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Weekly Thread Oct 26-Nov 2

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November Mamas and Babies

indiegirl ~ Jesse ~ 10/29/04 Eleanor Paige 10/26/04
delighted.mama ~ Libby ~ 11/1/2004
2boysandagirl ~ Susie ~ 11/2/2004 Auburn Laiken 10/22/04
clynnr ~ Chelsea ~ 11/2/2004 Olivia Audrey 10/27/04
Summertime Mommy ~ Jenna ~ 11/03/04 Willow Rain 10/28/04
KittyMommy ~ Jen ~ 11/05/04
sagemama ~ Jolene ~ 11/05/04
Grantsmommy ~ Dawn ~ 11/5/04
MabelsMama ~ Amanda ~ 11/6/2004
stacyleigh ~ Stacy ~ 11/6/2004
mom2radata ~ Steph ~ 11/7/2004
tuffykenwell ~ Steph ~ 11/8/2004
BoobyJuice ~ Karen ~ 11/8/04 Bronwen Fiona 10/28/04
Pease~ sarah~11/8~
MonikitaUT ~ Monica ~ 11/08/04 ~ Olivia Maree 10/29/04
Kelly ~ Kelly ~ 11/8/2004
MamaLisa1 ~ Lisa ~ 11/9/04
scpinky ~ Barbara ~ 11/09/04
treemom2 ~ ? ~ 11/9/04 Aiden Sky 10/28/2004
MonkeyPrincess ~ Jill ~ 11/8/04
granolagina ~ Gina ~ early november
lynsage ~ Lyn ~ 11/10/04
Attached_Mom_to_7 ~ 11/10/04 Saige 10/16/04
scheelimama ~ Alisha ~ 11/11/2004
DaisysMom ~ Marybeth ~ 11/11/04
Lucyloo ~ ? ~ 11/11/04
BudgieMom ~ ? ~ 11/11/04
BabyOsMommy ~ Annette ~ 11/12/2004
mom2amelia ~ Liz ~ 11/13/2004
purpletirza ~ Lindsey ~ When baby is ready
Kennedy444 ~ ? ~ 11/13/04
htw90 ~ Helen ~ 11/14/2004
rkimb74 ~ RaShelle ~ 11/15/2004
MommieSabrena ~ Sabrena ~ 11/16/04
lilylove ~ Sandy ~ 11/16/04
jecaly ~ Jennifer ~ 11/16/2004
Simply_Lucy ~ Lucy ? ~ 11/17/2004
momsgotmilk4two ~ Kari ~ 11/17/2004
happyblessedmama ~ Christine ~ 11/18/04
lucretia ~ Lucretia ~ 11/18/2004
BiggWylma ~ De ~ 11/18/04
HeatherEvonD ~ Heather ~ 11/20/2004
gen-of-eve ~ genevieve ~ 11/21/04
Twonomads ~ ? ~ 11/21/04
Beth568 - Beth - due 11/21/04
Kiwimutti ~ ? ~ 11/23/04
yogagirl ~ Kathy ~ 11/23/04
Stanya ~ Stanya ~ 11/24/04
babibelli ~ joanna ~ 11/24/04
AmandasMom ~ Kim ~ 11/25/2004
jane-t-mommy ~ ? ~ 11/25/04
elmh23 ~ Erin ~ 11/25/04
Annabel ~ ? ~ 11/26/2004
FSUBecca ~ Rebecca ~11/26/2004
dan_in_taipei ~Danielle~11/26~
Rosagomez ~Rosa~ 11/26~ Norah Marie 10/16/04
G-Love ~ Genevieve ~ 11/26/04
LittleOne03 ~ Karlene ~ 11/26/04
StacyG ~ 11/27/04
Megamama ~ Meg ~ 11/27/04
melmosmom ~ Angie ~ 11/27/04
momsmyjob ~ Mary ~ 11/28/04
mezzaluna ~ Rosemary ~ 11/29/04
mamaleslie ~leslie~ 11/29/04
LisaG ~ Lisa ~ Sometime in Nov
Amanda ~ Amanda ~ Sometime in Nov
TheGardenMama ~ Patsy ~ November
Britishmum ~ Sometime in Nov.
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Well..I'm only 35 1/2 weeks so I'm finally reconciled that it's going to be another month before I have a baby in my arms. I'm still having plenty of braxton hicks so my body is working to get ready at the least. I'm not sure I'll know when the real ones start either, since either my water has broken first and/or I've had pitocin with all the others. With Eli, my water broke and I had contx but they were mild...regular but mild..as soon as we got to the hosp, they stopped and it was many hours later they decided to make it go with pitocin...so this time I'm hoping that NOT going to the hospital will do the trick of making me relax and wait for it

