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Trading Spaces -- Rank the designers!

Poll Results: Trading Spaces - who's your fave designer?

This is a multiple choice poll
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I love Trading Spaces. I'm curious to see what you all think of the various designers. Also, who would you like to redesign which rooms in your house?

For me:

#1 Genevieve. She is sooooo cool, she actually cares about what the homeowners' style and needs are. I would (if I had $$$) pay lots for her to decorate DD's room.

#2 Frank. I love his wacky ideas (though the woven tin wall was too much), and I love the artsy drawing touches he adds. I'd like him to decorate my kitchen (I want that mexican kitchen minus the metal wall).

#3 Laurie. She usually comes up with neat ideas, and I'd love to have her design my living room in one of her Zen-ish ways, with earth tones and subtlety.

#4 Vern. I don't mind his designs, usually, but I get kind of wierded out by his use of bright and dark colors sometimes. I would like him to do my (nonexistent so far) reading room/library/den/office.

#5 Doug. I think he's an egotistical tyrant. I have very rarely liked a design of his. He is totally uninterested in the homeowners' wants or needs or the style of the rest of the house. I wouldn't want him to do anything in my house.

#6 Hilda. Can't stand her. Hello -- straw on the walls? In a house with two young kids??? When the homeowner said "But the girls will be constantly picking it off and eating it and leaving it all over the house!", Hilda's response was "well, theyll just have to be told not to." Like that's gonna work! I think 99% of her designs are ugly in at least one major way. I couldn't be paid enough to have her in my house.

One of the major factors, for me, as far as liking a designer, is whether they do something appropriate for the home. Gen and Frank and Laurie obviously either have kids, or have spent much time around kids, because they make stuff appropriate for a family, if the homeowners have kids. I love the little "kid's nook" type areas that Frank tends to include in living room and family room spaces.

What do you all think?
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#1 Vern. I just love his rooms. I loved the wine room he did.

#2 Laurie. I love the way she uses color. Some of the stuff she does turns out so neat looking...I did not like that Matice thing she did but that was one of the few I did not like

#3 Frank. He just rocks I love him. Especially childrens rooms. I am not big on country but if I liked it he would do it well....

#4 Genevieve. didn't she do the moss on the walls???? She usually does ok stuff but occasionally she does something so weird I would kill her if she did it to my house. Some stuff I lvoe some stuff I ahte..hard to tell (loved the girls room she did..the blue one...very pretty)

#5 Doug. I dont like the way he does not listen to the home owners. He does weird crap too. Would not let in house.

#6 Hilde
Would chase away from house with large sharp item. The hay was so not cool. What the hell is wrong with her anyways?? "Oh they will just have to be told not to pick the hay off" "ok whatever obviously crazy woman with no children"
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Maybe this is becausse it is stupid o'clock, but BWAAHAAHAAAHAAA!!! I have this mental image now of the Trading Spaces trucks showing up, Hilda getting out, and one of the homeowners chasing her off the lawn with a big pair of pruning shears!!! :LOL :LOL :LOL

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Though we are cable-less now, I was a big TS addict when we did have it.
I absolutely adore Vern's work, he would be the only one I would allow to run rampant in my home.
Laurie would be my #2- she is a little traditional, but classic is nice
(by the way- she and Hilde and Doug are the only two who are designers by trade: Vern is an architect, Frank owns a craft store, Genevieve is a graphic artist, and remember Dez? she was a lamp designer)
#3 Genevieve- I love that lodge-y room she did with all the wood
#4 Hilde I loved that one bedroom with the pampas grass
#5 Doug he's a pompous ass, but he has done some neat rooms
#8 Frank- I love him, but his work is too country for me
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I started taping that a few months ago and have been watching it while I nurse. I love Frank, both his rooms and his personality. The bright colors and folksy look are definitley my style. Laurie is a close second, so pretty and classic. Her rooms always make me want to sit down and have a cup of tea. Did she ever have her baby? As for Vern -- ooooh I hate his rooms! Nice guy, but ick all that red and black and candles everywhere -- sooo not my style. Dough is even worse -- bad taste AND bad personality.

I'm in awe of all of them on some level, though. I am not visual at all, I would never be able look at a room and picture how it would look with a different wall color, much less redo it from the ground up. Does anyone know if the homeowners get to choose what designer they get? Or if they get any input at all as to what general style they want? Or if the designers visit their homes before they make their plans?

Must add: I can't believe no one has mentioned Ty yet... YUM!
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I love Vern! His rooms always seem very classy and well thought out. It is obvious that he was anarchitect before he turned to designing - I love the clean lines and sophistication in his rooms.

Next, I would say is Frank. He is very creative and lovable and his rooms always have a real sense of fun, although some of them are a bit too country for my taste.

Genevieve is cool and I love her enthusiasm - she is fun to watch but I don't love most of her rooms.

Laurie seems nice, but a bit too "girlie" in her tastes for me.

Hate, hate, hate Hilde and Doug. They are way too full of themselves and both have pretty bad taste in my opinion.

My favorite part of the show is definitely Ty! Love him!
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I like all of them except Hilde and Doug. Ditto on the hay on the walls.

I have like lots of stuff the others have done but can't decide on a favorite. They've each done rooms I've really like and a few that I don't but I like that they listen and try to plan practical but attractive rooms, especially if the families have children.

