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Poll Results: Trading Spaces - who's your fave designer?

This is a multiple choice poll
  • 12% (11)
  • 18% (16)
  • 18% (16)
  • 46% (40)
  • 2% (2)
  • 1% (1)
86 Total Votes  
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Oh, how cool!!!! I've loved Trading Spaces since the first episode I saw, and even have dh watching it with me on Marathon Saturdays!!!! And now I get to gab about it with other TS Lovers!!

When I went to take the poll, I automatically re-read the choices three times or so; not seeing Amy Wynne's name as a pick was a shocker to me. I know, I know......she's a carpenter, not a designer. But for some reason, as hetero as I am, she really does it for me. And I told dh that -- he's always happy for me when it's an episode with Amy. Ty is funny and I love watching him, and yeah...he's got a great mid-section, but I don't blush about it the way I did the first time dh made a little wisecrack about my crush -- I think it was a weekend or two after I had let the secret out of the bag.:LOL

About the favorites:
I think I'd like just about anything that Vern did, I really dig his style. Maybe not so much the kitchen, but definitely a bed- or living room.

Genevieve seems nicest (okay, second only to Frank, whom I want to hug, but he makes me cringe with all of that 'whimsy', sorry Frank!), and I tend to like most of her finished products, but I lost all confidence in her after the god-awful Moss Incident!! Also, I've noticed in more recent episodes that she usually does a poor job when it comes to craftsmanship and durability, anyone else think that? I really like her Artsy ideas- the graphic designer in her coming through!

I feel the same as the majority about Doug and Hilde, except I think that Doug adds an excellent element of drama to the show (or at least a heaping helping of anxiety & stress to the couple who's room he's in!), while tunnel-visioned Hilde can meet her doom with those earlier-mentioned hedge trimmers, for all I care. I have heard her say so many DUMB things like "They'll just have to tell them not to ," about the kids & touching/tearing down the straw wall (what was UP with that???) and about the felt walls and the homeowner's cats she said "they'll just have to keep the cats out of here,". I remember dh and I just looking at each other like 'what the hell ?!?!'.

Anyway, Laurie is pretty neat -- I usually like most of what she does. I find myself quite often liking her ideas more than the finished products, though. I like some stuff more than others, usually when she's leaning toward a Vern-ish room!

And Paige is dh's not-so-secret crush. I like her way better than Alex. She comes across more real & down to earth, and like she's having a good time. And she handle those CORNY-ASS narrative intros sooo well!

Watch On! And always hope it's an Amy Wynne episode for me!!
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I like gen, vern, and frank the best, in that order both for personality and design. And heck, I'd let any of them do one of my rooms just for the awesome real wood (most of the time) furniture they build!!! I would love to be on the show. Paint can be painted over and furniture can be stripped and re-worked. My ds (who is 4) looks forward to the day we own a home so that we can be on trading spaces! He and his younger brother play ts a lot and sing the little theme music and move a few things around in the room and then come over to me and cover my eyes and then uncover them and say "look!" and my delegated response is to say "oh wow!". It's fun. I have always loved to rearrange my furniture (even as a young child in my bedroom and then later my mom let me have free reign of the house) so when this show first came on I was soooooo HAPPY!! And now there are tons of shows like it! Have you seen the Love By Design show on HGTV? So funny!!

So what do you guys think of the new designers? I think Edward is cool (but HELLO...he and Doug have the same hair and outfits!...Edward must be the nice version of Doug) and I've only seen a part of an episode with the new lady. They both seem cool. Looks like they got rid of Hilde. (HURRAY!)

I love Amy ...she is so nice and helpful. Adds woman power!! I hate the episode where Vern gets mad at her (for putting on a top to a dresser incorrectly or something) and then he sort of bad mouths her on camera. That made me think less of him. Everyone makes mistakes. I like Ty too....he's cute and very funny but sort of sketchy.
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The new designers...

I've only seen part of the episode with the new lady but she seems cool...they are advertising her on one of the commercials as the democratic one...she lets the homeowners have their say and do what they want to do.

The new guy Edward is cool too. I saw the episode where he did the couple's green bedroom. To me, he's like Doug and Frank's love child. He looks like Doug but talks like Frank. LOL

I didn't notice that they got rid of Hilde. Ha ha! She is impossible to work with it seems. I personally think she's worse than Doug. And her designs...Blech!

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Love Frank's cool and creative ideas, hate Vern's ideas and attitude!!! And i am not keen on Laurie either. I know what ya'll mean about her ceiling fan problem! I just like Frank i guess! He is never cocky, just creative!!
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Does anyone know if/when Laurie had her baby?
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I read on a reality tv website that she had a boy named Gibson Witherspoon 8/14, 8 pounds 6 oz and 21.5 inches. There didn't seem to be any mention on the TLC website about it though. I wonder if she's breastfeeding
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To me, he's like Doug and Frank's love child. He looks like Doug but talks like Frank.

That is way too true!!!!
And yes, I wonder if Laurie's bf, too.
I want to slug Ty. Yes, he's beautiful, but he screws up way too much and then shrugs it off.

