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Well, despite a rough night of lots of wakings, we had a good day today. I hibernated, lol. Sasha had a long alert period this morning and enjoyed watching me do dishes while sitting in his bouncy seat. He was there for about 15 minutes, long enough for me to tidy up and get my brekky started. He then napped most of the day. I was having trouble getting him to stay down when putting him in the bassinet, but I think I've discovered I was a) not waiting long enough and b) he likes to be swaddled if put down now. So hoping I can continue to get him to nap in there, as it really frees me up and lets me get things done! I even got to do some work on my paper today (work related) so feeling good.

Congratulations to Letia!! Can't wait to hear from her and see how Life with a Babe is treating her.

Katie, isn't it great to have full boobs? Mine were so damn floppy after pregnancy and BFing. They never got full during this pregnancy (prob'ly cuz DD was sucking the life out of them). I was so happy when my milk came in - I have nice boobs again! By the way, congrats on the BFing. I know you had trouble with DD. I bet you are really enjoying this. Way to go!

I am still going to stick around here until the last of you dear mamas has "popped", don't worry! We won't forget you! But I'm also going to start visiting Life With a Babe. Thanks for starting a thread for us, momadance! Haven't decided if I want to get that going, too, lol....

Amelia, so glad life with Two is working out for you. Looks like all of us second time mamas are finding our fears outweighed reality for the most part.

Okay, baby is asking for me. Lately he's been eating nonstop around this time of night, only to crash hard later on. Hope it happens again and that we get longer stretches of sleep again!
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Congrats Letia and Katie!!!!!

Katie..I am so glad all is well. I was getting really worried about you. I hear ya on the boobs!!!! I will be thankful when mine disappear a bit, not too much, just a tad

Quinn is a week old today...it goes too fast!!! I want to enjoy every moment I can. I love the newborn sighs and facial expressions.

Oakember is missing too I noticed...I hope she and Nancy are babymooning

Trueblue...Hang in there. I feel your frustration. It really will happen soon, this isn't one mean joke to keep you pg for forever.
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Oakley's Here!!

He was born yesterday morning at 9:47 (Oct.27)...after my last post on Tues. evening I went to bed and woke up with my first contractions starting between 1 and 2 am. We ended up having to spend the night in the hospital...I have quite the story (one I maybe shouldn't share until we've all had our babies) but am way too tired right now to even read up on what I've missed. Just wanted to let you all know. He weighted 8lbs 7.5oz and is 20.5" long. He is nursing like an absolute champ....that's all he wants to do, I am a human pacifier right now.
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Congrats Amie, and welcome baby Oakley!!!!

We are home from the hospital now, YAY! It feels so great to be home.
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First off, Congratulations Thia, Katie, Letia, and Amie!

I'm so happy for you all...and ofcourse Katie, I was so relieved that everything turned out okay, you had us all on pins and needles.

I'm so curious now what happened Amie! Glad Oakley is nursing well - I betcha he brings in your milk really quick. BTW, thanks for the hugs and encouragement the other day, I was too tired to even respond.

I'm doing much better now. We're getting into a routine again - which I thrive on. Dh went back to work today, and quite frankly things were less stressful, cause I was in charge again. I really think things are easier with 2, maybe just cause I go with the flow and don't stress about things. My mw has me on an herbal mixture prescription that is helping to stave off the pp depression. I had it really bad with Logan so I don't want to go down that road again. The first couple nights with this baby I was having severe panick attacks and insomnia...but the herbs seemed to have kicked in and I'm feeling pretty relaxed and happy now.

I love my milk boobs too! Zander nursed non-stop it seemed for the first 24 hours and brought my milk in so quick. Now he sleeps longer stretches with his belly full. He feels so dense and healthy

I added a couple more pics to yahoo...and cleared out a lot of the hi-res versions of pics to free up a bunch of space. Everyones pictures are so beautiful and touching...

((((hugs)))) to the mamas still waiting....it'll be soon!
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CONGRATS AMIE!!!!!! I am so happy for you and am also interested in your story. Hope you get a good nights rest and I look forward to seeing a pic of your little guy!!!
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Amie!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!! Happy BIRthday OAKLEY!!!!!!!!!!
Court, so happy things are finally settling down and you are feeling happy...
Piglet, i was thinking about you getting back to your paper...my phD is totally frozen right now since can't think of anything but this baby...but i will have to go to the lab soon after the baby is born...maybe only two weeks... it makes me sad and jeliuos of dh who will spend with him all the days...i think i miss that baby already...
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Congratulations Amie! So glad all is well now and of course you have us all curious about your birth story. Welcome Oakley!!
Happy Babymooning to you!