Finally got the baby's dresser built..now I just have to put away her clothing and diapers..all the sweet pictures of Ellie made me feel kind of impatient to get this sweetie OUT...but I really do know it'll be a while...Eli has been extra cuddly and asking for more nursies lately..I think he knows instinctively that change is coming..because he refuses to believe me when I say there is a baby in the belly.

Ok..enough babbling..so far, so good. The baby can't come till after Nov 13 so I can have my blessing way!! I can't wait for that
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37 weeks

ooh, amanda, you sound so close!

we just had our midwife's home visit today; the house hasn't been this clean since we moved in, but i'm still wanting to scrub and tidy and organize things. i'll enjoy this nesty thing while i can because boy, i can tell you, this is not my natural state.

the visit went well--i'm measuring 37cm, right on the dot dates-wise, and i'm gbs negative, whew. my birthday's on friday so we're planning to get out of town to some hot springs from saturday to sunday--it's 2 hours away or so, but i think it'll be fine. i'm really looking forward to it, and hope i can relax without feeling too shy about being the spectacle that i am these days--i mean, i burst out laughing when i see my own reflection, so i can't get too offended when strangers want to talk to me about it.

can't wait to hear about the coming babies! i feel so attached to all you mamas.

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I'm at 36 weeks, was in hospital for monitoring yesterday due to PE/high blood pressure. Dr and I discussed the possiblity of having a C-birth early because of my PE/HBP, possibly in a week and a half. It's not exactly what I had hoped for, but all I want in the end is for me and him to be healthy, he needs a mom who is alive. I had an ultrasound today, he is head down, has chubby cheeks. One of the positive things about my hospital visit/monitoring yesterday was hearing how much he moves in there. I thought things had slowed down alot, but it turns out I'm simply not feeling him move all the time even when he is moving. That really surprised me. So I'm on bedrest for now. And even thought it will be via C-Birth, I can't wait for the day to happen
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I am now officially 38 weeks and 1 day. I went to my mw's appt today and mentioned that I was planning to go see the accupuncturist at 40 weeks to see if I can get something happening (trying to increase my vbac chances). She seemed to think I should go earlier so now I am trying to decide if I should go at 39 weeks (the earliest I personally would consider) or wait till 40 weeks.

Here is an article that discusses acupunture induction. The mw's main concern is that I went post dates with Rhys and he was so large (almost 10 pounds) so she would like to see Niamh born earlier or we may run into many of the problems that we had with Rhys (though she does appear to be a smaller baby in general).

I am torn between my desire to get things going (increasing by the second LOL) and my desire to keep things as intervention free as possible. I am thinking though that acupuncture would be far less envasive than a stretch and sweep though (which I am not prepared to do until about 41 weeks honestly).

Any thoughts would be appreciated!

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I've been having a giggle at dd#2 (26 months) who has raided the baby's diaper stash and is insisting on wearing them, not her own! The strangest thing is that she potty trained herself last week - in a day - to my absolute amazement. And now she's cramming her adorable, rather chubby bottom into these one-size diapers that are far too small for her, then taking them off to use the potty. She thinks she's so grown up! And my beautifullly organised diaper collection is now spread all over the house, with different coloured diapers in every room, where she has tried them on and then stripped off again. So much for my nesting instincts - and for my idea of taking cloth to the hospital. I won't be able to round up enough of the baby's diapers to get us through the first day, the way we're going.

