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Amie, Congratulations!!! Hope everything is ok ... Welcome Oakley!!

Lucy, welcome home, doesn't it feel good?? I was so grateful that I had such an easy recovery and that my doc sympathized w/ me having another little at home. I felt so much more comfortable in my own space...

Meli I'm so sorry you're having a rough time! Please keep us updated, and I'm keeping you in my thoughts...

We too have been out and about a bit ... not as much as we probably would if I could drive (have to wait 2 weeks b/c of the cesarean) ... but a bit. I agree w/ using a sling ... I love how it makes the baby so much more inaccessable from annoying (but probably well-meaning) strangers wanting to touch and breathe on my little newborn.
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thank you, i have a call in to my psychiatrist about PPD questions, med questions, sleep questions. i figured i'd be at risk for it anyway with a c-birth so that's why i was hoping the trazodone would prevent it. it's also just plain ol' real life problems ... husband's company cutting everyone's hours right before the birth, money ran out, house is beyond a mess because i was on bedrest for the last 3 months of pregnancy. basically i'm stuck in bed all day, just bathroom and back, i have one of those hospital tables that goes over the bed with my laptop on it though, the net is my window to the world. i had done a huge website a few years ago and maintain it, so internet access is paid for by that client thank goodness. the co-sleeper bassinet is right next to me, i usually just lay her in my lap or next to me, but i can also touch her in the bassinet and she likes it when she's very deeply asleep i've been making mental lists of all the positives ... this beautiful, beautiful baby being the mostest positive! my husband being supportive and loving. ok ... the dr. just called back, we have a plan for tonight and tomorrow night, my husband is picking up a new med. wish me luck
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oh Meli, so glad you've already talked to your doc and have "plan B" in the works. It does sound like you have so much going on. That's a lot to be dealing w/ post partum.

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So glad you're getting help Meli-it's sooo important to have support and understand that you need some help so you're on the right track! I remember how crazed I was with my first and so sleep deprived that I was weepy so often. I know it doesn't help much now but it DOES GET BETTER!

So we were up 3am-5am this am thinking this was "IT" (again) They were strong regular contrax (went 10 min apart to 4 min apart) that were getting a little painful. At 5:30they started to slow down a little when I was moving around more and I thought I better get some rest so when I woke up about an hr later-NOTHING-grrr Not another one so far today and it's past 1pm here. My doula says it's pre-labor so things are getting ready but not soon enough LOL I'm betting on tomorrow....please please

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Man it's so quiet around here!! Uneventful day, just more discomfort to whine about. I think I'm going to head off to bed early, I'm TIRED!!!

Oh but I should add I went to the mall today for a bit, and Gymboree is having a sale on their new line thru the 31st...so I'm trying to convince baby to come by at least then so at least Grammie can get to the store and buy some cute stuff! Mainly if it's a girl!! I was drooling.....
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Don't worry Amy, Gymbo is having another big sale the weekend of Nov. 18th (30% off)so if your babe doesn't make an appearance in time for this sale, you can send Grammie to that one! :LOL I love their little catterpillar stuff, my mom got a few things for Levi.

I am SO HAPPY - my Lucy just drank 2 oz of mama-milk! She LOVED it, she said it was "so sweet". I got out the pump because I am so engorged that Levi couldn't latch, and I only meant to pump a teeny bit. When I looked at the pump, though - like 3 minutes later, I had TONS in there! Anyway, she loved it.

Any experienced nursers out there - how long is this awful engorgement going to last?!?! I have rocks on my chest, I swear. They hurt and burn! I was a DD before this, I have no idea what cup size I am with these jugs!

Labor vibes to you Ann - sounds like you are close!
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Meli -

Good luck to you - you'll be in our thoughts. I hope the new course of medication works for you.
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Congrats on Oakley's birth Aime - I admit I'm also curious about the birth story!

Katie - I was engorged this time for about 48 hours and then it settled down. The strange thing was that the engorgement came several days after my milk came in. I expected to be engorged when the milk came in but that part was fine, I guess second time around the body does things differently!

OK, all you still preggo mamas - I'll be here with you till the end. I'm so curious about all your babies. Soogie looks like I'm waiting to see if you have a baby boy or girl at this point before sending out your package (may as well since I haven't sent it yet right?)
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Hey, just wanted to pop on and let you all know that Nancy (gottaknit) had a beautiful baby last night (Thursday night) at 6:05pm after about 40 hours of labor. I'll let her fill you in on the details, but wanted to let you all know because it may be a bit before she's online.

p.s.: she was an amazing birthing goddess! she deserves so much recognition for what she has done!
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thank you pamamidwife....congratulations NAncy!!! can't wait to hear the full story.....,..
here having problems with internet....will post again later...
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Yay Nancy! Can't wait to find out if it was a boy or girl! Congratulations and well done!

Meli- So glad your getting help, it will get better. It really is mostly chemical, so once you get that balanced, it's smooth sailin'. I know all too well what you're going through.

Ann- Just wanted to let you know I got your package okay- Thank you, thank you! I'll be sending you a proper thank you note soon. (((labor vibes)))

Katie- that's so awesome that Lucy tried your milk! Hope the engorgement subsides soon, I'm sure it will. I get engorged from time to time and usually just let Logan nurse - so that's a nice perk. He's been asking more and more now that there's milk again. He used to be down to once a day, now it's like 3 times a day- he's wearin me out.

