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Feeling the Baby Move?

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So weird. I didn't feel DD until 19 weeks or later (can't remember). I just remember that it was long compared to the average.

Anyway, I'm not even 14 weeks (will be tomorrow) and I started "feeling" things yesterday. Not an actual kick, just that certain feeling of fullness/stretchiness in only one part of my uterus. I feel it in different parts at different times. The baby is so small-- could I actually be feeling it, or is it my uterus (or imagination) doing something funky?
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I felt this baby give a thump at 12 1/2 weeks, but haven't felt much since. Now I am 14 1/2 and I am feeling it a bit more. This is actual movement. And it's still really far down, not even out of my pelvic bones yet. I've probably felt the baby 4 times in the last 3 days. SO, it's getting more frequent and defnintely there!
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I just don't know !!!!!????????
I really thought I felt some definite flutters, and they were in the right (pubic) area considering how small the bean is right now, but then I've also felt flutters much, much higher, that definitely aren't babe related. Beth keeps acting out kickboxing moves & telling the babe to give me a boot, but nothing definite. I'm now at 15 weeks, so I know it's a bit early...but I can't wait!
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i kept thinking i was feeling things too, but i feel the same movements in different locations. my uterus is now over top my belly button and i feel stuff to the top and right and also to the bottom and left, so, who knows. i keep telling myself it's digestive related LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Have not felt anything yet - 14 weeks yesterday. This might seem like a stupid question but how do you guys KNOW where your uterus is located? I have a definite pooch-belly
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Originally Posted by speedknitter
This might seem like a stupid question but how do you guys KNOW where your uterus is located?
Not stupid to me! I only know because my MW told me . . .she said it was right over my bladder, which explains a lot!

OK, so maybe those of us feeling things early are crazy together or it's true!

I definitely didn't feel anything at ALL with DD until later (I know because I kept hoping I would). It ended up working out well, though, because I didn't even know I was in labor when I was contracting 5 minutes apart and dialated to 5 cm. (I only went to the hospital because I was bleeding a lot!) So, not feeling things has benefits, too!
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This might seem like a stupid question but how do you guys KNOW where your uterus is located? I have a definite pooch-belly
My uterus is still mostly in my pelvis ...but I definately have a pooch too ...unfortunately it's all intestines and other internal goodies that are getting shoved up and out of the way.

As far as movement goes I swear I felt something that was NOT gas a few weeks ago ... but nothing distinguishable since ... I'm told that the second + time around movement can be felt as early as 11 weeks. All I know is I'm looking forward to some regular movements around here ... it's SO reassuring!

ETA I felt a definate kick/thump this morning (full bladder and laying on my stomach) ...it was so COOL!!! Now I remember what I love about being PG.
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With my DD (my third) I felt the first flutters around 13 weeks. It was confirmed for me when they found her heartbeat exactly where I'd felt her at my belly button which was a lot higher than they started looking for her down by my pubic bone. I think I've felt this baby a few times as well. In particular a couple of times I've pushed on my stomach and gotten a little response. Nothing too regular yet but it will increase as the baby gets bigger. My uterus is right at my belly button but this is my fourth and it just pops up earlier and earlier. A good way to tell is to feel your belly in the morning when your bladder is full which pushes up your uterus or if you've just orgasmed your uterus will likely contract so again you can feel where the hard ball is in your tummy. I've got lots of guts pushing up but still DH and I can feel the uterus too.
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My uterus comes to about an inch below my belly button; it is easy to find since it's definately much more firm than the squishy belly above it. I can feel it easiest when laying on my back.

I felt ds around 14 weeks, but began feeling this baby a little around 12 or so...I'm 14 weeks now and have been feeling the babe daily for a few days now. I think he/she's going to be a power-kicker just like her big brother was
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i've been feeling this baby move for 2-3 weeks. but it's not consistent and sometimes i'm not quite sure that's what it is.

over the weekend i had a nasty stomach bug my generous dd shared with me. after my intestines and stomach had emptied themselves in a most unpleasent manner i decided i could once again venture into the world of eating and had a banana. about 15 minutes after eating the banana i felt what were definitely some leaps of joy down there.
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I first felt flutters at 15wks and then proper kicking at 16wks - I also feel my uterus kind of rolling from side to side when the baby must turn around. The top of my uterus is only about an inch below my belly button now - I'm coming up 18wks in a couple of days.
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How exciting for all of us!

I felt definite babe movement around 13 weeks...almost like he/she was lightly checking out the edges of my uterus down low and to the side. I remembered that feeling from when ds used to do it. I've felt a couple thumps and other movements since then, but nothing regular yet. I'm 17 weeks today.

I didn't feel the first movements of my first ds until about 17 weeks or later, and even then it was real slight movement, more like little flutters or twitters. I remembered that after ds was born, I mourned not feeling him move in my belly any more. It's one of the most wonderful feelings!!
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I started feeling tiny movements between 15-16 w. Now I definatly feel it (I'm 17w today). It's not consistent like it is when they're bigger, but definatly the baby. Last night I had a few swigs of OJ & a few minutes later felt the baby doing rolls, LOL. I LOVE feeling the baby move! That was the one thing I was the MOST looking forward to during this pregnancy.
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I started feeling little flutters here and there about 2 weeks ago at around 14 weeks. This morning around 6am, for the first time at exactly 16 weeks I felt a full force kick followed by numerous little thumps which startled me

Now I'm addicted. I want more more more
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I was 16 weeks yesterday and nothing yet. =(
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The past week or two I've been feeling something, but so light it could be my imagination. Tonight, it was definitely baby!
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Just wanted to say that since my OP, I haven't felt anything quite the same, but I have felt other things . . . very inconsistent, though!

Sara, in my OP I mention that with my 1st DD I felt nothing at all until 20+ weeks!
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I was 22 weeks when I felt Darlene move.

I never thought I'd say this...But I MISS being pregnant.
not having anymore for a while though.
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i started feeling stuff around 12 weeks, but it was that, "i'm not sure if that's digestive or not" feelings. though the "things" i was feeling were definitely in the right places to be a baby moving about. now at 16 weeks i am feeling definite thumps everywhere. right to left and top to bottom. there is no mistaking it.

katie, after each of my births i have the phantom movements in utero. for months afterwards i can still feel my babies moving inside. it's sooooooooooo wierd. and i know it's digestive, but still. i miss those babies kicking too
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When you first feel your baby move can others feel it by touching your stomach right away or does that take even longer?
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