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Costa Rica travel with unvax'd child

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We are taking a trip the second week of Nov. It is not booked yet as I am a bit concerned with the area we travel to. We have narrowed it down to Costa Rica, Puerto Vallarta or Hawaii.

We really want to go to Costa Rica but I am unsure of traveling to that part of the world with an unvaxed 14 month old. I have heard there are parts of central America being hit with wc and even polio.

Are my concerns warranted or should everything be fine? I have little fear of PV or Hawaii. We will be staying at the Four Seasons or Paridisus resort in Costa Rica. Both have water purification.

Are there any other things I can do for my children to avoid airborne virus' via airplane? I have been told to put Neosporin around the nostrils and take Airborne? ANy other suggestions?
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see if this thread helps


and i'll go look for another one.
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got it!


you might also want to send a PM..for more information...
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see if this thread helps


and i'll go look for another one.
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We moved to India for 2 years when I was 4 and my sister wasn't quite 2. She was not vaxed because she was a baby and not required for travel. I had whatever was required for the visa at the time. In the two years we lived there, she continued to breastfeed and the worst we ever got was diarrhea and boils.
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costa rica/vaccines?

We are going to Costa Rica in January and I too am trying to figure out what to do about our unvaxed 7 month old. Right now I am considering DT (DPT minus the P), polio and the HIB (really questioning this one) I have read all the posts and links on this site and several books and searched the internet for info specifically on Costa Rica but am still at a loss. I am able to get all of the above vaccines without additives but still would love to hear more info on this from others out there who have traveled and not immunized or selectively immunized. Thanks, Jesica
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When you understand that germs don't cause disease, then there is nothing to fear. No matter where you are in the world.

Pasteur said it at the end of his life (after he finally got smart - or honest): It's not the Germ but the terrain.

That is fact, because when we take throat culture we find out that we have diphtheria, hib, and many other germs living in our thraot or somewhere else in our body and we don't get sick. They pose no problem.

A child (or any person) gets sick when he has extremely poor nutrition, repeated lack of sleep, continuous stress through fear or war, total lack of unconditional love.

If a child has a faily balanced life, he won't get sick, no matter what grounds he walks on or who he comes in contact with.

Polio is a very benign virus. 95% of people who have it notice absolutely nothing. It is no more than a flu.
When we see pictures of children in the iron lung or whatever, that was a chemical poisoning and not due to a polio virus. Although the symptomes are very similar, it was not the polio from the virus.

Polio via virus became a problem only after we vaccinated the virus into the blood. If your child is not vaccinated, he will not get polio. No matter where he is. There are a lot of prerequesites to polio, some I have mentioned above.

In Central America where they have polio, I would bet it is either from the vaccine or DDT poisoning which can be used on the fields there.

When you go there, peel all fruits and vegetables, and drink only "clean" water, that's all I would do. And then not worry!

You mentioned Neosporin around the nostrils and Airborne.

Why do you want to create a super germ? Germs are all over, you will not be able to get rid of them. And when we use such things as you mentioned, we create super germs that we can not treat with anything.

Why not rely on the child's health? Let his immune system take care of him.
Scientists and drug manufacturers don't have a good record of keeping children healthy. Why take their advice?

As soon as you learn that germs are not detramental to our health but realize that we actually can not live without them, you will be much more relaxed about them.

There is nothing that will make you or your child sick quicker, than paranoia.

Travel wherever! Take some precautions when eating fruit and vegetables and with your drinking water, other than that, enjoy your trip.
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we are leaving in 2 weeks for Costa Rica with a 4 yo and a 15 month old. We checked out the CDC site to see where there is malaria there and are staying out of those areas. We are all unvaxed and we aren't taking anything for malaria or anything like that.
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We leave for Costa Rica at midnight tonight. We are not taking the baby. We have been battling sinus infections and bronchitis. I am just getting over it. My dh has not had it but all the boys have. Because of the babies weakened immune system as he fights off this infection we have decided not to take him. He is doing quite well and only has a small cough left. His nose has stopped running and he has been very happy. My concern was adding the possibility of coming into contact with another virus while his immunity was somewhat compromised and him getting very sick far away from home. That coupled with the altitude changes during take off and landing that can cause pain if ear and nasal passages are congested. We decided it would be better for him to remain home with our friend and her family for the week. She is a nursing student who is 21 and comes from a family of 4 girls. Needless to say, Luc is the star when at their house (they still have 3 of the 4 living at home. 2 are sophomores in high school). He has so much fun and gets so much love, it will just be better for him to stay behind. The last thing I want is him to get sicker because of time changes and loss of sleep.

Now keep your fingers crossed that the other boys get over their sniffles and sleep for the whole flight!!

Has anyone tried Benadryl to keep ear and nasal passages open for altitude changes? This was recommended by their very mainstream dr. Is there anything more natural that can be used instead?

Thanks for all your advise. I am a germ-a-phobe as you all can probably tell! LOL! I get sick EVERY time I fly. I have the worst immune system in the world. I catch everything! I need to do a detox BIG TIME!

Thanks again!
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hi i spent three months in costa rica. i found country to be clean healthy. you can buy fresh food at market, water was safe. i had no problems there, i felt good the whole time. my children are unvaccinated. i understand your concern. costa rica is very educated place compared to some. have fun there, i loved it. tara
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gosh- i know this is truly none of my business- and you have to make decisions based on what you feel is best for your family- but.................... i just can't see leaving the baby at home. i would never ever ever consider leaving my child that young for a week with anyone. your baby needs to be with you. what area of CR are you going to? you can check the cdc website to see if a seriuos illness is a concern in that area. i personally would take the baby with me if there were no serious illnesses like malaria in the area, or change where i was going, or change the whole trip to a time when everyone was healthy. i don't think a vacation is worth vaxxing over or unattaching from your young baby. this is my opinion, so do with it what you will.
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we were in Costa Rica last year. Our whole family went and had a blast. You'll love it there. My dd was just over two when we went. She has never been vaxed. I just upped the vitamin C, echinacea, and multi vitamins while we were there. We took every precaution with water...we added drops of chlorine into water. We avoided all fruits unless we peeled them ourselves. However, one thing to know about costa rica is that it is very clean. We were in really under developed parts of costa rica and found it very clean and the food was great. So, the only person who got sick on the trip was me. I got Dyngee (not sure of spelling) fever. It's transmitted thru misquito's. So, bring the bug repellant. Oh, another great thing about costa rica...they absolutely adore children. My dtr was handled by everyone!!! Personally, I never gave it a second thought. We practice good hygiene, she is still breastfeeding, and eats really well. Go and have a blast!
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