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I just found out today that we are not invited to fil's house for Thanksgiving dinner because our unvaxed children are a threat to fil's stepgrandsons because the younger one hasn't received all of his vaxes yet. So basically they are saying that our children are cesspools of germs and pose a threat to the other children's health, AND that we are stupid, irresponsible parents for not getting our children vaxed.

The total and complete IGNORANCE is really ticking me off. Do they keep the younger child away from other children his age who have also not received all of their shots? Do they not realize that my children would actually have to be sick in order to get their kids sick? Do they not realize they their children are more of a danger to my kids if they've received any live virus vaxes?

Thanks, I needed to get that off my chest.
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People can be so ignorant! It seems it's like a never ending battle to educate people on the truth of vaccines......most people are wanting to belive the are 100 percent safe and if you don't vax, then you are endagering the public.....it's a bunch of bunk! I was just totally flamed on one group that is for moms who have babies born in Feb. One mom asked who's giving there babies the flu shot and I replied, "I'm not since it caused my son to develope autism, I'm more scared of all vaccines more then diseases". Talk about rude hate replies towards me. Some lady in the medical health field basically was telling me I was ignorant and autism is caused by life style and behaviors on my part : Then she started to post stuff that there is a autism gene.......that is news to me...I also didn't know you have have a genetic epidemic?..they been trying to find that gene for years. A lot of people where beliving her and so I thought what is the point of getting into a debate with all these morons and so I left. Anyway, I'm sorry that you where un-invited to your families house for Thanksgiving.......hopefully they never have to learn the hard way on what vaccines can do to some people.
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That is so ignorant. Do you think it would help to talk to fil or perhaps your dh could? Maybe he would even change his mind (I guess that would depend on how open minded he is). People are so brainwashed about vaccines to the point that they can't listen to anything that remotely questions the risks, etc. Anyway, you got my sympathy.
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You may want to suggest FIL go and get all his boosters, as well as all other adults in contact with the vaccinated (that is supposed to mean protected if you believe in vaccines right?)
He and all the others will need:
DT (since there is no P for adults - oops maybe that means none of the adults should be around the child either)
MMR if born after 1957
and of course the flu vaccine, I may have left some out, but you get the point.
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Robyn, we are in the same unfortunate boat.My son reacted to his 2 & 4 month shots (nothing earth shattering - but enough for me to stop) he was diagnosed ASD at almost 3 years of age. People think I am nuts too sometimes, but you know what I liveit, I saw it, I know it, and I research the he** out of it daily! Send me to that board! I a always up for a good debate.
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omg! that is so horrible!

not to hijack this thread- our pedi told us autism couldn't be diagnosed until they start to talk I told DH let her go tell that to someone who's child became autistic from a vaccine parents KNOW thier children and when something is different about them even if they don't talk!
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That is soo lame! Honestly, I wouldnt even want to be around people that are as ignorant as that anyways!
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I won't want to subject myself to the ignorance -- let them have their dinner without you. Besides, you can good a fabulously healthy dinner -- free range organic bird or tofurkey with all natural trimmings. www.localharvest.org
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: : : OMG : : :

that's awful.

mama !
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It never fails to get me. "...because our kids haven't had all their vaxes yet." Meaning, hers have. Then they're supposed to be immune! They're safe and YOUR kids are endangered being around them!
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I'm so sorry for your experience and agree with those that have said you are better off to let them eat on their own.
I have yet to be told something like this..I fear it and my reaction...I isolate and rarely socialize and feel my stomach turn if I am in contact with another mom and the topic of health comes up...you know "baby shot" stories are not far behind.
I try to tell myself that it is only a matter of time...more and more people are learning the dangers of vaccines. We just have to keep doing what we are doing, educating ourselves and staying strong.
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I am sorry you have such ignorance around you especially since they are 'family' :

I would definitely suggest everyone get their boosters especially since it is just too damn risky to be around other healthy family members...

I hope it works out!
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Originally Posted by kdtwiss
DT (since there is no P for adults - oops maybe that means none of the adults should be around the child either)
That's right! With all the hubbub about pertussis vaccine lately...
that the vaccination begins to wane within three to five years and is almost completely worn off by age 17. So, perhaps they should wait to get together until the adult pertussis booster comes on the market
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That is horrible!!! I'm so sorry! (((HUGS)))
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I'm so sorry! That's just terrible. How ignorant and insensitive. I agree that you should suggest that everyone who will be attending Thanksgiving go out and get all their boosters, if they are so worried about this one child getting sick from your children. They are the ones that should be staying home, since they are the ones living in fear of contact with healthy children.
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That is horrible!!

They are being very controlling and are obviously trying to make a point!!

I would ask that family to provide their shot records and boosters since depending when they were born, they would not have received all the shots babies get today. So I guess they won't be able to sit and eat with their own kids.

Sheesh, the ignorance!
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Here is the letter I wrote. I"m not going to send it to her but boy did it feel good to write!

Deanna, et al,

I don't know whether to be angry or laugh hysterically.

Ok, so you feel that my unvaccinated children pose a health threat to your younger son because he hasn't received all of his shots yet. Where did you read this, Idiots Are Us magazine?

First off, if my kids are sick I keep them HOME. This has nothing to do with vaccination status. It's just common sense and decency. You do realize that no one can transmit a disease to another person unless they actually HAVE the disease? Or do you think that someone who isn't vaccinated somehow carries germ invisibly in their body and infects the masses?

Secondly, you had better go and get your booster shots ASAP! And make sure your dh does, and your parent's and your parents-in-law, and every other teenager and adult that comes into contact with your child. Why? Because their vaccines have all worn off by now! AND they never received the prevnar, or Hib or hepb. So they are a DANGER to your son! YOU are a danger to your son! Go get those shots NOW! HURRY! Why are you still sitting here? RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Look. You are a very lucky person. You never held your two month old infant for hours on end while he screamed ceaselessly, inconsolably, obviously suffering from damage that YOU yourself inflicted when you signed the consent form for the vaccination that had been injected into his body just hours earlier. You never had to live with the worry that he could have permanent brain damage. You never had to live with the guilt that it was your own ignorance that could have handicapped your child for life. You didn't watch him struggle to breathe weeks later when part two of the VERY SERIOUS VACCINE REACTION hit. You weren't in the emergency room with your tiny baby as he was xrayed and given breathing treatments and wheezing so loudly you could hear him across the room. Your precious baby did not get pneumonia and almost die because you failed to educate yourself about the dangers of vaccines.

It could have been you. You were just lucky.

It happened to me. I never questioned, never researched, and my laziness and ignorance almost killed my child.

For the past eight and a half years since then, I have been studying this issue on almost a daily basis. I have learned to separate the facts from the fallacies, the truth from the scare tactics, the ways to keep your children healthy and strong without resorting to injecting them with poisons. I have learned what exactly is in vaccines and the damage these various ingredients can do to the human body. I have learned how the immune system functions and how vaccines alter that function.

I don't care if people want to vaccinate their kids. All I care about is being disinvited to family functions just because someone is ignorant. READ. LEARN. THINK. And if YOU are afraid that my children pose a danger to your children, then KEEP THEM HOME instead of expecting me to stay home. Because, in actuality, it is your children that pose a danger to mine. Your children that have received live virus vaccines that they shed from their body and can infect others.

But you know, now that I think about it, YOU pose a danger to my children. Ignorance is contagious, and I don't want them to catch it.

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Send it, you'll feel even better.
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That is a great letter and I'm sure you felt great writing out how you really feel. You might even feel better by sending it to her along with a book like "what doctors may not tell you about childrens vaccines" so she can learn the facts about vaccines and diseases.
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