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Poll Results: Trading Spaces - who's your fave designer?

This is a multiple choice poll
  • 12% (11)
  • 18% (16)
  • 18% (16)
  • 46% (40)
  • 2% (2)
  • 1% (1)
86 Total Votes  
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I LOVE Vern's designs. Laurie's designs are pretty too. I voted for Vern but it was not exactly a fair vote cuz I am torn between the too.

Frank is sweet and considerate and flexible but I HATE his designs. They are wayyyyyyyyy too busy. Too much color...too much pastels. It's just not me. He'd be fun to work with though but I don't want him doing my room.

I wouldn't want Hilde doing my room either because she is way too contemporary and while her rooms are nice to look at on tv Iwouldn't want them in my home.

I know that alot of ppl hate Doug but he's got a special place in my heart. =) I like watching him on tv--gives the show a little drama. He's such a diva. I really haven't minded his designs. I like them better than Frank's. Whenever my sister and I are cleaning up a room in our place, we like to play "trading spaces" (we're weird, ok?) and she likes to be Doug.

It's hard for me to list them cuz based on consideration and working well with the homeowners as well as design it would be--

1. Vern
2. Laurie
3. Frank
4. Genieveve
5. Doug
6. Hilde

But if I were to just vote based on who I like to watch

1. Doug
2. Hilde
3. Laurie
4. Genevieve
5. Frank
6. Vern

Shoshanna's question-- I would like to work with either Genevieve or Frank and have either Laurie or Vern at my house.

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Kylix- lol about you and your sister playing TS!!!

I think I's want to work with Frank just because he's sweet, but I don't know if I could carry out his plans!! I hate his stuff SO MUCH!!! But on personality alone, he'd have to be my pick.

I'd definetely want Vern to do my house.
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did anyone else see that episode where the home owner left bana bread on the fireplace with a note?? When Hilde read it it said "Here is some yummy banana bread, touch my fireplace and you'll be dead" LMAO!! It was something like that..I dont recall the exact quote
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I like Laurie, but it would be hard to rate the other designers cuz I miss a lot of the episodes (waaaa I really like watching them too!). I also would NOT let Hilde in my home. Did anyone see the episode where she spraypainted the people's couches BRIGHT FLAMING PINK!? OMG!!! But I would think it would be neat to work with her... I like her originality, and would love to consult with her before I redid my own room (so I could VETO the really psycho ideas) and I'd love to be able to go coo-coo in a room I didn't have to live in! (aren't you glad you're not my neighbor?)
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Vern for the whole house! His designs are so calming, and I just love that wine-red color he uses all the time.

1. Vern.
2. Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen (from Changing Rooms, the British original version)
3. Gen
4. Laurie
5. Doug
6. Frank
7. Hilda

And Ty, of course.
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weird confession

Ok, I'm so sincerely hetero, but I think Amy Wynne is hot...

LOL...I even told my husband. He looked at me like I had grown a 2nd head!
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Kylix- LOL on playing Trading Spaces, I am so going to have to do that with my daughter (it might even make her want to clean her room sometime???)

Did any of you, and I am sure you have, seen the lady who cries at the end because Doug covered her fireplace? OMG, when my dh and I watched that I thought we would die. It was like being in the room with them! She was not pleased...LOL, I know some people feel badly for that lady, but I laughed-I mean, she wanted them to come and do her room!

And the episode with the bright pink couches and then putting them in the rain, what the heck was Hilde thinking!? Crazy girl.

What a great show!
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ooh, the best, or worst?, hildy room might be the circus tent living room. that was so crazy. the homeowners were like uh, what the hell happened here?

susana, that episode with the lady crying was the first one i ever saw! that is real drama, and i was hooked!
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I thought the worst was when (I'm pretty sure it was Hilde) covered those people's walls with brown felt. And that had a bunch of cats...

Closely followed by the moss on the wall episode (I think that was Gen) Phew!
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Susana-- Yes, I saw the episode where Doug covered the ladies' fireplace and she cried. I too laughed over that episode. Her husband makes the comment that "nothing in this room looks the way that it did when we left it". What did they expect?

And then at the end when the two couples are reunited and Paige says "is everything alright?" and her husband says "yes everything is okay, we'll be fine." but the lady who cried doesn't say anything. And then Paige says "are you guys going to remain friends?" and the husband says "oh yes." and the again the lady who cried didn't say anything.

Now that is drama. It seems that Doug always manages to do something to cause a shock. Like blowing up that nearly naked picture of that woman and putting it up in her living room. Like the attitude he got with that mother-daughter couple that went out the night they were supposed to do their homework.

