh?
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All gone - someone should hear something soon!!!
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I think it was 3:00 for me
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no elbee yet here either!

i imagine she'll just look at which emails got to her 1st...right?
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ive noticed my clock is always wrong and it is what tells my email what time it is, so who knows, LOL
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Ack, now to wait to see who got them. All gone!
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anyone else try for the same number? Braedon cant wear Med Long so now I have less of a chance of getting one as there were very little Meds.
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did anyone get an email telling them they got anything? she sent the "thanks - all gone" email...now what?
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I wish she would just post to the group with all of the names who got them. That way we wouldn't be waiting like crazy! LOL I'm need to go to my moms, but I can't check my email there.

Cloth dipers are sooooo COOL!
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Waiting is the hardest part!
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I got #5! YAY!
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I got # 7!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is my first El Bee!
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I'm sure I was too late.......but in my email I did say I would take anythign that was leftover - between my girls, I'm sure any med or lrg would fit. Stupid meeting at the exact time she posted....
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