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Were your pregnancies different with a boy and a girl?

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Does that question make sense? I'm wondering if those who have both a boy and a girl experienced remarkably different pregnancies. We're not planning to find out the sex of our second baby (didn't with the first, either), but I kind of want to guess -- kwim?

With my first, my boy, I had maybe 5 minutes of nausea the whole time, but I was *really* tired during the first trimester. This time I have mild but very persistent nausea, but I seem to have more energy (surprising, with a 3 yr. old!).

Anyway, I'd love to hear how your pregnancies differed. Did the gender of the baby factor in at all?

Thanks a lot!

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I only have one DD, but since I'm trying to guess the gender too, I've asked many people this same question. What I've concluded is no, you can't tell by the type of PG. Sure, some people may have had different pregnancies with different genders, but I think it boils down to coincidence.

I DID see on the news that women carrying boys tend to need more calories . . .
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I had very different pregnancies with my DD and DS. But I wouldn't have been able to guess their gender based on it. With DD, I was very tired at first but had more energy at the end, gained less weight, carried higher, and had terrible skin.
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The only thing I have really been able to see a difference in, when I am pregnant with a boy I get horrible hot flashes. I have heard them describe by women going through menopause, and yup, that's what it is. It feels like being hit with a 105 degree fever for like 20 minutes. It sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!

With my girls, nothing major at all.
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I don't know yet because I haven't ahd this baby! But I had the same thing as reader with my dd: carried high, gained less weight than this time, had terrible skin. Also, I just looked bad. I gained weight in my face and had stringy, frizzy hair. I look better than I usually do with this baby and I'm carrying very low. We'll see if its a boy!
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Mine were very different. With ds I gained all my wt. in my torso, and carried out front. My ms ended exactly at 3 mo. and I felt really good the rest of the pg. I also lost the wt. I gained (30ish lbs) very quickly.
With dd I gained wt. all over, had some ms the whole pg. and was pretty miserablethe whole 9 mo. (8 actually, she was early) Gained the same amount of wt, but I just finished loosing it in time to be pg again, lol.
Now I am pg again with another boy, and the pregnancy is very much like my first ds.
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Boy vs girl pgs are very distinct for me. With dd I cried all the time, gained a bunch of weight (especially in my butt), was miserable sick the 1st trimester, and had a horrible complexion, it's been the same with this pg. With ds, I looked great, gained little weight (my butt didn't morph into a balloon ), my complexion looked better then ever, felt really good, just minor nausea in the beginning, and I raged. I think it's so interesting that I cry at the drop of a hat with girls but had a temper like you wouldn't believe toward everyone but my daughter, with my boy. lol

Best of luck guessing! I somehow knew what each of mine were from day one. Weird, but true.
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Yes and no. My first DS pg was very much like my first dd's except with him I gained 60lbs, was prgenant ALL over and he was born on his due date. My daugher I only gained 35lbs, and was 9 days late. They were also very easy pregnancies where most of the time I never felt pregnant.

The major differences was with ds1 I didn't really have any ms, no food aversions and no cravings. With dd1 I had severe meat aversions and major sushi cravings as well as veggie cravings. I also had slight ms with her.

With ds2 tho I gained 55lbs, no m/s no food aversions, craved salty unhealthy foods. I felt like crap most of the pregnancy, was very depressed and uncomfortable.

Now with this one 9which we wont know until s/he arrives) I had pretty bad m/s for a few weeks. Meat aversions, fruit and veggie cravings. But fr the most part I am very comfy, not gaining a lot of weight, pretty much not feeling pregnant at all. i suspect since this pg so closely mimics dd1 that this is another girl, but we will find out in march/April
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With DS things seemed to go pretty smoothly and I loved being pregnant. My tail bone hurt for a few months and I had more hot flashes, but all in all it went pretty well.

With DD I was so uncomfortable, she would get into my side and not move. i had fewer hot flashes with her and I craved chocolate and potatoe chips like crazy. With DS I ate better. DH really wanted to find out the gender, because he was so sure we were going to have another boy. Boy was he surprised, but before we had the ultrasound, i thought to myself if this is a girl, this explains a lot.

I don't know if I was so uncomfortable, because she was breech or if it is just the way things went this time.
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the pregnancies were basically the same for me. when i was in the hospital getting rehydrated from throwing up so much, my nurse told me i was going to have a boy because girls would never do this to their mother. (this was second preg. first was ds). a couple weeks later we found out that we were having a girl. i wasnt too surprised though, i just kinda knew. this pregnancy though, i have thrown up only a handful of times and it is so different from what i experienced with the other two, i am completely baffled at what i am having. we did have us and there is only one babe in there.

there was one distinct difference for me though, with ds i craved cucumbers and tomatoes. with dd i craved anything sweet, especially ice cream and hot chocolate.

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I've had a boy and two girls. My boy pg and second girl pg were very similar not very much m/s. But with my first girl I threw up every morning. With my second girl only my nipples were very sore and I experienced excruciating pelvic pain. So far with this pg my m/s was moderate but my gag reflex and smell aversion are out of control which is unlike my other pgs. So for me each one has been somewhat unique regardless of sex. I correctly guessed the sex of my first two but with my third I was convinced she was a boy but I was wrong. No strong feelings either way with this baby.
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My pgs have been quite different, m/s this time until 20 weeks, frequent headaches, carrying different and both mine are boys.
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Thanks for sharing all of your stories and experiences with me. Just when I think I'm seeing a pattern, I read on and see that it just plain varies from person to person and baby to baby!

This pregnancy feels much different from my first, and everyone keeps telling me it means I'm having a girl. Who knows? I'll find out in about eight months! (wow, that's a long time!)

Thanks again!

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I'm with you, Scout. I'd love to have a girl this time (and the whole family has made no bones about their own desires for one!) but am going to wait and see. I feel quite different so far too --less nauseous and more energy -- but who nkows? Fingers crossed for both of us -- and most important, for a healthy baby.
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I have to say yes. My first pregnancy and this one are so similar...months of debilitating morning sickness, fatigue, dizziness, blood sugar (low) problems, generally feeling *awful*, etc. My 2nd pregnancy was a breeze and I felt great! Dh has decided that girl=I feel horrible and boy=I feel great!
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I thought every pregnancy is different because its - different. What does gender have to do with it? Hormonal somehow? I dont know, it doesnt make since to me.
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Yes they were. With my ds I never had MS, very easy pregnancy, but dh says I was "not so nice" :LOL
With my dd I was sick for 13 weeks and sweet as could be.

This time we're not finding out the sex, but dh says he can tell by the 2nd month what I'm having b/c of how I act :LOL we'll see if he's right in about 8 months :LOL
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