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week of October 25 - almost all done! - Page 11

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oooh, congratulations trueblue and gottaknit (and again to those mamas who just got home but i congratulated a bit early!)

well, i'm still waiting too!

due date was yesterday. halloween was fun, we painted a big pumkin on my belly! i'm putting a picture on the yahoo group right now.

not much posting energy at the moment. just wanted to say hi!

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flitters, sorry forgot you...:
so still four of us left.......
i think contractions are getting 7min apart....
i think i will not believe it is happening until i have the urge to push...:LOL
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I was reading over my list, adding the new births, and realized I don't have a birth announcement for krnflwr...did I miss it?

Congrats to you latest mamas: welcome to the world Tara, Lillian, and Henry!!!

Letia.. so sorry that you are being "invaded". This is such a special time (and we are so prone to hormonal swings, too) and it's just lousy that you can't feel "safe" in your own space. Try to put your foot down if you can.

Our LWAB thread is getting good...lots of new mamas. But don't worry you four remaining, we'll stick with you to the end!!
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Fiona Is Here!!

Sorry for the late update. Fiona arrived 10-28-04 at 8:04 PM
She was 8 lbs and 1.7oz. The birth went very well and I will post a story in a few days. Unfortunately I had some horrible tearing and ended up with surgery and now have a very sore bottom. But this munchkin is so wonderful and definitely worth all the discomfort!
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Congrats to all our new mommas.

Nancy - so sorry to hear that things didn't go as planned but you must not feel that sneaking sense of failure; you birthed a wonderful perfect little boy and that is what is important.

Sticking with all our remaining moms who are still pregnant; best wishes to each of you.
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sunshinegal!!!!! cangratulations!!!!!!!!!1 .....I keep forgetting poeple....:
i don't know what is happening to me...after being so regular from yesterday now my contractions are becoming every half an hour or so....:....will go for a walk to see what happens....
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Congrats to all the new babies and mommy's!!

: Welcome to the outside world Tara, Fiona, Henry and Lillian!!!

Congrats mommy's,

Sending good labor vibes to those who need it!!! Nov. is a great month to have a birthday, my birthday is in Nov.
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Wow, a lot of babies wanted to be born in October I guess!

Congrats all you new mommies and welcome Henry, Tara, Lillian, Fiona, Mikayla... anyone else?

I'm thinking of you still pregnant mamas... its gonna happen soon - its gotta right?
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Welcome to the World Henry, Tara, Lillian, Fiona, Mikayla!!!!!!!!!

Congratulations to the new mommies!!!!!!!!!!

To all you moms in waiting... not much longer

Sending labour inducing thoughts your way!!
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Well its November and no baby yet for us. Due date was mid-October :LOL

I have already tried corn silk and black and blue homeopathics and nothing happened.
Baby is very active, mw has me doing kick counts and I have no problem getting 10 a day.

So I guess sometime this month we will have a baby :LOL
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Congratulations Nancy and Amy and Sunshinegal!!!!

Henry, Jillian and Fiona!!!

Nancy you deserve big hugs for what you've been through

Amy, wow, have a baby and get your son dressed up for trick-or-treating all in the same day...that's impressive My dad is a Halloween baby too and it's always been a blast, what kid wouldn't be happy with birthday cake and trick-or-treating on the same night

Meli- that's great news!! Can't wait to hear how your LLL meeting goes

Leita- sorry to hear you are feeling down.

All the rest of you (looks like there are 5 yet) sending lots of labor soon vibes!!! I was one of those that had lots of prelabor teaser contractions, the night before they were 8 mins apart for 2 hrs...so hopefully it means it will be very soon for you too!!
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Still here...guess this baby didn't want to be an October baby...
We've tried lots of "natural inductions" and obviously this babe is cozy in there!
So just waiting and tolerating my father-in-law asking me every hour "how ya doing" and "is it time yet?"
Gonna have to kick them out again for a few hrs today!

So happy for all you mamas holding your babies

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still here...still nothing.......contractions kept up all night got stringer at about 4am...we were sure that was it but... : i feel asleep and nothing...
and now nothing for a whole day....weather sucks and i don't feel like going out....but i read in some place that if you put a piece of chocolate in your vagina...baby will be motivated to come out...:LOL....i think this is the only "natural way" that is left now...
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where is everyone???
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Mastitis - ugh!!!

Congratulations to all the new Mamas!!! I've sure been missing out your great birth stories!

Welcome Lillian, Henry, Tara, and Fiona!!! Happy Birthday!!! : They all seem like such healthy babies!!! Way to go Mamas!!!
: :

Regarding using swings and all that stuff, I think it took us about a week to "adjust" our perfect parenting image and realize that we need to be well rested and happy as parents in order to be happy toward Jillian. Definitely much better than getting frustrated at her because WE'RE tired!!! Now I have so much respect for all the AP mothers that have come before me!!!

Hey Susan, I had cracked nipples, but it does get much better. Just make sure the latch is good! I haven't worn a bra yet, and airing my nipples out w/Lansinoh really helped! Hang in there!

Well, just as I was getting over cracked nipples, I started feeling really, really worn down. Eventually I was sobbing to my dh "I just can't do this anymore... I feel sore EVERYWHERE, I'm exhausted, I'm not hungry... etc." 2 hrs later my temp was 102. Turns out I had been coming down w/mastitis... wow what another hurdle!!! I don't really remember 2 days - fever went up to 104, chills, shakes, migraine, and of course one breast feeling like it was going to fall off. Antibiotics have kicked in and I feel great, just still worn down! Basically, dh and Jillian had a lot of time together, so the good side is that he's much more comfortable handling her and suddenly telling me, "no, no, she doesn't like it like that... here's what you do..."

I guess I should check in on the Life w/a Babe thread, but I'm anxious for those of you waiting! Let's see, Ekatherina (sorry about all your starts/stops, wish I could be more helpful, Jenny (crossing my fingers for you to birth this baby by Thursday!), Ann (I won't ask "isn't it time yet?"), momtol&a (great attitude, that you'll have a baby sometime this month! although very frustrating! , and...???
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Originally Posted by Ekatherina
where is everyone???
They were just wondering about you! There's a new thread for this week!
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