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Mandi.. we x-posted...i am so sorry you were having problems and hope they solve out for you soon...but you also seem happy babymooning...will check your pictures now...
my mw was here just now and checked me internally (for the 1rst time..) she said the cervix is soft but im not dilated at all... not even 1 cm....but i was happy when she said it's ok to wait even for three weeks more...don't worry,...i mean of course i want this baby out soon but i don't want to force him out...and it is comforting to know that she wants it to take place "when everyone is ready"...i am so in love with my mw......but just a question: if the cervix is soft so maybe i'll dilate soon and baby can be born soon...not another week to wait??? what do you think?? is there any chance he can be born within two three days or so?? :
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Just a very quick note to say hello. Kennedy is amazing and we're settling into a routine and life is just blissful.

Meli and Mandi - I am so sorry to hear about the rough times - I can relate and can only hope we all find the strength to push through the rough times.

More later, I promise - I've been busy just trying to catch up on all of the posts. I did post a few photos on the yahoo site this evening.

Take care, ladies.
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oakember.....i keep on x-posting... ..i hope things get more progressive for you....much much birthing vibes ....
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amie, how disappointing to go all that way then go home again! wishing you some speedier labour vibes!

mandi, you are wonderful for sticking with bf-ing. i swear in no time this will all be a distant memory and you'll be bf-ing with ease! my nipples weren't near as bad as yours with my first, but still remember counting slowly to five with gritted teeth to get through some latching pain. lansinoh was my friend. SO glad your midwife was so helpful and knowledgable!

ann, had to smile at your description of dressing up for dinner. exactly how i felt when dh and i had our anniv. dinner 2 days before the birth.

melly, i share your fears thinking of dh going back to work, and he won't be gone 15 hrs a day!! he has a job offer right now for april that would mean commuting to chicago each week - imagining no help for 4 days a week totally freaks me out!! but at least i have family here to help.

i woorried about katie, too. she'll be heartbroken to end up in hospital, tho holding her new baby will hopefully ease that...
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It's finally time!!!!

Contractions less than three minutes apart. (DH asking what the h*ll you doing on the computer???!!!!) I woke up about two hours ago with horrible side-effects (main effects?) of castor oil. (Won't even try to spell it right now as my mind is elsewhere.) Anyway, contractions started out boom right after that at 4 min apart, then quickly to three, now close to two min apart....

I can't believe it's finally happening! I was so happy I started crying in the shower! :LOL :

OK better get off this computer before I mess up my rhythm!
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She went on to explain to me (or try to scare me, how I took it) that I could be exposed to the flu SO easily when I go back to teaching, and then I could give it to the baby, which could be VERY dangerous
My DD1 was born in Feb, and I used to be an elementary school teacher. I taught in a small independent, Catholic school and had 10 students in grades k-4. I never got the flu shot my whole pregnancy, and went back to work when DD1 was 2 months old (this was in April). I took DD1 to work with me each day and kept her with me in the classroom. She was exposed to all sorts of germs from the kids, who used to beg to hold her and love to play with her and such and she NEVER got sick. Granted, this was in April and May, not the winter, but she was right there in the classroom with me. The breastmilk really does protect them, so if you are going to teaching any germs you bring home, you will have been exposed to as well and your body willl make antibodies in milk to pass on to your baby. So, it is highly unlikely you give the flu to your baby, just the antibodies against it
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Amie, sorry you had to go home, how disappointing. just think in a few weeks we will ALL be holding our babes.

Meli, sorry you don't have any help. I can relate to how your feel since when DD1 was born, we had only lived where we lived for a little over a year and didn't have many friends. It can be very isolating. And, now I am feeling it again, since we just moved here less than 2 months ago, DH went back to work on Mon and my mom went home last night, so no more help for me. Somehow we will make it. Don't worry about the house or anything, just concentrate on the baby and try to get out as much as you feel able to. Also, since this is your first, I would really look into joining a moms group and LLL and other such things. You really need to find some other mama friends IRL you can chat with, even if they aren't AP or do everything you do, just having mama friends in real life makes a world of a difference! I am even thinking of attending a MOMs Club meeting today (I know I am brave to venture out with 2 kids myself so soon, but I am really feel isolated and trapped if I am not busy with playgroups and seeing other people and stuff).

Mandi, sorry you are having so many problems with nursing. Don't worry, it will pass and you will enjoy nursing again.. s

Happy Birthing Nancy.......Good Luck!!!
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Due Date Day!!

Ekatherina -- Just because you aren't yet dilated doesn't mean you can't have the baby today. Things can change very quickly.

Amie -- Sorry it isn't "it" for you yet....hopefully soon!

