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I thought that mil was sayin it already occured! This week...well, maybe that will help some of the rest of us along.

Well, just finished having a meltdown. I wasn't much good company to be around then! I made a doc appt for tomorrow. I'd like to have a doc's opinion on things right now. I'm concerned about the whole 40+ week thing. I never paid attention b/c I figured I wouldn't be in that position. I got Dr. Ditz tho. I'm so . I have *no* confidence in her; but, she's all I get for tomorrow and the others I don't know from Adam. I want to get in sooner than later. I'm pretty anxious right now although I could use the time, its not worth something going wrong with this baby. I just won't let anyone come over!

Well, now that the meltdown is over, I should get back to laundry.
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Go Nancy-lots of labor dust to you

Nothing new here either-39 wks 1 day -seems like this baby will never be here! Will I be last?? I'm so low I can only sit with my legs wide apart :LOL

Take care
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Quick eclipse info: http://www.spaceref.com/news/viewpr.html?pid=15351

Should be cool to see. I saw one in high school with friend's telescope...pretty neat!
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truebluexf- Thanks for the eclipse info. Let's see- the Red Sox at game 4 in the world series, a full moon AND a total lunar eclipse??? Some of these babes will just HAVE to come out!!
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39 weeks 5 days

LOL Sunshinegal!!!! What a day that could be...potential sweep for the Sox, beautiful lunar eclipse, and the arrival of a newborn -- perfect!

Still hanging out here. Saw the mw today, everything is fine of course. I asked her what I could do to get things moving (just to see what she had to say, since I already know what I could do LOL) and she doesn't like anything to be done til at least the due date. Which is too bad bc I was seriously considering asking her to do some stretching or something. I feel so bad being so impatient this time but I am just so DONE!!! I mean at the same time I kinda like our little family of 3 but it's a little late now LOL. I just want my body back, to feel comfortable when lie down, not hurt when I get up, and be able to move freely again!!!

Katie Katie Katie we are all so anxious to hear how you are doing!!!! I do so hope you have your baby in your arms now.

Nancy you really are too funny. I think you have to accept the fact now that you are indeed pregnant and about to have a baby AND have to change poopy dipes. :LOL
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Still waiting....still leaking....not in active labor

I went for a long walk in the rain, sat in a coffee shop for a couple hours and tried to make progress on Thank You cards (they always sound so phony), then went to a baby consignment store. The woman working there is a doula and she said her water broke three days before she went into active labor. She had a homebirth and everything turned out perfectly. I love that I live in a city where every turn I run into another homebirther! It's so nice to get a positive reaction to homebirth, instead of the horrified blank stare of the in-laws...

I haven't told anyone about my water breaking, other than the midwife, doula, and you guys. I know my mom and MIL would be totally freaked out. We tried mentioning it to MIL yesterday on the phone (thinking I'd be in labor any minute), and she said, "If your water breaks, you know it." She didn't buy the whole hind leak or outer layer breaking idea. If it doesn't happen like it happens on 'ER', it's not real I guess. :LOL Funny thing is we are supposed to let her know as soon as anything happens so she can start praying for us. She's a devout Catholic and plans to spend the entire labor praying the rosary. And here we let her know and she doesn't believe us! Cracks me up. :LOL Oh well she had her chance.

Sooo... nipple stimulation. Is this just tweaking the nipples or does someone/thing need to provide actual suction? : Things they don't teach you in school....

One more thing: Guess what we are naming the baby if it's a girl.... It's DH's grandma's name and we'd been planning to use it from the beginning, but with the Red Sox in the world series and all it's kinda funny now. Starts with 'R'..... (and don't any of you steal the name or else!!! :LOL )
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5 days till due

hi mamas!

i'm still around, thanks for checking momadance!!!

i LOVE hearing about all the new babies and seeing the pictures! congratulations to all the new mamas!

gosh, lucysmama, you're amazing. i hope active labor went well and you are holding your new baby by now!

wannabmommie, it cracks me up that your local healthfood store knows the status of your mucous plug!