Best and Worst--that's so hard. There have been so UGLY rooms and then there have been alot of really nice ones.

Some that I didn't like--the circus tent room (Hilde), the hay on the walls, Doug's bumblebee room.

Ones that I liked-- Laurie did this pretty room when she was pregnant for this young couple..it had the dichotic painting. It was a young couple (the other couple on the show was the red and black room with the blown up picture of the lady) and the lady sees it and says "LOVE IT!". Almost all of Vern's rooms I have liked..especially more of the subtle ones.

It's funny how the horrible ones stand out so that we can just say "the circus tent" and everyone knows which one we are talking about. LOL

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I am hetero too but anyone who can build me an attractive entertainment center and new shelving starts to look hot to me...LOL
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abimommy! Ha! You are so right!

I used to watch TS every day while nursing the babe. This was back when he would latch on and nurse/nap for hours. Now, he is the distractomatic and we don't have cable anyway.

Genevieve is my favorite. She is fair, gives a hoot about people's wishes and the style of their homes, and she is creative. I loved that tearoom sunporch. And the groovy Moroccan teenager's room.

Vern is number 2 for me. Sometimes the colors are too garish for me, but he is smart and stylish.

Frank is a very nice guy and I've seen him completely change plans because the neighbors convinced him the homeowners would hate something. But, I absolutely hate his work. All that crafty, country stuff just feels suffocating to me.

Laurie does good stuff with fabric. But, her work is too conservative for me sometimes. And, she is too nicey-nice.

Doug and Hildy are tied in my mind. Both have atrocious designs. Both are overpowering and bossy.

And, I wouldn't kick either of those carpenters out of my bed!
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I think Vern has the best overall taste--I think I'd like anything he did.

Frank is my favorite personality-wise but his stuff sometimes comes off as tacky (or what he might call "whimsy" LOL).

Genevive is great, though I've seen some stuff I don't like.

Laurie and Hilde are fine but sorta boring sometimes.

Doug is a prick and I can hardly stand to watch the episodes he is on. He's an okay designer but does not take into account the homeowners at all.

I like Amy Wynn much more than Ty.

I love Trading Spaces!!!!!!!!!!!! Goddess help me when there is a marathon on!
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Ok did anyone see the one where the homeowner needed to go off camera because she was crying so hard?

Do you guys watch "Changing Rooms"--the British version of TS? It is jsut as good but with MORE drama and gossip.

Both dh and I have crushes on Amy Wynn.

LOL I forgot! Dh is a carpenter and I was at the shop the other day (works for a theatre). They were throwing away scraps of MDF. I fingered the scraps and said to the boss, "Can't you guys use this stuff somewhere? Such a shame to throw this away....Use it on a table or something. Or you could paint it and use it for artwork." He looked at me and said that dh had said the exact same thing and then he called us TS addicts!!!!!!
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Now what about Doug's Zen dining room with the big wooden table and the Venetian plaster squares on the wall??? It was pretty cool! Of course, they had to put the family's china cabinet out in a hallway or something, but it was still pretty nice.
A line in my DD's baby book asks for "Special TV Friends" and instead of Barney or Elmo, it has the Trading Spaces crew. I thought I was a little sick--glad to know I'm not alone!
Hmmmmm. Ty Pennington is dreamy!!!!
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I had a dream last night that I met Frank and told him that we had a thread about TS designers. He asked me what folks thought of his work and I said somethign like, "Most think you are a nice guy, but you use too much pastel country cliche crap and it's not very whimsical"

He agreed with me and we started taking apart a kitchen counter or something.

Funny, eh?
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LOL about the dream with Frank I haven't had any TS dreams personally, but my neighbor had a very hot one about Doug and man, all I heard about for weeks was Doug...Doug...DOUG!!!

She still swoons whenever he's on
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We love the one where the lady cries!! The neighbors told and told Doug they wouldn't like it but he wouldn't listen at all : The chocolate brown room is the one I am thinking of..right??
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abimommy, you are right-the brown walls!
LOL that we all like that episode...
Doug was mad that the one lady kept telling him not to do his thing-she was right, but hey, that woman who cried wanted them to do her house!
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I'm watching TS right now and I think it is a brand new one (Laurie is VERY pregnant and Paige has a new hairdo) and Frank did a room that's not pastel!!!!! Can you believe that? It's like hunter green.It's so not his style. If I didn't know better, I would have thought someone else ANYONE else did it.

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