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Ideas to find CHEAP PUL and Microfleece

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I want to make pocket diapers for DS with PUL outer and micro inner and only want to pay $8 or less.yard. Any hints on where to find these (on the internet or real life?) Also does anyone have experince with the differnce between 1 and 2 mil PUL?

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I cannot say enough about the microfleece at Joann fabrics, if there is a store near you. It does not pill at all in the wash...even my mircrofleece from One Stop Diaper Shop looks worse than the stuff I bought at Joanns. Joanns always has 40% off coupons if you get on their mailing list, and they frequently run 50% off sales on the microfleece which makes it $5 a yard!!! Can´t beat that, IMO. HTH!
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Check out www.fabricline.com . I've had awesome service from them and they have great prices. They have MM microfleece, and they also have 'waterproof breathables'. The WB is not PUL, but I know that a lot of moms use it as an economical alternative with no problems. Their WB 'grabbag' is an especially great deal!
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Another vote for Joanns. If you find some in the remnant section and buy the whole piece they will give you an additional 25% off. Usually its prints but they still work and with mark downs, coupons, and the 25% I've gotten fleece as cheap as $3/yard.
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I've seen cheap PUL on ebay before. Good luck!
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: on the PUL question... I've seen so many great PUL dipes; where is all that fabric coming from?!?

I was at my local JoAnns, found some non-pill microfleece, elastic and velcro, but nobody could help me find anything that would be good as PUL substitute. (Though I'd rather just have the PUL! BTW, what do you call that great fabric that is used to make Bummis SWW covers?? That's nice stuff, too...)

Well, I walked around and found some "leatherette"... It's slick like a raincoat on one side and a soft fabric on the other. I bought a little piece and poured some water on it, and it seemed to work like PUL... So I bought a yard.

Has anyone ever tried using the leatherette, and what are its pros and cons??
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ooh I just found this site, they are having a sale on PUL
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I have not heard good things about that last place listed but can't say i have had any direct dealings with her.
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Like what, I was thinking of ordering since they have such great prices?

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I personally would stay far away from Jonathanjunction because I have heard very bad things about the woman who owns it.

A reputable co-op who has a current database for PUL and with whom I have had more than 20 flawless transaction is Sewing Supply Co-op Subscribe Email. This co-op is run by Sherrie and she is selling PUL for $5.00 per yard white and $5.25 per yard for all colours.

I would check locally for microfleece because I have gotten some really great deals on local micro. The heavier weight fleeces I will only buy Malden Mills but I don't find that much of a difference between the various Microfleeces out there so I would feel comfortable buying locally (buy in small quantities if you are unsure if it is suitable). Make sure you are buying Microfleece which is fairly thin as opposed to polar fleece which is pretty bulky and pills up very badly IME.

You aren't likely to find print PUL for less than $8 although Sherrie (same as above) has 2 print PULs still available in her online album for $7 a yard...the link to that is Sherrie's Epson Album. Not sure how much of each she still has left though. You would have to join her group to find out.


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Thanks for the link to the coop. I'd still like to here why a few don't like JJ.
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I just had a good experience with JJ... I saw they had remnants, and wanted to buy a small one. But shipping automatically was more than my item! So I emailed them and asked about it, and they responded quickly saying they hadn't figured out yet how to make the store do shipping based on weight. They said I could buy the remnant for just over $1 shipping, and do it by paypal.
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JJ is owned by Alex Land. I believe she was actually arrested for kidnapping her son all the while pretending it was her dh that had kidnapped him. Anyway there is a bunch of feedback and complaints and what not here:


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Thanks to the poster who had the alex links. I couldn't find any except the co-op report crads.
I second third and fourth my vote for Sherrie. That's is where I got all of my PUL and she is nice, fast, reliable and understanding when my PayPal had a major malfunction. Her stuff is so good that i have had to ban myself from co-ops for a while. She also has supplies at times like FOE ( I got 100 yards for $26), great trims and elastics plus tags, frog, etc.
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There is cheap PUL on the TP right now!
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I signed up and do really like sherrie's coop, thank you! Thank you also for the JJ link. I was so excited to make these diapers for ds that I ordered from JJ before any warnings were posted, but I talked to paypal and got all the info I need to get my $ back if the transaction does go wrong, and I asked her for a ship date and tracking #. I'm trying to be optimistic and hope that I am not the miniority that has had bad transactions. I have tried to be really kind to her and give her the benifit of the doubt while still protecting myself, There is not a whole lot more I can do other than wait. I wish I had known that info before I bought. Is there any place at mothering where perhaps some of you and maybe myself can post feedback about her. That way other mama would have the chance to be well informed before they buy?

Thanks again for all your help!

Can someone educate me on Joann's fleece? I have only been buying the micro but will anit-pill, alpine, or licenced Joann's fleece give me the same wicking properties that their micro-fleece would? I know there is a big differnce in the feel of the micro and other fleeces and you can't see the weave underneither when you pull on it. Anyway just wondering if anyone knew. I plan on using these diapers on 3+ kidos and I want them to last a long time!

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