i'm doing well. baby is SOOO low. had a midwife appointment today and even she was impressed with how low this one is. it is sort of our last appointment cause she felt no need to schedule another since she expects to hear from me in labor in the next couple days. i can't wait! i'm READY and so EXCITED!!! dh and i keep telling the baby to come out now. we'll take a belly picture today and i'll put it up on yahoo.

most of my body still feels really good. just my crotch is a minor complaint, and general minor discomfort at night in bed. we went and worked out yesterday which was great and i've started doing a fast jogging walk when we take our dogs to the park. dh laughs at me cause i'm quite a sight with my big belly, hustling along, not actually moving faster than him just walking.

it's interesting hearing about the waters breaking... i've had a couple times when i felt something drip, but it's always just discharge (obvious from its milkiness). fun. actually, the biggest surprise i've had in pregnancy continues to be the amount of extra shmutz. i don't like to sleep with underwear and i have to wash the sheets cause i leave little snail prints now. it's very silly.

can't wait to hear about more new babes!!!
and can't wait to share news about ours whenever it decides to arrive!!!

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I'm so glad I have you guys...I am just : about just about everything that I just read...too much to respond individually cuz you're all crackin me up.

So I have been feeling a definate increase in pressure, can't tell if it's the start of something yet or if I am just sore from sitting on the floor with Ember for an hour...but I am having to run to the bathroom quite frequently too, so I went for a walk to try to see if that helps. Got back and Dh had cooked a yummy dinner that I have a definate appetite for right now so it's a good night regardless :LOL Maybe it's all just building up for Wed. that'd be really cool to be born under those circimstances Thanks for the info Amy...it would be totally cool if we have our turn together

Nancy I am so excited that you are getting closer! I think that taking your temp. by ear would be fine, you are really just screening your temp. and I am sure you will notice if it goes up. The nipple stim. they usually seem to refer to is actual suction (as in when they gather statistics) but I am sure that just tweaking does something too, can't hurt. There is also a spot on the back of your leg, it's supposed to be about 4 fingerwidths up from your ankle that is a pressure point for your uterus...maybe try that! And one other thing that I read in the same book, hold a comb in your hand with the teeth into your palm and squeeze during your contractions...it's supposed to make them stronger.
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Oh yeah! Nipple stimulation! I tried it a couple times the past week just to see how it works, and it does! I didn't use suction though, I just kind of rolled one nipple between my fingers while I played on the pc or watched tv for 10 minutes or so...and it certainly brought on some contractions.

Also wanted to add I'm about to post a couple pics of DS helping out at the mw today. He has the whole routine down and digs out the equipment before she can get the chance!!! :LOL
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Hey everyone, I was just checking in to see about Katie...I'm trying to read posts but I'm kinda bleary eyed. I'm almost kinda envious of you mamas still pregnant. It seems like a lifetime ago. I keep thinking, ah it was so much easier when he lived inside me. Just still adjusting to it all.

Nipple stimulation: what kicked my early labor directly into active was nursing logan for 20 minutes (down for a nap). Cntrx went from 7 min apart to 1.5 min apart- and freakin painful. Then afterwards they spaced to about 2-3 min apart. My mw told me about using the shower for nip. stim. also. Just let the water fall on your breasts. When I did this, my cntrx were right on top of each other. I would turn around and face the water which would bring on a cntrx, then turn back around to have the water hit my back. If you have a breastpump, that would work really well. Otherwise, Nancy - Logan's available if you want me to send him over.
Rolling the nipples are also good.

Did I just write a whole paragraph about nipples?

My little nursaholic just woke up, so gotta go.
((((labor vibes))) to all you anxious mamas still waiting. I'm thinking of you all. I looked at my beads during some really intense times at the end of labor and it was very comforting.
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Aw Court ...I hope that things get smoother for you soon, you are still reeling with hormones right now...I remember hearing day 4 PP refered to as "the crying day" which was about right for me. Are you taking EPO??
That's cool that you looked at your beads during labour, I think you are the first to say that....I am wearing mine but dont' think I will see them because they are on a necklace.

