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self dressing

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Does your child dress himself/herself....or should I say can they?
My ds (almost 4) won't even really try and I think he could.
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Missgrl, my dd is the same way. Once and a while she'll get partially dressed, especially if it's a dress. Most of the time I either ask her a hundred times to get dressed and then do it, or just do it myself without asking her to.

I guess she likes the attention, and she certainly loves being treated like a baby. I don't know why, it's not like she wasn't babied enough at a younger age!
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My almost 3 dd will get dressed mostly by herself if I lay the clothes on the floor in the right "direction" for her to put them on correctly, but if I don't stay in the room she usually just starts to play instead. It helps if I use something as motivation, not a reward, but an incentive not to dawdle: "When you are dressed we can go play in the backyard." Also, letting her pick out her clothes helps.
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My son resisted getting himself dressed for a long time. He wanted me to help him, so I did. My husband used to tell him he could do it and they'd argue back and forth for 10 minutes before my husband (or I, very aggravated at my husband) would finally help him.

At around 4.5, he decided he could do it all himself. Before that he would sometimes put on his underwear or his pants, but never his shirt. I think that, until he had the shirt thing figured out, he wanted me to be there to assist with everything. One day, he got up before me, got himself dressed and has only asked for help occasionally in the past 10 months or so.
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dd picks out her clothes herself, most definitely! She doesn't like to match, oh what a trajedy that would be ! lol, She puts her pants on, I usually have to help her with her shirt. If she does her shirt. it is most of the time inside out. Oh and if she does dress herself, she won't put on underwear! I always check if we are going out, but at home I let her be.
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