Nancy -- Hooray!! I'm so excited for you! Gotta tell you something funny though. I had a dream you were in last night. Except it was really weird. You weren't pg, and me you and my DH went out and I guess you were spending the night at our house. Well in the morning I talk to DH and apparently he slept with you that night! It was all very bizarre. :LOL

Mandi -- It will get better!

So got up and went for a good walk this morning. I really must get this baby out!! I was actually in pain last night. The baby hits some nerve or something that sends a shooting pain into my groin muscles and debilitates me in the middle of walking. It's pretty awful. I don't think I can take this much longer! It was really bad last night. Lots of head grinding going on down there, and a major position change this week. Baby is on my left side, facing my right directly. MW was worried about it being a bit posterior the other day but I think it is dead center now, neither pos. or ant really. I don't know. PLEASE let this baby come today. I'm truly ready. And I can't imagine going late, I went into labor with DS on his due date. What's all the crap I've always heard about second ones coming sooner???? I NEVER thought I'd make it to 40 weeks....
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Still no word from Katie??? I've been stalking this thread for days. (Katie and I were on the TTC board together last year.) Sending lots of good vibes her way...

Congratulations to all the new mamas and peaceful birthing vibes to those of you still in the wait.

(now back to your regularly scheduled discussion :LOL )

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Happy Due Date to me!!

Yesterday I was having contractions 6 minutes apart in about 2 hour spurts. I would get a break of about an hour in between sessions. This continued into the night. But somewhere around 2am, they petered out. They've been sporadic all morning. I'm debating whether or not to do anything to start them back up, or just take this as a sign to rest. My mw would like me to stay pg until tomorrow afternoon at 3 pm and after that, i'm free to birth. LOL! We (mw's and I) are being interviewed by the news for a homebirth story. It was supposed to happen weeks ago, but breaking news seems to happen each time we have a time set. And DH has requested that anytime after lunch tomorrow is ok with him. He has a lunch meeting he doesn't want to miss. OK, I'll give the kid the memo, but no promises. I'll be sparse today...since babytime could be anytime.

WTG Nancy! I can't wait to hear the news!!!!
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woohoo gottaknit!! i understand you being on the 'puter with surges 3 min. apart, i was posting on here until my doula came over to keep me company! *labor vibes to ya*

last night was the roughest so far ... i hope it's one of those "worse before it gets better" sorta things. i have horrible thoughts of "i can't do this" and "i wish someone would take over!" then i feel guilty as hell, i just hold her and look at her angel face and i'm peaceful for a little while, it's worth waiting for those silly grins

to all the mommas waiting for labor to start ... i'm not sure if this'll help, but in my other due-date-club pretty much everyone already gave birth - via inductions or c-births! and there are a ton of threads in their version of "life with a babe" where the kids just aren't as healthy as they could be. i think you are all amazingly strong and intelligent, and above all PATIENT! you've been my role models since i joined MDC. honestly, if i hadn't found this place i don't know if i would have rushed to induce. i LOVE the fact that the babies are so "slow" around here! *lol* y'all sure know how to cook 'em take that to heart, you are doing the bestest for your babes and i know you will all pop when it's the perfect time.
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Mandi and Melli and Beansmomma..pictures of your babies are so so cuuuuuuuute......I just checked the new ones...and thought: i want my baby too!!!!!!!!
truebluexf....thanx for reassuring... i hope it won't be long for you now..much much birthing vibes to you.....(and to me too...: )
Nancy!!!! ...hope you are holding you lit one now...
Katie, so worried about you..... really hope things went the way you wanted ...
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truebluexf, I was feeling the exact way yesterday and last night - the shooting groin pains and head-grinding! Those shooting pains literally stop me in my tracks. This full moon has got to do something!!

Ekatherina, I'm with you - due date sister!

My new thing yesterday and today is that playing loud reggae music and cleaning will get this baby out. Rational, right?

Thanks mirthful, truebluexf, and amelia for the flu shot advice. I talked to dh about it and he just rolled his eyes, knows his mum can present her opinions in not-so-nice ways. Amelia, that made me almost cry when I read about you taking your little baby to work with you. My principal and I have sat together and fantasized about how incredible that would be, but obviously impossible in a public school setting. Talk about authentic "practical life" for my little montessori community.

Go gottaknit, soogie, get off the computer and get busy!
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Okay I'm starting to get worried about Katie too. I hope hope hope that she and baby are doing well and just to busy snuggling to get on the computer.

Amie - I was sorry to read your post this morning . I was so sure that you would be holding your little guy right now. I totally understand how frustrating the waiting is... but maybe your little guy will make his grand debut today. He just wanted the be born on the most dramatic day possible.