Amy- What sweet pictures of Mickade at your appt.

Ah, I feel better tonight knowing I have discussed the fact that Oakley might come during the night with Ember and knowing she is OK with going to her Aunties house....she knows she will get to walk her cousin to school so she has something to look forward to should it happen.

I am definately feeling closer (which is a given, I mean I have to be getting closer at this point right? :LOL), may even have lost a little piece of plug but I am not sure....was just a wee little bit.

So no Ekatherina at all today, hey?? Hmmm. She usually at least checks in. Pretty darn quiet in general. And still no news from Katie...I hope it doesn't mean that they had to do the hospital transfer....You are still in our thoughts Katie, hope you are babymooning.
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The midwife and her assistant came by tonight to listen to the baby and talk about my options. She gave me the black and blue cohosh tabs, and told me how to go about using castor oil to get things started. Also suggested nipple stimulation, so I went out and bought a manual pump. (Courtney, thanks for offering up Logan's services! )

I was going to start with the homeopathics and nipple stim tonight and do the castor oil in the morning, but I chickened out and decided to save everything for tomorrow after I get a good night's sleep.

I am fully out of denial. I am pregnant and having a baby and will have to change poopy diapers. Very soon. After I get some sleep...

I hope the reason we haven't heard from Katie is that she is too blissed out on her babymoon to type, and not that she's in the hospital. :

What about Ekatherina and Thia? :

I plan to wear my beads, too. I should post a picture of my bracelet. I bought a few extra beads to fill it out, and the centerpiece is an elk! (Don't know if anyone remembers, but I had a dream after watching Pam England's epidural video, which featured a cartoon elk family, that I had the baby and it was a little elk.) It's a pretty funny little piece of jewelry.

Good night everyone. Hope to read about some more babies tomorrow! Maybe mine will be next.... : : (I just totally jinxed myself, didn't I?)
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No no no...still pregnant....

good morning everyone, i was reading all your posts but had no mood to post myself ...was afraid i will sound like naggin naggin nagging....but reading keeps my mood up and dh says: you are spending more time with your freinds at MDC than with me...
escpecially have been checking much more to hear something from Katie or Nate....i hope everything is really fine with her...
was really worried about Thia too and thought of her whole yesterday...we never heard of her again since she left her work on friday... but i really hope she is just babymooning.......but i thought maybe nancy has some way to check on her somehow...
and was thinking of nancy, how close you must be!....:...active labor vobes to you.......
I don;t know about nipple stimulation...it just seems annoying to me.......dh offered help but i just can't stand it....does someone feel the same????
still cramps and nothing new....but now i am waking up at night several times cause my hip joints hurt me soooooooooo much........i just can't lie still....i have to walk or do something....so tonight i told myself if this baby is not born tomorrow i will go to the hospital for induction, have epidural and make them do a c-section!! : ....but well i changed my mind in the morning... that's enough ...i did sound like nagging...see? it's better i don't come out at all from my warm "baby waiting" cave....
much much birth vibes to all who are still waiting....
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Finally SOMETHING!!!

Just woke up for my first middle of the night pee and there was bleeding!! So I am expecting this to be the start of things and for today (Oct.26) to be Oakley's birthday

Not having too much action yet in the way of contractions...just a few and crampiness. I am gonna try getting some sleep now, direct orders from my midwife

Hopefully things will pick up soon enough...I thought I'd give you guys the heads up now incase I am in too big of a hurry to get out the door....so if you don't here from me in the AM it means I am on my way to the hospital to deliver my baby Unfortunately I won't be able to go online until after we return home...which hopefully will be tomorrow by late afternoon.
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Oakember!!! hope this is it for you......much much wonderful birthing vibes for you.........
just saw my neighbours....wife looked at me with surprise on her face: why is baby not born yet if the due date was on friday??? ...and her husband told her: don't worry it happens sometimes i was born on the 12th month!!!! ...his mom was pg with him for whole 12 months!!!! please please tell me it can not happen!!!!! :
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nak - with both children

happy birthing amie!!! I hope it all goes well for you.

