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Poll Results: How old are you, CD mama?

  • 0% (1)
    Under 18
  • 21% (68)
  • 44% (142)
  • 23% (75)
  • 6% (21)
  • 3% (11)
  • 0% (0)
  • 0% (0)
    51 plus
  • 0% (0)
  • 0% (0)
    Do you think I am telling you how old I am?
318 Total Votes  
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I am clinging to 30 for exactly 4 more days....
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Originally Posted by Lauira
26 and 2 months exactly hehe - started CDing when I was 23!

I know we have some seasoned mamas here... but I DO think that young mamas are reviving CDing. I just want Oprah to do a show on it and we will be all set! CDing will be mainstream! :LOL
Wait.....let's think this through! Only mainstream if Oprah shows only the dipes that are already easy to get, good ones, but easy to get! Let's keep the WAHM's to ourselves shall we...some of them are already so hard to get! :LOL

I'm 29...really! I just started cd'ing w/ my 3rd child, but really wish I'd known about the great WAHM's back when DD was born! (I was 24 then!)
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I'm 25, I started cding when I was 21. Wow, that seems like a long time, no wonder I'm so out of the loop
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Child of the EARLY 60's here, had to put at least one vote in the 41+ group, though I think there is at least one more of us.

No one is ever surprised with or questions what I chose to do with my kids anymore. One benefit of being an 'older' mom!
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I'll be 33 in a few weeks... sometimes I feel old but now that I've learned I'm one of those hip young chicks since I CD I'm psyched!!!!!!!

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Oooh -- meco -- hot mama!!

I'm 30.

I don't know what a CD mama is supposed to look like, either --- but I look like this.

I only know one person IRL who CDs, and she is 27ish.

My 30+ friends who have kids have no interest (I don't think it is their age - it's their mindset), and my 30+ friends who don't have kids are mildly curious, but they have no reason to investigate further if they aren't having babies anytime soon.

This thread goes to show you that perception is everything!! We perceive each others' posts and insights based on words - and sometimes when we find out age, we discover that our perception is different from what we would have thought if we knew the person's age when they posted. Funny! (I also cannot believe SEEPAE is 18......ummm, she's waaaaay smarter and more articulate than I was at 18 and than I am now! You go girl!!)
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Hmmmm I'm 35 (until January) I was around for Woodstock and the moon landing (ok so I was only 6 months old LOL)

My DS was born 5 months before I turned 30 (it took me a long time to find Mr. Right). He wasn't cd'd because I didn't know there was a real alternative.

I was 34 when DD was born so I'm approaching that whole "advanced maternal age" thing. I want 1 more and we have struggled with infertility since ttc my son so I think it will be a while before I get pregnant again which will definatley put me there.
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Another child of the 70's here. I was 29 in August.

I've heard that the 30's are the new 20's.....

Kind of funny because when I was a kid I remember asking my Mom if she could choose an age to be, what age would it be? I thought FOR SURE that she would want to be a kid, of course. She said, "30", and I thought, "But that's so old!!!".

Now that I am nearing 30 I know exactly what she meant.
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I'm 25

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Another child of the 70's, I turned 26 in August. No one says much to me about cding. My mom cd'd me for while and thinks it's nice that I'm doing it, but most people don't say anything. I think it's becuase they know how I am... Once I make up my mind aobut something there is no changing it! Even if they didn't think it was a good idea, they probably wouldn't tell me!
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I'm a young'un too, 19 since August...
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I'll be 28 in January..Clinging to my 20s for 2 more years!!!
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I was 22 when I got pg with DS and started looking into cding...I was a few weeks from turning 23 when I had him. I am now 24 and happily cding. Some of my family that cd a long time ago thought I was nuts for not using disposables. They also didn't think I would like it and I would quit right away...boy, were they wrong.
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I'm 27 and just started CD'ing this year full time.
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YAY! I'm so glad I'm not a young'un here. I've always been the baby in family and social groups. I started cding at 20, and I turned 22 in July. Most people are suprised we cd but then I just say how much we're saving over sposies and how much cd's have changed, and they at least see a reason behind it. We definetly don't look 'crunchy.' Although, I'm not sure what crunchy is supposed to look like.
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Originally Posted by zexplorers
Some days yes and some days no - it depends on how many tantrums DD has had that day and how much sleep DS has allowed me to get that night :LOL

As a woman of advanced maternal age (40 ) I know most of my friends do not or did not use cloth. I didn't with DD and only decided to try when some of the Moms in my online playgroup switched. I'm also one of the few in my circle of my friends irl who believe in extended nursing, co-sleeping and no circ......

This is what a old semi crunchy woman looks like

god didn't you hate that "advanced maternal age" label!

I got you beat - I am 42 and had my first (and only) child just 2 months before my 40th b-day!!! oh, and I feel every bit of it ouch.

I think a lot of older moms that cloth diapered in the 50-60's because there was no other choice did not have the tools to do it properly. I know my parents had to wash in an apt complex or laundromat and I suspect that it did not do a good job as my mom tells stories of never ending diaper rashes and boiling diapers on the stove. Washers are more effective now and detergents have improved so things have changed.
I wonder if most of them were bleaching and wet pailing too which could take a lot of the fun out of it for me lol.

edited to add that I remembed the moon landing - we set up the tv in the living room and my mom kept us up for it so we could tell our grandchildren one day!

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Another 70's mama here - I'll be 28 next week. : We've been CDing for 3 years now with dd, and will do so with baby #2 due in 5 weeks.

My mom CD'ed all of us, but mostly that was because it was the money issue. CPFs and pins, baby!

None of my friends are surprised we CD, but I think that's because most of them also CD. It took a while, though, most of my pre-baby friends aren't really active friends, if that makes sense. My family is really supportive too, and none of them are crunchy. Maybe just cheap??? Even my sister (who is ultra mainstream) is using CD part time with her third since I started using cloth.
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I am 23...I am very surprised to hear these responses. In a good way! Mamas who I thought were my age are older, mamas who I thought were older are younger...it's very enlightening. And I am almost always surprised to see mamas who use cloth and how "normal" they look (since CLEARLY we are NOT normal, right???!!!) :

Here's what I look like (I hope, I'm not very good at this at all):

Did that work, lol?
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I said 19-25 because I'm 25 now, but there's no physical way for me to be a CD mama prior to age 26.
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Originally Posted by Mrs Dimples
Here's what I look like (I hope, I'm not very good at this at all):

Did that work, lol?
it asks for a password
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