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me too

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Well I thought I might be the first but it looks like there are already 5-6 of us? By LMP I'd be "due" 6/29, by ovulation 7/09. Glad I charted!
I am really surprised. I had one whole period, my first since Simon was born, and here we are. But then I got pregnant with Simon on our honeymoon so I guess there's a pattern developing. A little nervous about pregnant nursing and two-under-two, but I'm excited! Good wishes to all of us.
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I was beginning to wonder when other people would start showing up. I also ovulated late this cycle so my actual due date is 8 days later than my LMP. Being aware of one's cycles is so empowering, isn't it?

take care
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congrats mama
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oh, my gosh...

I just found out, literally, 2 hours ago, that I am now pregnant with my THIRD! Oops! DH and I were considering getting pregnant again, but not for at least a few months. I'm excited, scared and every other emotion there is. I guess we'd be due around July 8th. But haven't even spoken to my midwife yet. My menses was due yesterday/today, but I'm still BF and felt more sensitive and larger in the chest area and unusually moody (thought it was PMS). So I decided to take a test and got what I thought was a negative (I didn't wait long enough) and sure enough 5 minutes later a faint positive shows in the window.

I'm looking forward to spending the next 10 months conversing with all the other preggers due in July!

guess I should change my signature...
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