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I think the baby is so small at this point (and still so deep in our bodies) that only we can feel them move early on ...
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i was about 22-24 weeks before i could feel kicks by placing my hand on my belly. it took Dh even longer than that to be able to feel the kicks.
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Yeah we're definitely able to feel the movements quite a bit earlier than anyone can feel it from the outside. I don't think DH felt DD move until around 25 weeks or so. By that point you could visibly see kicks from the outside. :LOL
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Feeling movement

I started feeling the baby moving about four weeks ago if I was very still and everything was quiet (like, just before I went to sleep and no other time!). Now at 17 weeks I'm feeling movement pretty regularly throughout the day.

With Annabel I felt movement at 10 weeks if I concentrated, and didn't feel a thing with Angus until 20 weeks. I understand that first-time pregnant moms don't feel movement quite as soon?

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My dh and I felt what seemed like our baby's head and back all along my left side this morning. My right side felt totally different, softer. So exciting!!!
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anyone feeling more like "rolls" than kicks or flutters? sometimes i feel a kick or flutter, but usually it's more like the rolls they do later on in the third trimester. it's really strange LOL.
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All I've felt thus far feels like someone is trying to push a racquetball out through my abdomenal wall from inside. I feel it on both sides where the ultrasounds showed the babies are, so I assume it's their skulls. But no flutters or kicks.
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Originally Posted by danaalex
anyone feeling more like "rolls" than kicks or flutters? sometimes i feel a kick or flutter, but usually it's more like the rolls they do later on in the third trimester. it's really strange LOL.
Me! Not flutters-- but I'm inconsistent. Some days I feel nothing at all!
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I've been feeling definite movement, really vigorous flutters, for a week or so now!
YIPPEE! so much fun....
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I'm 19.5 weeks and am now feeling some definite rolls and kicks!! Mostly when I'm sitting here at the computer desk at work...must be getting a little less roomy in there. Just as I was reading this thread, the little munchkin was rolling and rumbling all over the place!! I'm so happy!!! I've felt more regular movement with more definite force over the last week...before it was just the flutters or light movement. Now this babe is going to town!
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I am feeling some rolls but also thumps and bumps. At night in particular the baby comes alive and if I push on my belly I almost always get a response. I also think I've felt the baby's back/head sometimes. One side of my belly will be very hard while the other isn't at all.
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You know, I don't think I've ever felt the "flutter" feeling-- or maybe I'm just too paranoid and always chalk it up to digestive rumblings. With dd and this pg, the first feelings I've counted as movement have been little taps/kicks. I just got another fun round of them at lunch-- unlike some of you, they're still very irregular for us and may skip a day or too, so it's quite the treat when the little one decides to make its presence known.
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i saw the OB today and she was asking about movement. this pregnancy for me is just weird. like with both of my girls i had CONSTANT movement by 20 weeks with some really hard kicks starting not too long after 20 weeks.

this time i felt a whole lot of stuff really early on, like 12 weeks. i felt lots of flutters. now that i am 19 weeks, you'd think i'd feel this baby move more, nope. i feel it maybe once every 3 days or so, and it's really odd because i feel it in all different locations. it does a patten type thing. i feel a kick way up above my belly button and to the left first then a second later way down low by my pelvis and to the right and then immediately following back to the left by my pelvis, then a roll sensation. it's almost always a variation of that pattern, but only once every couple days, then nothing.

and once again dodo DR was looking for the heartbeat in my pelvis LOL. i had to remind her that the top of my uterus is above my belly button and the baby's heartbeat is usually WAY UP HIGH. i'm sorta glad i am moving, so i can find a new person to see.
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