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When can I have a VBAC?

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Hello everyone,

I had my sweet daughter in december/2001 by c-section. The doctor said that my uterus was in a posterior position. I was entering my 41st week and I had leaked about 6oz. of amniotic fluid and after 7 hrs of laying in the labor & delivery room bed I only had 2cm. and not SO painful contractions.

I wonder if I would have been able to give birth naturally if the doctor would have been willing to wait a little longer.

I also want to know how long should I wait to conceive my next baby in order to have better chances of delivering through a VBAC or better yet a HBAC. My SIL said that I should wait at least 4 yrs! Is this true?
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No that's not true. I've read that 2 years is optimal to allow excellent scar tissue formation.

With love,
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Also, it sure sounds like a classic "failure to wait" cesarean. But without being there it's difficult to know. You clearly did what you thought was the best thing at the time, with the knowledge that you had at the time...

With love,
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