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Ideas for 2-year old

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I'm just looking for ideas of "educational" stuff to do with my 2 year old ds.
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Read stories, cut from magazines/paper, glue stuff into collages, paint, chalk the sidewalk, blow bubbles, work with dough/clay, count stuff, sort things by color or shape or size, build with blocks, dig and pour sand/dirt/rice, pour water into different containers, dance, sing finger songs (Eensy-Weensy Spider, Pat-A-Cake, etc) play with puppets, build forts out of blankets and pillows...

motor skills are a really big thing at this age--especially large motor skills like balance, jumping, running, climbing etc. Imaginative play starts up too, where they'll role-play or make plastic dinosaurs "talk" to toy firetrucks and such. Foster his interests, let him lead you in play, have fun.
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I'm doing some stuff out of Susan Striker's Young at Art (plus adding in related stuff I think up on my own, like circle games, etc.). AMAZING book...I found it at the public library. Yesterday we made black playdough, believe it or not (we were having a black day). It was so novel that the kids (2yo and 6yo) just adored it. I mean, who makes *black* playdough?

We also have fun with Montessori, especially the practical life exercises and sensorial exercises. We work on pouring, sweeping, feeling pieces of cloth, etc. Another popular one is putting squeeze-type clothespins around a plate or cup. Or transferring cut-up pieces of sponge from on dish to another with tongs. Transferring water from one dish to another with an eyedropper is fun. I have a boatload of empty film canisters (you can get them free from photo places) that we use for matching games -- matching weights (put clay in them) or matching scents (put cotton balls with various scents on them).

We also cook, wash dishes, fold laundry, put laundry in washer and dryer (we have a frontload washer), sing and dance, make up stories, make birthday cards, climb around, attend children's theatre productions. We have flashcards that they like to get out and use. We attend Tiny Tumblers at the Y, as well as swimming. We read books about other countries and fix appropriate food (grandparents are currently in UK and Ireland on vacation, so we're making scones and oatcakes, having tea in the afternoon, listening to Irish music, reading folktales like The Three Sillies).

Our grocery store had a series of books by Brighter Vision Learning Adventures entitled A Year of Fun Just for Two's (or Three's of Four's) that have month-by-month ideas. Simple stuff that you'd probably think of on your own given enough time, but it's sure nice to get a little boost. They run about $4. Also, ask the Children's Librarian at your local public library...ours has a surprisingly big section on things to do with toddlers and twos.
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