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Mamma to Sqky&JoJo

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Hello I am a new mommy here... not a new mother though lol
I have a 2yr old son JJ he as asthma and was born 2mths premature he weighed 4lbs 7oz he was healthy intell he turn 9mths old. When he turned 9mths we found out he was having breathing problems then not to long after that we were told he had asthma.. He has been admitted to the hospital over 15 times this year alone not counting ER he has had 2 sugrys has has a feeding tub in him (not to feed just to let the air out of him) he has alot of Food allergies but is STRONG AND DOING GREAT!!

My youngest JD is now 2mths old he was born August 20th he has no health problems at all THANK GOD!! :-)
hes a cutie and were all very thankful for him..

My husband and I have been together for 3yrs married for 2yrs in those 3YEARS we have lived with his MOM!! Grrrrrr thats all i have to say lol.
My husband and I met online in a chatroom haha and have been together every sence i am over 200 miles away from ALLL of my family.

We live in Los Angeles, California I am looking for more friendships my dream is to meet a mommy my age with kids my kids age in my area or a little closer then another state isnt that all of our dream though lol..
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Hi and welcome.

All the August 2004 mamas have moved to the Life with a Babe forum. The due date club is going to be cleaned up for the 2005ers.
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