Mandi - like so many of the other women here I too had trouble my first time breast feeding. I didn't have the pain or nipple cracking that you are experiencing but I can relate to the feelings of both wanting to just stop nursing and make up a bottle of formula followed immediately by feelings of guilt and failure for not being the godess mother I had envisioned before Alias was born. For me, it took about 6 weeks before I felt really comfortable and confident with my nursing. After that I never had any trouble and never regretted for an instant pushing thru the rough patch. Hang in there momma

Meli - Sometimes I wish babies came with an on/off switch. Then we could just turn them off for an hour or so and get a good nap in then we could turn them right back on and be the happy rested mom we want to be. I can kind of relate in that I have no family here (other than a 92 year old grandpa) and when Alias was born I had no friends with kids. I was terrified when Dh went back to work and I was left home alone with Alias. And I don't have the health issues you do so I can only imagine how stressful the prospect of parenting all alone for a huge chunk of the day. But what really saved me was getting out and meeting other moms. I signed up for a baby and me yoga class and went to baby time at the library. Like Amelia suggested, check out what programs your community offers for new parents and go down and check them out, esp. your local LLL meeting. It can be a challenge to get you and Willow out of the house at first but you'll soon find it'll be so worth it. You are doing a wonderful job mommaing your little girl. Oh also wanted to suggest checking out the finding your tribe threads. There maybe a group of MDC moms in your area, or maybe you could start one.

My baby is 3 weeks old today! How did this happen? The time just flew by. He had his 3 week check up with the midwives yesterday and Harrison, who was born 7 lb 11 ozs, is now a whopping 10 pounds! The midwives were so surprised. They kept commenting that he did not look like a new born and that he looked more like a 2 month old baby. After going thru all 3 diapers that we had packed with us in a matter of an hour and a half, we had to use one of the disp. newbons the midwives keep on hand, and the diaper barely fit over his chubby little tummy. If he had peed or pooped more than twice in that diaper we would have had an explosion on our hands.
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Hi mammas

Congrats to all the new moms around!!!
Emily Vivian Esther made her appearance Oct 16 at 10:40 pm. My labor started at 2:30 that morning. Birth was completely natural. I labored at home until 7 that evening, so my labor in the hospital was only a few hours. When we arrived, I was 6 cm, so things went pretty quickly, especially for a first baby. The "downside" to my birth experience was that I tore pretty bad; between 3rd and 4th degree. So, things have been sore... She's absolutely sweet, even when screaming at 2am. Bfing is going okay. The first few days were pretty bad with cracking, but the lansinoh helped a lot! Now, I am sore again, but that is b/c she is feeding so much, I think. My boobs just need a break; the lansinoh doesn't even have time to work! She already has a double chin, so I know she is putting on weight. Now, if only we can get some sleep. She had a four hour stretch last night, but now doesn't want to settle in for another stretch. Mamma is pretty tired.
Someone is fussy...gotta run.
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Hi all!

Just wanting to check in. I have been in baby moon bliss Quinn is doing really well and all 3 boys have been gems. Collin is always asking us when will it be his turn to hold the baby..so cute. All 3 keep an eye on him too to make sure that he is always "ok."

Thia....CONGRATS on your baby girl!!!! I know how sore you feel. I too had a 3rd degree, almost 4th degree tear with my first. Do you do the sitz bath? That seemed to help me.

Ok, I am really worried about Katie and have been for quite awhile. I keep checking here to see if there has been any update. I even have dh worried about her now too.

Nancy...go mama go!!! You are going to be holding your little one soon

Ok, I have a question. How long does this engorgement deal last again? My boobs aren't too bad, but enough to cause discomfort. Just curious as to how much longer I am to wait this out. I can't remember how long it was with my others. Weird...you would think I would have all these details down by #4.

So the highlight yesterday was having President GW Bush in our small little town yesterday. We were able to get tickets and go listen to him. I know some of you aren't pro-Bush, but I like the guy so this was a real treat for us. Well, just in general though, having the us prez in your small dinky hometown is a big deal in itself.

Anyways, happy babymooning to all who are, and I am sending Patience/labor vibes to the rest of you!
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I was just peeking in here to see if Letia had been around. We usually talk via IM or on the phone several times daily, and I havn't heard from her since yesterday morning. I wonder what's going on.......

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Go Nancy!! Hope you're holding that sweet babe soon if not already!
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Congratulations Thia and welcome little Emily!!!!!!!!!

: : :

Nancy - so glad to hear that things are beginning to happen for you! Hope you're holding your baby really soon!

Hmmmmm, Letia's missing? I wonder . . . .
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Congrats Thia!!!!!

My dad called me at 12:30 to let me know that Oct 27th was halfway over and he hadn't gotten any news yet. He wanted to know what I was doing gallavanting around at my friend's house when I should be concentrating. :LOL
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