Welcome Home Katie-glad you're doing well.

So there's just a few of us left....soon I hope!
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Congrats Amie!!! Happy Birthday Oakley.
Can't wait to read the story.

Well today is my due date, it is weird to think I am due today yet I already have a 10 day old baby... Funny the way those things work. I guess I must really be in the minority having a baby early, I was looking at the stats on the first page, and of the moms we have data for the majority went late, I feel different for going early. oh well,

hope everyone still waiting has their babies soon!!!!
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interesting AP stuff! thank you. Willow's in the swing right now, she really likes it.

i think my sleeping problem may be more serious than i let myself realize. i took on dr's advice a much higher dose of trazodone last night, a safe dose though ... it WOKE ME UP! like a cup of coffee. that's physically impossible according to the doctors, i should have passed out for 8-12 hours. i'm doing everything else i can to encourage sleep ... my routine is like a list of really great stuff, too long to list here but believe me i do everything i can to get to sleep. so, 1.5 hours total last night i'm scared they're going to have to hospitalize me, i'm not eating again. i either lie in bed and cry or sit up at the 'puter a little bit, or go to the bathroom. my husband is barely able to function because he has to take care of both of us. Willow stays beside me all the time but she's starting to burp up curdled milk and her poops are green and mucousy, i think it's lower tummy gas because she feels better if i bicycle her legs for a bit. it might be cow's milk allergy so i cut out milk from my diet. which is hard because it's all i had a taste for and was eating. i have a bad feeling that she'll end up being a formula baby because the few meds that might knock me to sleep are absolute no-no's for breastfeeding. i'm sorry i rant on here so much, it really does help to talk to someone.

i am still so happy about all the babies and labors going on here! cheers me up every time i log on way to go, mommas!!
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melly...are you sure you don't hae so,e ppd? maybe give antidepressents a try. before ruling out bf-ing, do consult thomas hale's guide to meds and mothers milk.
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Melly ita w/ piglet... and all i can say is

Yipee Aimee!!!!
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40 weeks 2 days

Congratulations Amie!!!! : So interested to hear your story...but I'll take your advice if you think I should wait til my baby comes before I read it!!

Ekatherina, thanks for the wishes but actually my bday was Sept 27...I should have been clearer . We have Sept 27, Jan 27, Nove 27, and Feb 27 bdays in the family!!! No Oct though.

Aack, I know this isn't some cruel trick to keep me pg forever....but it sure feels like it!! It's been such a long and crazy 40 weeks!! I talked to my older sis though and her kids each came a couple days later than the one before. So maybe soon. Though I always get worried about the fact that DH was 19 days late (and also ass-first LOL). I was in so much discomfort and pain yesterday morning that I couldn't even take DS to the park.

ETA Melly yes you need to go talk with someone ASAP and be sure they consider PPD.
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2 days overdue...still here...still pg. No contractions, no mucuous plug. Just sitting around waiting. Getting anxious. I did manage to meet everyone's requests. I stayed pg for the TV interview with my mw. Everyone else spoke more eloquently as I was a babbling fool. I get so nervous talking in front of people and it was 10x's worse with a videocamera and lights in my face. But I think it went ok. My stretch-marked belly will be on TV as well. Yee-haw! And Damian was able to attend his luncheon yesterday, so now he said all systems go for baby. He's ready. Me too.

Congrats Letia and Amie. I hope I can join you soon myself. And mama's with babies....please don't desert us preggo moms closing out the month!

ok, I'm off to make breakfast for the kids and then go for a walk.
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Yay! Congratulations Amie and welcome Oakley!!!!!
: : :

I love reading about all the births here way too much to leave!!! I'll stick around to the end! I'll be visiting both threads!

meli - I hope you find some help
If it means medication, well you have to do whatever helps, right? For now, feel free to vent here!
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Why is it that Emily waits to fall asleep until after I've eaten and am too full to fall asleep myself? Dh came home from work and made a yummy egg, ham, hashbrown breakfast!
The night before, Emily had an almost 5 hour sleep period, I was sooo happy (and rested). Last night...she was up every two hours and after a few rounds of that decided she really didn't want to sleep anymore. Sigh.
My poor body hurts too. Since coming home from the hospital, I've been sleeping in the living room. At first I did it b/c I was too sore to get in and out of bed. Now, well, dh has to be up at 5:30am and so we don't want him waking everytime Emily wakes. I miss my bed though! Did I already whine about this? Anyhow, I miss my bed, I miss my husband, and my body really misses my bed! Part of me wants to try the bed out tonight since dh doesn't work tomorrow, but dh said something last night (or the night before) that made me think he just isn't excited about it. It really hurt me. I know he needs to sleep for work, but after all, I am the one who is always up with her (joys of bfing) and it's my bed too!
So, how long is everyone waiting to take their bundles out? We really need a wal mart run (again) and there are things the baby and I need that I know dh won't pick out properly. And I have a wic appt this week as well. They scheduled it based on my edd, I went a week over that, never got around to calling and rescheduling and now it is basically too late. Oh, and I really need to use my October coupons...(where are they?).
Well, since Em is sleeping, I really should try to get some sleep myself.
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Still here Still Pregnant

