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Any CD'ing mamas in Ontario?

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I would love to get togeather with some CD'ing mamas in my area. I am in southwestern Ontario
any CD'ing mamas in my area?

I think it would be nice to talk to someone irl who understands how exciting it is to get fluff mail:LOL
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I live just east of Toronto
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Well <pout> I am in Sudbury so that leaves me out LOL!

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I am so bad with directions,:LOL I'm in London.
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OOO! A Canadian diaper party? I would volunteer to host - but the dust bunnies voted me down.
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I am in the GTA as well count me in
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I'm in southwestern ontario too! We live in Chatham, I'm originally from mississauga.

OT- Anyone been to Diaper-Eeze in Toronto? AWESOME store! Natural parenting stuff galore, it is so fun (and usually costs me losts of $$ when I go in there! ) They sell Mother Ease, Bummis, Kushies, prefolds, Aristocrats- nothing WAHM but it is so fun to see the wall lined in fluff! I found a t-shirt for dd that had a cut teddy and the words "I was born at.... HOME"! Cool!
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Diaper eeze is cool, I have been there more times than I can count but I find her selection limited! the lady that runs it is very sweet though, before I moved she lived very close to my house and used to hand deliver my order to me! :LOL

Hard to beat customer service like that! and when I moved out of province she would deliver my orders by post really fast! the website is not great, no shopping cart function but if you like say mother-ease products and crats then its a good place to shop
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Now you've peaked my curiosity as to where you live Marsupialmama - I'm in Durham area. We might be neighbours.
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I think we should definately plan a diaper party.
would anyone be willing to come to london?
I guess everyone is mostly from TO area though huh?
maybe we should meet there?
anyone interested?

JewelsRae we should get togeather sometime we live very close togeather!
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I think if we picked a centralish location that would be cool! I am up for it!
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I can't drive to London - but Toronto wouldn't be too much of a problem - as long as DH's are welcome that is - I do NOT drive into the city myself.
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I could totally get DP to drive me and the kiddies into TO, it would give him a good excuse to go look at comic book stores:LOL
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Oh! Oh! Me too! Me too!!
I live in Brantford, so not too far from London or TO
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I'm fairly new here (although I lurk tons )

I live in Kitchener so count me on the the diaper party!
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Oooh depending on when it is I may be able to come! I live in Texas now, but grew up in Toronto/Mississauga. And went to the University of Waterloo. We visit home very often, so I can meet up with y'all!
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Totally cool - and yes, MarsupialMuma and I are neighbours - at least in the same city !!
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Originally Posted by LizaBear
Totally cool - and yes, MarsupialMuma and I are neighbours - at least in the same city !!
How exciting is that to have a MDC CD'ing mama in your city.
Lukcy ducks:LOL

when does everyone want to try to get togeather?
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I'm almost due for a visit with the parents. I may be able to come depending on when you guys set it up and where.
I think Brantford would be a good location for like middle of the road.
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Another Brantfordite here! Pick Brantford yes yes!!

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