I'm having some major contractions, stronger than last week. They've been going on for almost two weeks now. It's so weird, not knowing if I'm about to go into full labour any minute, or if it's going to linger for weeks, as it did with dd#2. Dd #1 (just 4) has mastered dialling out on the phone - we've been practicing dialling for Daddy at work each afternoon. Silly, I know, but at least I feel confident now that if I told her to get the phone and call Daddy, she would do it. I bet after all this worrying, I have the longest, most drawn out labour, not the fast one I had last time.

tuffykenwell - Two things occurred to me. First, my dd#1 was big at 9lbs, and my OB made a big deal aobut her size. But dd#2 was 10lb 4oz, and birthing her was sooo much easier. If this is your second baby, I"m not sure how much the size is a significant issue (although I don't know your history, obviously )

Second, I had accupuncture to get labour going first time. It was no big deal, and I had my first contractions there and then. From what I understood, it won't work if you are not ready anyway, so you could go a couple of times. The accupuncturist told me that she thought I'd have the baby within 36 hours (I did) but to come back in 48 hrs if I wasnt in active labour. So if you go once, I believe you can go again if it doesnt work first time.
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Originally Posted by Britishmum
tuffykenwell - Two things occurred to me. First, my dd#1 was big at 9lbs, and my OB made a big deal aobut her size. But dd#2 was 10lb 4oz, and birthing her was sooo much easier. If this is your second baby, I"m not sure how much the size is a significant issue (although I don't know your history, obviously )

Second, I had accupuncture to get labour going first time. It was no big deal, and I had my first contractions there and then. From what I understood, it won't work if you are not ready anyway, so you could go a couple of times. The accupuncturist told me that she thought I'd have the baby within 36 hours (I did) but to come back in 48 hrs if I wasnt in active labour. So if you go once, I believe you can go again if it doesnt work first time.
Some background on me so you can better understand why the mw's are making it an issue.

Rhys never descended into my pelvis and I was induced at 42 weeks and 2 days. I went from 2 to 4 cm during the induction process and the decision was finally made to take him out by c-section. He was never in any distress and neither was I.

My mw's blame most of the problems on his size and I don't agree but I do agree that it was one of the contributing factors. Rhys was also posterior which added to an already complicated situation and my water was broken when he was still very high in my pelvis (thus he no longer had the cushion of the water to help him to make the turn so that he could descend). Plus I think my body just didn't respond well to the whole induction process (not meaning that I was in distress just meaning that it failed to work at all).

Anyway I think the reason Rhys' birth ended in c-section was a mesh of a lot of different factors and I think blaming it on his size alone is over simplifying the issue...but then I think anything that can increase my chances of a successful VBAC attempt is very tempting (as long as the intervention is fairly benign which I think acupuncture is in the grand scheme of things).

Plus I don't want to have the pressure to consent to either induction with pitocin or repeat section if I run out of "time" or if they feel the baby is getting too large KWIM?? I mean I am willing to fight but I am worried if they start using manipulation that my DH might get scared and want to rush to the section...he called my previous section "minor surgery" tonight and I know he was being sort of tongue in cheek (he sometimes has a weird sense of the funny)...but I was still WTF...yeah lets see you consent to having your guts cut open for no good reason and then trying to care for a newborn and see how minor YOU think it is...anyway that is another vent

So those are the basic "issues" surrounding this birth. I really want a successful vbac so I would really like to do everything I can to ensure that but I also want to make sure that I am not putting baby girl at any greater risk (given that perhaps my babies are meant to cook a bit longer than average KWIM?)

Decisions decisions....

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Steph, I can identify with your story so strongly.

I had an enormous fight with my OB re being 'overdue' with dd#1. I argued with her on an almost daily basis from 39 weeks to 42. She made several appts for me to go in to be induced, which I refused, often just calling the hospital to tell them that I wasnt coming in. In the end she threatened to refuse to treat me, and I couldnt get anyone else to take me on.

That was why I went for the accupuncture. In my case, thankfully it worked. I went into labout overnight, but stupidly (in retrospect) I still turned up at 6am the next morning to 'be induced'.

Nobody would even listen to me that I was already in labour. They insisted I had the prost gel, and I lay there in agony with back labour, until I finally got a nurse who listened to me and my doula arrived. At that point, they let me move and labour naturally.

