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Overanxious 6 year old, don't want to squelch her

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My almost 6 year old is so anxious about schooling. We started our "year" last week so I can take extra time off when the new baby comes. Anyway, she gets up at the crack of dawn demanding that we start schooling. She cries on the weekend if we don't do stuff, it's unreal. However, she doesn't like the stuff that I give her to do or that I do with her. She's quick and sloppy and complains through alot of it. I'm a very "unschooling" person and she appears to be the "schooling" type. I'm following the Oak Meadow curriculum somewhat. Any ideas? I don't want to squelch her enthusiasm but am frustrated that she hates everything that we do.

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I keep singing the praises (and don't get me wrong, I don't love every word) but I love the calassical education approach as outlined in The Well Trained. When I read it- it just made so much sense to me, and my son has really thrived with the methods combined with the good old unschooling idea of following his passions.

Another thought it what about making her a calendar so she can see what day it is, which days have school, etc. We also put all of his work on a cafeteria type tray so he can see exactly what he needs to do for the day.
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My post may be no help cuz it's probably something you've already tried. But how about taking simple everyday things she already loves to do, giving it a fancy name and calling it "school"?

Like getting a book out when she begs to do "school" and say "Today we are going to have story time and either have her sit on the floor in front of you or in your lap or however she likes and exaggerate the reading of the story.

Or if she likes playing with blocks per se say "Right now we are going to have a math lesson" and then go about playing with the blocks as you normally do but also sorting the blocks by color, size etc etc. and counting them as you go etc.

Of course this sets up the problem of having your dd think of everyday fun playthings as lessons and school and not just fun. But perhaps this will remedy the problem of her not liking any of the activities you choose and feed her enthusiasm for "schooling"

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Well one thing my dd likes is to make her own work. She will take her bingo chips and tell me, now I will sort these by color, ect.. I play along st, and she gives me work to do too. If my dd was complaining abt the stuff I was suggesting, I would consider giving her a part of the day where its her turn to create the assignments. She might really enjoy that, and in turn, be willing to do your ideas too.

I just reread your post, and yeah I think it might work well for both of you, esp with a new babe coming, if she designed some of her own work. I t may satisfy her need for "schooling' all the time, my dd is the same way, maybe its the age. Shes always yelling, "give me homework I HAVE to do!"
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Great ideas! Thanks so much. I'm going to try some of them out. Definately I'm going to show her the calander and have her do some of her own "work".

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