i am also anxiously waiting to hear from katie...i hope all is well

talking about poopy diapers, greta is a non-stop pooper (and nurser). every time she nurses, i need to change her, then she is all upset and crying from being changed so i nurse her again to calm her down and the cycle just repeats over and over.....

tandem nursing is allright. i am nursing both of them right now, but often times i really resent dd1 nursing. i just feel so touched out and my breasts feel so sore from being used so much...i am really hoping dd1 will slow down her nursing soon. i am trying to be sensitive, she has had it hard with me being in the hospital for so long (2 nights after birth and then another night in the pediatrics ward for the jaundice), and she would come visit during the day, but it was hard on her.

nancy, i hope things continue to go well for you and your babe comes out SOON!!
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me too me too!
Just got up and had some bloody show! I had contrax all day yesterday, mild and about an hour apart. Not as much action today, of course. But I figure if I keep moving things will get moving. That's how it was yesterday. I can't believe how happy I am to see blood-- YUK!! I also had a sneezing attack yesterday while we were at Sears. Some dust or something got caught in my little sniffer and I ended up sneezing all evening. Well, we will see.

Good luck Oak Ember!!

Nancy- good luck getting things started! Nipple stimulation did work for me. Just a little rub and things seemed to get all jazzed up. YOu are going to do just awesome!!
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Oh Amie, sunshinegal and Nancy hope this is it for you :. Hoping you 3 have safe and wonderful births. Can't wait to read that you're holdong your little babes! How exciting. Maybe we'll have 3 babies in one day!

Amelia - NAK with 2!?! . I can barely NAK with the one. Way to go supermom!

Mostly just checking in to see if Katie had reorted in and to check if any more babies have been born :
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I'm glad I came over. I was surprised that I didn't get an email notify.

I guess I'm too close to the folks at the hfs... they're great folks tho. always thinking of me. even got me some goodies from the natural food convention.

have an appt for the doc today. I'm really anxious about this being "overdue" and any potental danger. I would never forgive myself if this baby died too. I need to get in and have an md's take on things. The mws laid back attitude isn't enough for me right now. I *did* read the practices info on being overdue and the second of due dates and labor inductions in Peggy's new book so I can discuss it intelligently. It actually made me feel better. So, I guess the practice will want u/s or non stress and a cervical exam, neither of which I'm necessarily willing to do. :LOL It would be my third non stress and I really wanted to limit the u/s exposure. Although, Dr. Ditz doesn't know how to use a fetoscope (Dh was showing her! ) so I *know* that doppler is on tap for today. I feel like its a waste really; but, tomorrow the slot is with a first year resident..although I wonder if that's what Dr. Ditz is.... I'm was ready to walk yesterday; but, to be a new patient when I have this urgency to be seen, I've learned last year is *not* a good place to be in. They are *not* trying to get you in with any speed.

I *thought* I saw pink on the tp this am. But, could it be my red sheets and my drawless tail too. I never saw anymore.....*sigh* Anyway..... I thought if so and I needed to rest and it was still dark and dh was sleeping and so I skipped kickbox this am. I bet my instructor was relieved. :LOL

Nothing on Katie.... I really wanna know what's up! (Like we *all* don't! )

Amie I pray that your birth is safe and wonderful and sun you too!

Weeeeeeeeeeeeeell...I guess I'm gonna...I dunno
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4 days till due!

oakember, sunshinegal and gottaknit!!! wow! i hope today is your day and you all have wonderful births!!!

well, i had contractions all day again yesterday. towards the evening they were quite regular too... maybe 6 - 8 an hour, even after a shower and going to bed, but for some reason i just didn't think the 26th would be the birthday (and it was too late for the 25th at that point). i'm much more inclined to think i'll go into labor tonight or tomorrow night. the 27th resonates with me more for some reason, either as a birthday or going into labor day (or both).

i've been playing with my nipples (it doesn't feel great but ok) and other sensitive bits lately, sometimes with dh's help. i guess that brings on contractions, but i have loads anyway.

we're going to go walk the dogs!

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