Sadly, however, I was already exhausted from being stressed for three weeks, and up all night trying to get the labour going more strongly, rather than getting some sleep after the accupuncture had done its job.

I therefore didn't get my natural birth, but did at least avoid a c-section. I honestly believe that the accupuncture 'saved' me by getting me going before they could get to me with the pitocin. It was still a really sad, unsatisfactory birth for me though (although nothing like you must feel )

My OB was fixated on dd's size, but I don't honestly think it had anything to do with it. I took three and a half hours to push because I was exhausted - and I was exhausted because of the stress she had put me through. Dd#2 was a pound and a half bigger, and it was so much easier pushing her out - I was unstressed and not too tired, even though I'd been in labour on and off for weeks. The main factor, I believe, was that my body was ready for labour, and I was relaxed and trusted my new midwife, who didn't care one jot that this baby was also 2 weeks 'overdue'.

This time, my dates are so hazy that I could be due anytime in November - I know for sure that the dates from the scan are innacurate by about 10 days either side! But my midwife is totally unfazed by this, nor is she bothered that my babies were 9 and 10lbers. If I had to, though, I'd go for the accupuncture again. In your shoes, if I felt under pressure, I'd try it - you can always go a couple of times if necessary, and you don't have anything really to lose.

Most importantly, I'd say to trust your instincts. I know it's tough, especially with a vbac, but some people do cook their babies for longer than others. All the babies in my immediate family in the past two generations have been born at about 42 weeks. And if we were in France, we'd only have been considered one week overdue, not two! Crazy, huh?

The accupuncture really is a mild way of kicking things off. Can you see an accupuncturist and ask her opinion now, so that you are prepared? Even if it doesnt work, you will feel that you have given it a shot. Certainly, I felt that I had to do everything I could before I gave into the induction. In your position, I'd feel even more strongly about that. I read your story with tears in my eyes - it wsa so close to what happened to me, I was just lucky to get a better outcome. Even though I grieve over the birth experience, I managed to avoid the c-section.
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Well, I was going to wait to reply until Thursday, when I have my dr appt, but I'm replying now, at 3:55am, because.......well.....I think I might be in labor. Maybe? How in the world are you supposed to know???

I've been having contractions since about 2:30, and DH started timing them around 3:15 or so. They've been 3 to 5 minutes apart since then, lasting 30 - 45 seconds. We'll probably call our doula soon, and maybe the labor & delivery desk, just to see what they think. I feel silly telling you all to light candles already (especially since you're probably asleep ) because part of me is thinking, "This isn't labor yet! You're just being dumb." Ummm, but I think it might be.

Do I sound like a first-time mama or what? I'm going to x-post this to the "Circle of Light" thread.
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Oh wow... Chelsea may be in labor!! She predicted between Oct 20-25, so she was pretty close!

Steph, I agree with Britishmum's advice. I think 39 weeks is a fine time to be doing the not too serious natural induction type stuff, especially when you are trying to avoid another c-section. I'm not saying I agree with your midwife- I think the big baby thing is way overplayed by ob's and non-homebirth midwives. But you don't want them going into your labor thinking you can't deliver your "giant" baby, kwim? Plus, I don't think accupuncture will work if you and the babe aren't ready. Good luck!

Jennifer, I sound close but just wait: I'll be the last to have my baby! 3 weeks overdue probably! :LOL

Britishmum, you have a much better sense of humor than I do. If dd got into the newborn diaper stash I spent days washing and organizing and putting away, I would not be laughing. I took me forever to figure out where to put everything and match up all the doublers, etc. Btw, want to bring your dd over and see if she might potty train my dd? I'm so not looking foward to two in diapers, especially when one makes regular toddler poops...

I can't wait to hear an update from Chelsea!
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Better get my candle lit again!! I'm so happy people are finally having babies!! Even though I'll probably be the last one, I'm stoked to feel it's getting so close
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I'm with Chelsea! Something is definitely going on, but I'm not sure if it will amount to anything or not. I had surges all night last night, some of them very close together although I didn't time them or anything.

