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~~*October mama's*~~

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Well! They've arrived and here we are! How's everyone adjusting to life with a babe? Pretty blissed out myself. Watching my 2 boys together makes my heart feel so full

I wonder if we should stick to our roll call status and do a weekly thread? Where's Piglet when ya need her~!

Or we could stay over in the due date area! Up to ya'll!
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naww, its time we got something going here!

nak...how are nights? sasha wakes about every 2 hours. often we get one 4 hour stretch, tho not last night! :yawn but the night before it was 2 four hour bits and i felt like a million bucks!! just woke from what was probably 3 hours...heading back to bed now. overall i'd say nights are good and "normal". looking forward to him dropping a feed tho, lol
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Nights! Reed falls asleep around 12:00 (although last night it was around 9) and gets up to nurse every 4 hours or so (and a diaper change) and then get's up for a wakeful period at around 9am I'm super thankful about this! And loving it. I do understand it can all change so I'm cherishing it. The only concern I have is diapers! His long stretches seem like a long time to sleep in a dirty one. But I'm certainly not going to wake myself, and him up to change! I ordered some polar babies fleece topped liners to keep the pee off his skin. MIles sleep's from about 9:30 till 9:00.

It's funny because the wakeful periods Reed has corelate with his active times in utero.

I really need to learn to spell
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I'm with you momadance... I've been having it easy when it comes to nights . Alias goes to bed at 7pm and is asleep by 8. Harrison has his wakeful night period from around 7:30 (he always wakes up at the end of story time) 'till about 9:30/10pm. And then he only wakes up 2 or 3 times to nurse, and since he's a pro at nursing lying down, and very courteous to only grunt when hungry so not to wake his brother, I usually get a decent sleep. There are nights when both boys wake up at the same time and then I'm stuck in some strange and painful contortion trying to nurse Harrison and snuggle Alias back to sleep. But those nights are not the norm. I am very very lucky.

And thanks for getting this thread started momadance!
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Oh I have a question... What is baby oil for? I never used it with Alias and a friend of mine gave me the Burt's Bees baby sampler pack for Harrison. Great stuff but I have no idea what to do with the baby oil.
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Maybe you could use it for massage? Bet baby would love that!
Willow is pretty good at night too. She wakes up fairly frequently, but she took to side lying nursing right away and latches really eaily. Sometimes she will latch on, completely on her own!
I never wake a sleeping baby for a diaper, lol! I'm thinking of making some fleece diaper liners. If my arms are ever free long enough to sew that is!
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i've been lucky w/ nights so far too ... Noah is sleeping for 4 hr stretches too ... usually going down around 9, 9:30ish, waking ~1 and then again ~5. Sometimeeps s he stays awake from ~5-7, sometimes he sleeps thru till 8 or 9. E. usually wakes around 8, so it's nice when N is still asleep to get some one on one cuddles w/ eman.
The only bummer is that suddenly Noah doesn't like to nurse side lying ... so I have to sit up and hold him to get him to latch. No biggie, but I enjoyed that first week where he was happy to nurse laying down.

wow, nak is s...l...o..w... *lol*
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our nights haven't been too bad either. DD1 has started going to sleep with daddy, so that makes it easier on me. Usually I take DD2 to bed around 7:30 (when DD1 is allowed to watch her nightly video (that is the only time she is allowed to watch). DD2 and I fall asleep and DD1 falls asleep with daddy after watching the video. Sometimes DD1 wakes up at night and comes into bed with me, and I snuggle her back to sleep. I have no idea how often DD2 wakes up to nurse, but I think it is fairly often. She has a really good latch as well and is great at nursing lying down, so it doesn't disturb me to much. She can also latch on herself often. I usually feel pretty rested in the morning, but by 8:00, I am ready to crash! :LOL
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My "little" 8day old has gained.....12 oz! Holy smokes he's a biggy!
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Willow's wakes and sleeps correspond with her in-the-belly patterns also. her longest stretch of sleep is from midnight to 4am, another long one around 1-4pm. other than that it seems random, 2 hour naps. when i get my ability to sleep back, i'm going to get a lot of naps with her! i can't think of anything sweeter than napping curled up around the baby

i got some Burt's Bees baby oil as a gift also, i've used it to give her a tummy, leg and foot massage a few times, she loves it.

i'm so glad to see an October mamas folder!