Soogie- Your post is exactly how I feel. I am soo sore. My poor vagina feels like i've given birth already. I think I'm going ot help things along this weekend. I can hardly walk and sit now it's so darn sore.

Congrats Amie! Welcome Oakley!!

Meli- I would really look into getting evaluted for PPD. It really seems like you have it. Keep venting away it helps! You're doing a great job with Willow.

Thia- Try ice packs and sitting in a shallow bath of warm water. That helped me tremendously when I came home. I was sore for awhile. Some reason stiches make me even sore then they should. I also used this numbing spray called dermoplast because I was soo sore. It was quite nice. I finally felt better a week or two after birth. I took Liam out a few days after birth. Then again it was August but I think short trips are okay. I'll probably do the same this time around. You should go back to your bed. Have you tried side lying nursing yet? It's fantastic for bedtime/nightime/naptime.

Good luck to all of us left!
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oh gosh thia, i get out asap. i go crazy if stuck inside!! a healthy baby can go out, especially if cozied up in a sling! get out as soon as you feel physically able. getting out does wonders for how you feel, trust me!!

soogie, what we do is all sleep together but when sasha wakes he just stirs and grunts at first so i get up and we go hang out in the kids /computer room where i change him, nurse, surf the net, then when he's asleep we go back into bed. that way dh and dd don't get woken up. as i recall with dd it wasn't too long before i stopped needing to change her and we could nurse lying down, so hang in there mama! and give your dh a kick in the pants, lol.

trueblue...my bday is jan 27

hey mamas come see our life with a babe thread!
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NAK so doing this left handed no less

: : Oakley!!!!! :

Congratulations Amie!!!!!!!!!!!

When I saw that you hadn't posted since Tuesday I hoped you were missing b/c Oakley was making his grand entrance! Oh I am so happy for you. And I am so curious about your birth story. I really hope everything went okay.

Hooray Katie! You've made it home! Rest up and enjoy your babymoon.

Thia - More than anyone else in the house, you need a good sleep. Yes your husband needs to sleep for work but you've got a little person to care for who dosen't understand that her mommy is sleep deprived. Take full advantage of the fact that your husband is not working over the wekend and try to get a good bed routine down with Emily. Try nursing while lying down (which does take a bit of practice but soooo worth it, don't give up). And if your husband is still feeling like he's not getting enough sleep in bed the 3 of you, then perhaps, since the guy did not carry and birth Emily, nor is he producing milk to nourish his child, he can sleep on the couch. Seems the chivalrous thing to do .

Meli - ITA with the others here, sounds like PPD to me. Get some help ASAP. It could make all the difference in the world.

Jillerina - Hang in there, it'll get better . If you didn't have moments of feeling overwhelmed then I'd say you were out of touch with reality :LOL. And I finally got your baby gift in the mail... sorry it took a while to get it finnished. But it's done now and on its way!

Okay now I'm off to check out the LWBabe thread and then the new yahoo pics. I love love love all the gorgeous babies!
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I totally agree with you Piglet about getting out ASAP. We have already been tons of places. I can't stand staying home, and it makes a TON of difference to get out and about. We have been to a moms club meeting, the park, church, stores, bank, post office, etc., etc. If you keep them in a sling, no one can really touch them or breathe on them if you are worried about germs and even in cold weather they are plenty warm in sling.

Thia, I would reccomend learning to nurse lying down ASAP. When Greta wakes up to nurse, really she just grunts and snuffles around and I can pop her right on (we do have a little light in the room, so I can see), it doesn't wake DH (or dd1) at all. Then, if she needs a diaper change, I just change it in another room, and we go back to bed. I nurse right in bed which is wonderful, and DH isn't woken up at all (of course my DH is a very sound sleeper), but we don't make hardly any noise anyway.

I am anxioiusly waiting to hear of more births.......

Meli - s. I agree with everyone else, look into getting some help. Check out the PPD board. You deserve all the help you can get.
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