((((hugs and labor vibes)))) to all!
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katie - i had painful engorgement with dd for about 2 or 3 days and also had to pump to releive it. it should resolve itself soon! i'm so happy for you that bf-ing is going well this time. how cool that lucy got to try your milk!

trueblue - ugh, i remember being so sore that walking more than a couple of blocks was too much. hang in there - its almost over!

yeah nancy!! can't wait to hear from her!
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am I in labor or what???

Ann... when i read your posts i feel i'm reading my story....I don't know what am I feeling anymore....wake up at night with regular contractions....(sometimes hot flashes : ) start timing them up...then fall asleep and when i wake up ...nothing... maybe i shouldn't fall asleep??? maybe i should sort of concentrate..??? did anyone fell these hot flashes with every contraction??
anyway they faded away with day but now came back again....i am not able to sleep because of my back pain.......uuuuuf
Meli and Thia......hold on!!
Momma2Liam...this talk about induction makes me think should I be doing something myself??? i am more than a week overdue..??? and yes very sore too and tired...sorry for the bad mood talk...
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Oct. 30th

Hang in there Ekatherina

Yippee Nancy!!! : I can't wait to here all about it, and thanks Pam for the update!

Reed has gained 12 oz. in 8 days He's such a big snuggle boy! I posted some pics to our group if anyone want's to check 'em out!

Hmmmm it's October 30th today....
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40 weeks 3 days

COngrats Nancy!! Sounds like you were a real trooper, can't wait to hear all the details!!

Thanks for the Gymboree heads up Katie. Though they were running low on some of that girl caterpillar stuff at my store...maybe I should just buy it anyway? I can always return it..... Well ok maybe I'll wait til tomorrow. We'll see. LOL. But I might jinx myself if I buy girl stuff!!! :LOL

So being really "wet" is a good sign that things might start soon right? I'm gonna go for a walk after this. And I think we'll even get crazy and DTD when DS takes his nap....

Please let today be the day :
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congrats Nancy! :

labor vibes to the mommas-in-waiting!

so far so good! i slept about 4 hours last night!! the ambien helped. i had taken ambien years ago when i used to travel, it always left me rested and not drugged. i feel refreshed! Willow is happier as well i'm totally looking forward to napping like a cat with her all day *meow*

she loves the nystatin, oddly enough. she still is irritable but for shorter periods with rest in-between. i'm glad we caught the thrush early enough before it got worse *whew* still not sure if i need to boil everything, i've even read one article that says to boil my bra! ok, i'm a feminist, thought i'd burn my bra someday, not boil it :LOL
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congrats Nancy!!!!
When is Letia coming home???

Congrats on your booby-addict, Momadance! Ihave one, too! The nurse came for our home visit, and Levi had gained 5 oz in about 18 hours! Is anyone else nursing about 18 hours/day????
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Oh yeah. I got a boob man here too. I nurse Harrison every hour to 2 hours. I'm not sure where he's storing all that milk but the little guy is growing so fast! My 3 week 3 day old boy has pretty much outgrown his 0-3 month stuff and is now wearing 3-6 month clothes. It's a good thing that I borrowed most of the newborn clothes (Alias' newborn stuff was way too cool, he's a June baby). Otherwise it would've been a gigantic waste of money.

Alias dosen't have a great interest in taking up nusing again, much to my surprise actually. Mostly he just likes to pat my chest and tell me that I have milk in my breasts for Harrison. But he asked to nurse last night for the first time in about a week. He sucked for about 10 seconds pulled off and said "mmmm that's good milkies mummy" and then ran off :LOL.

I am so looking forward to hearing form Nancy and Letia. Hope they come visit us soon!

Labour dust to those who need it. The month's almost over so not much longer!!!
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Ok I'm ready...why isn't this baby
My previous 2 kids came one day "early" so today "should" be the day but nothing, not even a hint, so far. I'm starting to wonder if it's partly because my in-laws are here and I'm feeling uncomfortable or something. Not really anything major, just all the little annoyances that go with in-laws ya know?? Maybe I should kick them out...

So sending out labor vibes to those of us left

So glad you're feeling better Meli!
And Katie-yes-my first nursed about 18 hrs a day for the first month it seemed like. He nursed every 1.5-2 hrs most of the time and was a lazy nurser so it took forever. And as you can imagine, he was a FAT baby-he he I was the human pacifier as they say...

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Congratulations Nancy! I can't wait to hear all about it

Katie, I was engorged for about 48 hours. I did the cabbage and ice bit, and pumped a bit to help Noah latch on. ((hugs)) it sucks while it lasted, but wasn't too long, thank goodness. For me, it was about 2 days after my milk came in too ... I wasn't expecting it at that point, so it kind of caught me off guard.

I tried to get E. to taste some of the milk that I pumped ... he shook his head and said, "No way! That's for Noah!" *lol*

~~~~labor vibes~~~~ to you mamas still waiting!

I posted some more pics in the album here: http://www.PictureTrail.com/gid5506902 ... scroll down to the bottom to see the newest ones of my little pudge-pot
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