I think Doug did do a room I liked last weekend, I think. First ever!

Ty's great but what do you all think of Paige? She's cute and bubbily but frankly I preferred Alex. Nor sure why -- oh and I do remember the lamp lady LOL! Everything was a lamp.
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frank frank frank frank! my husband and i just love him!
here's another question along the same lines: if you were on trading spaces who would you want to work WITH and who would you want in your house?
i am always torn, but i think i would want to work with genevieve and have frank in my house. my husband agrees, and adds that he would rather work with doug than hildy because at least he could kick doug's a$$!
anyone remember when hildy tried to dye someone's white carpet bright orange?
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one more thing, what is laurie's problem with ceiling fans? i have yet to see her leave one installed. i don't know where she's from, but she needs to come sit her a$$ in my living room with the fan off for a while and see how long it takes to burst into flames.
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Originally posted by shoshannas mom
one more thing, what is laurie's problem with ceiling fans? i have yet to see her leave one installed. i don't know where she's from, but she needs to come sit her a$$ in my living room with the fan off for a while and see how long it takes to burst into flames.

I hope you're happy!!! I just spewed granola all over my keyboard! LOL
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It depends on which room in my house we're talking about. I would want Frank (who is my favorite personality wise) to do my kids rooms and bathroom. Vern to do my kitchen or utility room, where I like clean lines and sort of sparse. Gen to do the other rooms in my house, where I"m more conservative.

But I would smack her down if there were moss anywhere LOL!

I absolutely hate Doug....what a HUGE jerk!
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lol this thread is too funny. I have a great image of Hilde getting chased around a yard by garden shears too!! :LOL
And that lamp lady-ugh! I could not stand her!!!

I got hooked on TS when we had cable and watched it nearly everyday. It's one of the few reasons I miss cable.

I would pick:
1) Vern! I love Vern! That awesome kitchen he did for the wine people was the first TS I saw and it got me hooked on the show. I love what he does w/color, clean lines, candles, feng shui. The only room I saw him do that I didn't like was the soccor room but it was awesome for the kids who got it.

2) Gen- she's cool and I really liked the teenage girl's room she did were she collaged pictures of the girl's friends and actually made a spoon collection look hip. Hated the Scrabble-themed game room she did though.

3)Hilde- I would not want to hang out with this woman- I think she's a pompous ass- but I like a lot of the stuff she does. There would have to be some child-friendly rules set up for her first though!!!

4) Laurie- I like her sense of color a lot but most of her rooms are just too genteel for me.

5)Doug- Besides the fact that his personality sucks, is it just me or do most rooms look better before Doug gets to them?

6)Frank- I think Frank would be fun to go have a drink with but I would DIE if I was on TS and Frank was the one picked to do my house!!! I hate all his cutesy-country crud SO MUCH!!! I know, not the popular opinion here. I am not suprised to learn that he owns a craft store.

And yeah, I liked Alex better too. Paige is too perky for me.

And TY!!!!! HUBBA HUBBA He's cute AND he cracks me up! Amy Wynne is cool too!
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the one time i enjoyed doug was in the apartment where he did all red and black and put that photo of the wife in her skivvies up over the mantle. i liked that episode. i wouldn't want to live in that room, but i liked the episode.

sorry riley's mom! hope it was dry granola!
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Laurie is my favorite

I think Doug is a bad decorator and he has an awful personality. From what I have read on the internet, you do NOT get to pick who works on your house. That is one reason I would not want to be on the show. What if Hilde or Doug did my room !!!!!!
Frank lives in a suburb of where I live. I've seen him in Garden Ridge before. Didn't have the guts to say hi.
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to amswer shoshana's mom's question:

I would want to work with Frank and have Vern do my house.
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I would want to work with Frank and have Laurie do my house.
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Trading Spaces...now we're talkin...one of my favorite shows!

As for who I would want to do my room-first choice is Vern- I always love his rooms-especially the bedroom with the icicles, anyone see that!?

I like Hilde. I think she's funky and I admire that.

I can't rank the rest because I think the rest are all right-Frank's style is cute, but definitely not me.

As for Ty...I'm still reeling from the memory of the peek at his six pack on the Makeover Story...oh yeh, and he's a fine carpenter too!
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Yeay!! Ty is hot.

I like Paige ok...from what I read on the website well..their bbs Alex was kind of a $itch
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I think both Ty and Amy Wynne are hotsy-totsy. I love that they have a female carpenter on TS!

If I were on TS, I think I'd want to work with Laurie (she looks like the most fun), and have Gen at my house.

If I had to choose btwn working with Hilde and Doug, I think I'd rather take Doug, because he's wimpier than Hilde and I think I could argue him down. On the other hand, who wants to listen to the way he whines all the time when he doesn't get his way?
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(OT on) but ... Heh - where else but here would ya have someone spitting GRANOLA out on the keyboard??? I LOVE it!!!!!!! Heheheheheh.....

Or as my friend would call it - "A granola powered snot rocket...."

(OT off) I Love the room Vern did for the dixie chicks girl with the red dragonflies... and the room with the canopy around the bed

Hilde would not be allowed past my front porch. To me design should encompass not only visual aspects but the practical aspects required of a room - you dont see office cubicles that are not useable as office cubicles just because they look better that way! Hilde seems to have a great deal of difficulty understanding this concept. Ya gotta be able to LIVE in the room!!!
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