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there are also natural things to keep down odor like parseley?
Also maybe its the clothing reaction - if too much residue, lingering body odor in clothing, grease not comming out of clothing.

I'd say strip their clothing like cloth diapers when they get a bit funky.
Also the bo smell is bacteria growth not really sweat so what about controlling things that it can grow in - reducing dietary sugar, going to cotton only clothing that is breathable, bleaching, stripping undies (a bra girl told me once that without boiling, bleaching, stripping, sunning bacteria loads build up in clothing to nasty levels in 6 months or less)

underarm body odor can also appear in places not underarms - like feet, crotch so it might help to get any vaginal issues under control...we all stink sometimes going without undies at night is a good start, making sure the child isn't doing anything to cover the smell themselves (like overusing perfumes, soaps...) I remember a friend who used to put deoderant on their feet....not sure if it worked.

maybe also trying bathing at night and in the morning, as night sweating could be an issue. or trying something in the epsom salts, tea tree oil (just a suggestion don't know if its a bad idea.) also changing bed linens as they can really soak up smells and putting a matress cover. change pillow cases and bleach/wash pillows often. Also check clothing not washed often enough - jackets, shoes, can wash anything if she has any uniforms or synthetic clothing ...those can really absorb smells.

and check her body for anything out of the ordinary - caveties, feet issues..
my husband has sweat gland issues (they block up and become infected - stinky....)and his feet if he gets calloused really narsty

and maybe its also time for uber holistic treatments, hot baths, massage things to get the lymphatic system draining properly.

Dietary imbalances, resulting in constipation or a deficiency of magnesium or zinc may be other causes of body odor.
it also says some people who eat too much of one thing (meat, spices, onions) can have stronger body odors

Some individuals cannot metabolize foods containing large amounts of choline, such as eggs, fish, liver and legumes.
Fried and baked goods may contain rancid fats and oils that lead to body odor.
I'd also try washing her clothing also says to not allow plastic bottles as they are estrogen enhancing...
underlying causes of excessive sweating, low blood sugar, liver disease, diabetes, parasites, metabolic dysfunction, menopause, or emotional stress (anger, fear, excitement). Kidney disease ,Liver disease , Fungal infections
Refined sugar feeds bacteria and fungus on the skin
If you have a serious odor problem, soak for fifteen minutes or longer in a tub of water with three cups of tomato juice added.
Chlorophyll , Magnesium , Vitamins A high-potency B vitamin , Zinc