They were strong enough that they woke me up several times, and worked their way into my dreams other times. I'm still having them this morning, and whereas they woke me up again I didn't get much sleep.

I haven't lost my plug yet or anything, so this could be nothing, right? Or maybe I could have my full moon baby?

My house is a total mess and I want to get it all cleaned before I have the baby, but right now all I feel like doing is lying down. What's a girl to do?
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I may be with Chelsea and Monica, but nothing to light a candle over yet. I woke up with the contractions I usually have at the end of the day and they are getting stronger. Mild backache, too, and I'm really anxious. Probably nothing, but we'll see...
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Wow...looking like the full moon/lunar eclipse is going to make some of these babies come on out!! Can't wait to hear more!!

Just had to share this..I lit my candle for you ladies and Elijah starting singing spontaneously, "happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you"...I think he knows something
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wow indeed! my candle is lit for you guys--chelsea, amanda, monika--bring on those moon babies!

meg, that's so cute about eli. i like today already.

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I'm 37 weeks today and have a midwife appt. so I'm going to have her check for dialation. I had lots of contrax Monday night and thought for sure I was in labor, but the contrax stopped. I'm getting them once in a while now. So we'll see! An eclipse baby sounds good to me!
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I hope we are able to hear how these laboring moms are doing soon (I'm especially interested to hear how Monika and Chelsea-1st timers- are doing!) I agree that the full moon/eclipse must be pushing things into action.
I'm at 36 1/2 weeks and starting to get prepared for our homebirth. I'm happy to be down to weekly visits with the midwife too.
Today and tomorrow I'm performing in a friend's Halloween vaudville show- I'm being a dancing zombie in the Michael Jackson Thriller video. It's the whole works- costumed, full choreography, tombstones and all. It's been interesting, to say the least, getting my pregnant body to move that way, and I'm sure it must look kind of humorous! Also included in the show is a song/prayer for the US elections. Us Canadians are sure counting on you guys to get out there and vote.
I've been concerned about the babes position. I think it's been posterior for a while and I don't want it to get too comfortable. Anyone know if acupuncture can help turn the baby (I know it's good for breech) if the due date approaches and it's still posterior? Both my partner's mother and my mother had ceasareans becasue we were both posterior. I guess that's all. I've really been enjoying reading about the births and also getting really sad when I read about some of the harder times you guys are going through. It's great to remember that there are so many of us out there experiencing this together.
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I want to hear from Chelsea! Maybe she's at the hospital. And Monica! Nothing has changed here. Its probably nothing. I'll let you guys know if it seems like real labor, I promise. I really do want a full moon baby, though...
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I'm so excited for you guys! I want a full-moon baby too! I'm 38 weeks, 5 days...had my mw appt yesterday and found out I'm 50% effaced, 2 cm dilated, and at 0 station. I told her I knew it didn't mean much because you can be 2 cm for months, but she said she wouldn't be suprised if I had this baby before my next week's appt. That would be awesome! This is my second homebirth, and I didn't have any pelvic exams with ds, so I can't compare my progress. The only reason I had her check me was to see my old scar from when I tore with ds. It looks good, by the way, which is a relief!

I had a lot of energy Monday and early Tuesday, but today I feel crappy (can I say that?). Luckily, I was able to get a playdate for ds, so that is keeping him busy while I putter around. All I really want to do is sleep! Been having ctx off and on, but nothing regular or rythmic. I feel like I'm jinxing myself into a late arrival because I want this baby to come early, KWIM? I'm up to 41 lbs! Wow! I know it will come off, so I'm not freaking out or anything. It's just funny because I only gained 24 with ds. Of course, I was 4 years younger, too.

Everytime I go pee (which is often), I check for the plug. Anyone else? Someone please smack me before I drive myself crazy wanting to meet this baby!

I think I'm done now.
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Dawn, I feel *exactly* the same way. I could've written most of your post. My midwife said on Monday that it looked like it might be really soon. I think I'm jinxing myself, too. Maybe if we all send each other labor vibes, it'll help! :LOL

Oh, I think I lost my plug already. I'm looking for a bit of blood. I'm crazy, but I think we all are right now!
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