quickie questions: with thrush, do i have to wash the nystatin cream off my breasts before a feeding? i did a web search but found articles on both sides of the issue. i'm washing everything like crazy, not sure if need to actually boil things like the binky? i was so surprised earlier, Willow loved the nystatin suspension! licked her lips and smiled *lol*
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I've had a variety of experiences with sleep; last night I had 2 four-hour stretches of sleep which was fantastic. I haven't tried side-lying nursing yet - still a bit afraid of sleeping with Kennedy next to me - to date she always sleeps on my chest (which we both love). Plus, I'm having a helluva time adapting to the nursing bit, so we've been using a nipple shield which negates the ability to nurse while half asleep. I have an appt with a lactation consultant tomorrow morning to see what's causing the nipple cracking and soreness. sigh.
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wow, all you side nursing mamas! ds can't latch on himself so i need to be able to see and there is no light in our room so i have to get up most of the time. we are getting better tho and have done it a few times. but he is also always sopping wet so i have to change him (i agree if they sleep don't change them, lol).

dd now goes to bed around 9 or 10, even with no nap. she used to go down around 730 but that all changed when dh took over bedtime. now even if i try to nurse her down it won;t work until later. so that kind of sucks.i used to enjoy quiet evenings of me time but by the time dd is down im exhausted and go to bed too.

beansmama: hope you can resolve your nipple issues!
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Piglet: Willow can't latch on by herself yet either, so no side-lying here. i'm wondering at what age a small baby learns to latch on by herself? that'll be heaven!

i slept last night 4 hours with ambien. Willow is already looking and acting much happier, if momma is ok she's ok and i have a friend from NH coming down next week to stay with us a week or two and help out, she's a wonderful soul, very wise, like a village elder woman. i know she'll be a good influence on us! then a friend from Canada is coming in December to stay through the holidays! my life is funny, i have a ton of friends but we all met online and live far away. i didn't dream they'd want to travel here until i sent out a call for help. that'll teach me to be so stoic, bah. anyway, i'm looking forward to spending the rest of the day napping in bed with Willow, my husband is getting his sleep right now then the bed is ours the rest of the day
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Levi can't nurse in any other position but clutch (football hold) right now. We're learning. It's hard to get it down! So, we get up at night, too - and go to the couch. The past couple nights he has slept 3-4 hours, eaten, and then slept another couple of hours. Not too bad.

He is such a booby addict! I can barely even hold him without him wanting to nurse. I think the smell of milk drives him nuts and he wants it! When dh holds him, he is fine, just happy and content and looking around. But pass him to me, and he goes crazy - rooting like a little milk piggy!!!

He is such a snuggler, too. He will sleep for hours if he is on you or against you, but wakes up really easily and crankily if I put him down anywhere.

I am doing so-so. I hurt my incision last night getting out of bed with Levi, and it started bleeding a bit, and my lochia increased, as did my pain. My house is really messy, and I have been spending the entire day and night on the couch in my pajamas nursing. It's getting a little depressing. But I don't feel like I can go anywhere, cause we can only nurse in the clutch hold with lots of pillows! How can I NIP that way??? Tomorrow we plan to go to my Grandma's for Trick-or-Treat, so that will be our first outing, and I am so nervous about whipping out these jugs in front of all the relatives.
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Meli - Aren't friends wonderful! Happy to read you'll be getting some extra support.

Katie - Sorry to read about your trouble with your healing. But you should see my place... it's a complete disaster and I don't have a c-section to heal from to keep me from picking up.

Here's how I get Harrison to latch in the middle of the night while we're both on our sides half asleep:

I line his face up with my breast (which he's usually situated pretty close to). I pull him in close. Hold my brest and put my finger right on my nipple so that I know where it is. Then I put my finger and nipple in his mouth (I can feel where his mouth is with my finger). Then I pull my finger out leaving my nipple in his mouth. Works pretty much every time.

Hope this helps some of you.
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Susan, I'm sorry you're having such a hard time w/ nursing Hoping the LC has lots of help for you!!

oh Meli, I'm so glad your friends are going to be able to help you out. What a relief that must be to you and DH! And yay for getting some sleep s

Noah can't exactly latch on by himself, but I can still kind of hold the boob and help him latch when we're side lying ... *if* he's cooperative ... which he hasn't been lately. Oh well...

Katie, sorry to hear about your incision ... I had a few episodes of bleeding from my incision, and at first it really freaked me out ... I called the nurses at the hospital to ask if I needed to call my doctor, and they reassured me that unless I couldn't get it to stop it was no biggie. ~~speedy healing vibes~~ to you, sweetie!

