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How do your other kids feel about the new baby coming?

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Mine are for the most part happy about him. DD1 goes back and forth, she is really excite, but at the same time I think she is feeling a bit put out by it all. DS is so thrilled to be having a brother he want's him out NOW!!!! DD2 is so cute. She tripped the other day and landed on a toy on her tummy and came over to me crying while lifting up her shirt, "I hurt my baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

So I kissed her "baby" and then she kissed mine!!!
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They about fell out of their chairs when we told them. They're 12, 10, and 8, and our new one (now 4 days past due date!) was a surprise to us all! My eight-year-old daughter started shaking and crying. I tried to find out why she was so upset, but she said, "I'm not really upset, I'm just that surprised! I'm so surprised it made me cry!"

Since then, they have gotten more and more excited. They want to know what I've bought for the baby while they were at school, and love to look at the tiny clothes. They keep talking to my tummy saying "Go to the light, Go to the light!" My sons say they jump out of their chairs at school when the teacher's phone rings. They keep hoping it's about the baby. I keep promising this baby will be born soon. They've been waiting so long, they're starting to think I just eat too much pie.
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My fourteen year old isn't too excited (he's in the "all about me" stage right now) but sometimes he does get a little into it. The other day he did tell me he hopes we have another boy

My 10 year old LOVES babies so he's super excited, and can't wait. He wants a girl

My 23 month old hasn't a clue and I'm afraid my poor spoiled baby is going to be a wreck when he finally figures it out!!!

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My DS doesn't really have any clue. He's almost 2.5 years. We talk about babies a lot now, and he knows what babies are. He enjoys being around babies and playing with them, but really doesn't understand that we'll be adding babies to our family. I really think it will be a big shock for him, and I just hope he weathers the changes well.
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My 3 yr old is in denial. I asked her "do you think there's a baby in there?" and she said "NO! I'm the baby!"
When I asked her if she thinks we should get a baby she said "NO! we have two cats!"

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I don't think dd (22 mo) has a clue yet. We talk about it and she defintely notices mommy's lap getting smaller but other than that...

We ask her if she want a brother or sister and she just repeats "Brother or sister."
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Ds (6) is very excited. He keeps talking about when the baby comes and about "when we have a baby....." I just hope the realities of a newborn won't be too dissapointing to him
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Ditto Azriel - My DD is 6 and thrilled in concept, but I don't think she's totally got that it's 6 - 12 mos. of not a lot of fun before she can have a grand ole time with the newbie. I hopeful that she'll be content helping out with diapers, watching while I cook etc., and helping to bath in the baby bathtub. hmmmm....
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My little Cameron (4) is really excited. We told him right away and got him some books and materials on what the baby looks like inside the uterus, and how it's growing in there. He still looks at them (when he can find them under his piles of toys that I can't pick up anymore...lol!) I keep reiterating how small the baby will be so he doesn't think he can just run outside and play trucks with him/her! He keeps thinking of activities to do with the baby (he hopes it's a girl so he can name her "Grapes") like reading and saving a peice of halloween candy for it....it's really so cute. I'm glad I told him right away except that he feels like it is taking toooo long. He asks me, "how many days until the baby comes?" almost every day. And he thinks the size of my belly is pretty comical.
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