I could be friends with Vern. I can appreciate his anal side and dry wit. But his designs would never work in my 1917 Colonial style bungalow. So far, I like the new people.
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NewMa that is exactly word for word what I would have written. I really like Hilde's designs too, but Vern for sure is my pick. I loved the wall-candle clock he did in that teenager's bedroom. And don't get me started on Ty. He's reason enough to watch the show. That's the only cable show I miss. What a funny thread.
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then you have very good taste, lisa2s.

Can someone tell me why Doug has to create names for every room he does? "The wind in her sails" is one particularly annoying one I remember
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I would want Vern to do a room in my house.
I like Frank's personality and he would be easy to work with but I just hate his rooms in general. I did like the mexican kitchen he did - you just have to take out all his "cutesy" stuff and then it is OK. His rooms are too "theme-y" for me - nautical with all the boats all over is not me at all.
Don't like Hildie as she is too rigid and into her own thing as opposed to what the homeowners would like.
The moss wall was the worst one ever! The poor woman before she opens her eyes saying "what is that smell?" That was one bad idea....
I had to laugh at the woman who cried - they ASKED to be on the show! Did they think they'd walk back in and the room would be the same?? Nuts. I'd hate to be the woman who cuts her hair!
For designs, I love Designing for the Sexes - he does some great stuff. Also the one where three designers vie for a job usually gets some good ideas.
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Originally posted by Susana
And the episode with the bright pink couches and then putting them in the rain, what the heck was Hilde thinking!? Crazy girl.

Yeah, real smart in Seattle in winter!

As a side note, I hate that when they come to the Pacific Northwest they always gripe about the weather. They make it out to be always raining...uh...no. Atlanta actually gets more rain per year--its just that we get drizzle a lot! It doesn't rain all of the time here!!!
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"I had to laugh at the woman who cried - they ASKED to be on the show! Did they think they'd walk back in and the room would be the same?? Nuts. I'd hate to be the woman who cuts her hair!"

Kirsten- I had to laugh out loud on that one!! I agree though...she was just being silly. C'mon! she knew what the show was all about when she got on the show.

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who said they love Lawrence?

did you SEE the "whore's palace" episode? Lawrence is eeeeeeevil. Pink walls and zebra-stripes everywhere? Then there was the episode with the checkered floor and the yard trash made in picture frames talk about crying!! The funniest thing is that once on a different show I saw Lawrence's house, it was *totally* traditional! What a shocker!
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I am starting to wish the old designers would be on...where the heck is Hildi and will Laurie come back?
I have to say, I am truly becoming so tired of Frank's painting everything cutesy and that Kia chick looks cool, but aack...her rooms are hideous. Did you see the garden room with the astroturf?
Hildi, please come back and do something interesting!!!
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I have to agree with Susana - can't stand Kia's rooms at all! The astro turf bed that looked exactly like a grave with the little picket fence around it: ?! I truly thought it must be a joke and that she was gonna whip out the real bed at any moment. And she actually put gravel on the floor under the swing! I also don't like that she seems to rely on wallpaper too mcuh instead of actually creating something interesting. I am in the midst of removing wallpaper from every inch of wall on our main floor - the previous owners seemingly loved wallpaper. It isn't easy to remove - I am very anti-wallpaper!
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Well, I visit this site time to time to check stuff. I registered into this site just to vote this survey! I am such a TS addict!!

I like Laurie the best, I like Vern's work too. I hate Heide's work, her work is too modern form me!

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Indiegirl, my company's headquarters is in Seattle. I was out there for a week in the spring a few years ago and one of the ladies I was working with let out a little secret about the Great Northwest. It doesn't really rain all the time, you guys just tell us that so we stay away!!!
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Did anyone see last night?
Kia's room was awesome (I can't believe I said that!)-and I was dying when Ty was up in the attic blowing away the insulation!

The tent in the kid's room would be fun for about a week, I am thinking.

How about the homeowner feeling Ty up? LOL, I don't think he liked it!!
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I'm in the majority. I like Vern the best, I think, although I really like Frank sometimes too. He uses a lot of paint, but I almost always likes what he comes up with. My husband alternates between really disliking Frank's work, or really liking it. I think Frank and Vern are the two who seem most willing to listen to what the homeowners want even though they both do have strong designs. Hilde and Doug--forget about it. Genevieve and Laurie seem to try and get around it by getting the couple excited about it. For some reason Laurie turned me off when she insisted on removing the ceiling fan in the bedroom even though that was the only thing the homeowners didn't want touched. They really liked it, however, so maybe she was right. I like what they come up with most of the time, especially Genevieve, but sometimes they do stuff that's a little weird. But I guess that is true for all.

I often like what Doug and Hilde come up, but Hilde has gotten weirder and you just can't trust her. Like the straw on the walls or spray painting the furniture hot pink. Ugh!

I think if I were on that show I'd want to work with Frank or Genevieve and have Vern or Genevieve do my house. Heck, I wouldn't mind working with Vern and having Frank do my house either.

I had to laugh when the woman was crying about the room because I actually thought the room looked pretty good, and she didn't seem to understand what her friends went to to keep that darn brick from being painted! And Doug was such a big "I am a professional designer" snob. Get on a different show then, you idiot!

And I actually like the shows with Amy Wynn more than the ones with Ty. Ty is funny, but sometimes obnoxious.
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Frank -- he's so nice. I'd love to find a way to camoflauge his perspiration. Maybe he should wear more prints, instead of solids. It's possible he'd look a little larger, but he'd also look so much drier!
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