I love the "attack the boob" drill that Noah does ... it makes me laugh every time ... as soon as I pull my shirt up he lunges at the breast and rubs his face around on it and pats at it and makes little piggy sounds ... when he finally latches on he lets out the biggest sigh of contentment and goes to town sucking. It's just so funny and sweet
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mirthful, thats how we do it too, but he makes such loud piggy snorting noises, lol, if we don't get it fairly quickly i get up so we don't wake dd...

katie, i can't beleive you are trying to go med free! i had no pain with dd while on my meds, but this time with a toddler around i had more pain. still stopped meds at about 2 weeks post-partum. don't try to be a hero - you earned that status already with your birth! you can't heal as awell if you are in lots of pain!
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Wow, this little man wets alot!!!

I keep a candle lit in the bedroom to kind of see how to latch Reed properly in the night. It makes our room smell yummy and very cozy as well. Side lying nursing is heaven.

So how are all our wee ones adjusting to their younger siblings? Miles is taking his job as big bro very He has been amazing... I'm so relieved. I was pretty sure it be no biggy, but there's always that concern in the back of your mind. Bedtime with the both of them has been fairly easy as well. That was my major concern. It may take longer now, but I'm snuggling to beautiful boys!!!
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i've been trying not to overreact and stress out on top of everything else, but since Wed. Willow has not been able to feed very well. i've been nursing her more often, i thought that would make up for it. yesterday she kept showing hunger cues even a minute after a feeding! i called the LLL leader and she suggested to just keep feeding often and pump after a feeding to see if i can get additional milk to let down, try to fool my body into thinking the baby is demanding more so i'll make more milk. i'm well hydrated. eating as much as i can stomach. i slept another 4 hours last night, i don't feel rested yet but at least i'm sleeping a bit now. anyway ... all last night and this morning, Willow is nursing constantly (4 times an hour) and she still tries to suck her hand while my nipple is in her mouth! she gets rigid and thrashes her head off the nipple. i've only heard 2-3 swallows per feeding, compared to the usual 5 minutes of straight swallowing i had gotten used to. all the morning feedings so far, her mouth is actually *dry* as is my nipple, when she's done. i broke down and gave her a little pedialyte in a bottle, after i noticed how wrinkly and pale her skin is on her hands and forehead. she gulped down 1/4 oz. very quickly and then her whole body relaxed!! she looks so much better now.

i hope i did the right thing i have a call in to the ped. about it and waiting for a callback. this is scaring me that she'll need formula supplements! breastfeeding has been difficult but still my favorite part of the day, it was going pretty well so i've had a lot of hope. i don't want to lose breastfeeding her! i have no idea if she needs supplements if she'll still be able to nurse? my instinct would be to nurse her often and only supplement if she's frantically rooting or sucking her hand right after nursing. i'll know more when the ped. calls back. i just feel so heartbroken, on top of all the other stuff, now this ... and it's ironic that i finally am getting some rest, which should help with milk supply, and for some reason the supply cuts out why was it so abundant when i wasn't sleeping at all? weird.

this baby is such a joy, i don't want to complain but it does help to vent some frustration. i knew it would be hard taking care of a baby! so i went into this with my eyes open. but some things, like her still trying to suck her fist when my nipple is in her mouth, i was totally unprepared for! and can't find any info on.
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Katie: i think it's ok to need whatever pain meds help you after a c-birth! percocet also has tylenol in it and the combo of motrin and tylenol is what helps the most (old trick for ppl with arthritis!). so you can try tylenol plus motrin and see if that helps. if you do need a percocet, you can try going without as long as you can, take it when you really need it ... that way you know you're toughing out what you can! i prefer to take meds that way rather than by-the-clock, and it helps me to know i'm physically needing it and not mentally dependent on it. hope this helps

this might be a rude question, but how much weight has everyone lost? is it normal for me to have lost 23 lbs. so far? it just feels weird. too much extra skin *lol* my nursing bra is way too big, around the ribcage. i lost a total of 30 lbs. during the pregnancy, even though i ate like a hog, i've wondered if that's why Willow is so tiny. i knew breastfeeding promotes weight loss after birth but 23 lbs. in 2 weeks, yikes! i have no idea if that's what's affecting my supply, so i just keep eating whenever i have a chance.
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