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Hey great idea Laurel! Thank you for organizing it.
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Laurel! THat sounds great!

Sorry to hear about your sleep problems melly

Get well soon vibes heading to your family mirthful and stanleymama...

Dh is at a Leo Keotke concert this evening... I'm sorta jealous, but would never want him to miss out just because I can't go.
Having a nice glass of wine and relaxing while my boys sleep Feeling proud and enjoying being ALONE!!! ahhhh

Reeds belly button still hasn't completely healed. Sorta worried and wondering if I should put some Vit E on it? I got a pack pack today (mei tei style carrier) I'm loving it. It feels real sturdy.

Stray german sheperd followed us home on our walk today, and is sleeping at my back door. this fella is HUGE. Hopefully we'll find his family before it get's too cold. I have a bad feeling he's been abadoned. People can be such : Hope I'm wrong...
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I should probably update you on life at my house these days. To say we have our ups and downs is an understatement. Leo has great days and then days like today where he just cries whenever he is awake. I thought dairy was the sole culprit of his discomfort but now I'm questioning it. I've been off dairy for 6 days but we've still had several days where poor Leo is screaming and farting and making all kinds of intestinal noises. Today was one of thsoe days, the poor guy has been straining all day but has still yet to poop!! Anyway, that is the big deal around here right now, otherwise I don't have many complaints

Gotta run, my boy is a-callin'
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One handed typing ain't fast or easy...

i've been MIA from the boards pretty much since Miles was born. Our computer crashed when DH tried to install a wireless card in it when the baby was just a couple of days old. DH also has a laptop, but since it is always with him at work I don't get a chance to use it much. He promises to get my computer back up and running by the end of the weekend, which is a good thing since I have been suffering from MDC withdrawl!

I spent some time this afternoon trying to catch up reading all of the October mama posts from the past few weeks but didn't get too far! So much has happened! Congratulations to everyone on their new babies- there's no way I can even begin to address everyone personally!

Hard to believe that Miles is coming up on four weeks old! Other than difficulties in nursing, our transition into parenthood has been remarkably smooth. As for the breastfeeding issue, Miles wouldn't latch on until he was nearly three weeks old. I rented a hospital grade pump to keep my supply up while we syringe and bottle fed him. After lots of help from our midwife and a lactation consultant who came to our home several times we're finally back on track. I have several cans of formula that were sent to me as samples but I'm happy to say that never once was I ever even tempted to use it.

Birth itself was very smooth, dare I even say easy? I come from a long line of women who have had VERY large families, so its probably safe to say that I'm just genetically made to birth babies. After spending most of my life feeling pretty mediocre about most of the things that I've ever done (school, career, etc.) I'm quite happy to finally have found one area in which I excel!

Miles is luckily a pretty mellow babe. His daddy and I are totally smitten with him!
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Hey Futuremama~ change your sig glad to hear from ya!

Laurel~ I've heard it can take up to 2 weeks to see results after eliminating dairy... I know it's so hard to see them strain!
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Just wanted to add this..... picture of Lucy holding her little brother. She loves to touch him, give him toys, kiss his head, etc.

FutureMama - Great job overcoming your BFing problems! What a wonderful job you did!!!

Jillerina- Hope things get easier for you and Leo! And I hope he poops soon, poor little guy!
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Futuremama, glad you got bf worked out. Did you get your baby swap package????

Melly, sorry about the lack of sleep, I hope you find something which works

mirthfulmom, i hope you all feel better soon.

Laurel, I know how you feel. We seem to have our ups and downs too!! Greta has some really fussy days where she cries while nursing and just can't settle down and than other times she is fine. Last night was rough. For the last few nights she has been really fussy at night., and the only way I could get her to settle was to put her in the Kozy, nurse her and then slowly lie down with. Had to do that in the middle of the night last night too!! Plus, then Heidi was up in the middle because we were up. Grrrr. I think Greta is starting to show signs of being a "high needs baby", although I hate those labels. She just has they fussy colicky periods each night, hates to be put down, and just wants to be held or slung all the time and nurse all the time as well.
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Why won't he sleep past 5am?? I'm soo tired. Liam hasn't slept past 5 am since we came home last week. Besides that he is wonderul and loves his lil sister. DH is driving me nuts but that is what they do best. He thinks he can get out of weekend nightitme diaper changes since he is so stressed out from work. WHATEVER!! Like I don't get stressed??! Then he says well I'm doing the cleaning too. But he forgets to mention that half of the time is spent putzing on the computer. Oh well. That still doesn't get him out of his duties.

Does anyone here want to buy my hotlsings cappacuino fleece pouch. I think I need a bigger size. I bought the xs/s and it's too snugh I think I'd like the Small better. Hopefully this isn't against any posting rules. I just thoguth I'd offer up to you gals first before putting it on the trading post or wherever you sell slings.

I'm off to tArget today to find those tops! Well I have to take a shower while I can. Hope everyone is doing good.

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i'm sitting here with a big grin on my face last night i went back on a med i used to be on, and i slept i couldn't even tell you how long i slept, i'm guessing 6 hours straight? i was that out of it! my husband watched Willow for the first half of that and my friend who's staying with us took over after that. we'll do the same tonight just to make sure it wasn't a fluke and that i'm really re-set sleepwise. i can pump about 3-4 ounces a day reliably now, so her daddy can feed her at night, she always wakes up at 4 or 5am to eat and still only eats 2 oz. per feeding. i have to pump-n-dump first thing in the morning but it's worth it!! we also have to watch her for signs of sedation, just in case the med lasts longer than 8 hours. but WOW!! sleep!! now i know i can do this, i would have been happy with 3 or 4 hours sleep plus a nap and i am so thrilled with 6 hours. i look forward to being able to nap with her during the day once my body recovers from all the insomnia effects.

sleep rules!
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Carrie -- Mickade has been getting up early too...I think it's because we set the clocks back an hour last weekend though. Do you do that there too?

Lily is so wonderful....no complaints here!!! DS asked to hold her for the first time this morning, it was so freaking adorable. He's doing pretty well with her so far. I'm feeling pretty good, my body is quickly melting away, and I'm starting to feel "normal" again. Gotta go change her diaper!
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Oh Katie, what an adorable picture

Jillerina- Great idea! I will have to go over there next

Meli- Congrats on getting some sleep! You will start feeling better soon I am sure

Kimberly- Oakley sometimes has green flecks too.

FutureMama- Wow, that's awesome that you were able to overcome your BF problem, WTG Momma

It has been so hard to get online these days, and it's not because of Oakley because he has pretty much been sleeping all day everyday. I am feeling really good but because of that I am finding it easy to overdue things...my bleeding had pretty much stopped and after Embers birthday party yesterday it picked up again. Today is a shower for us so I am hoping not to overdue it again even though I will be busy, I will try and let people pamper me, hehe. There will be about 20 people I think so I am just hoping that everyone who comes is healthy, the other night I was worried that Oakley felt warm (his temp. was fine however) and I just wanted to stay up all night to make sure he was okay. to those of you dealing with sick kids, I am not ready to face that yet!
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Well, Noah is losing his hair in the same "old man receding hair line" patttern that Ethan did ... it gave them both such a "little old man" look. He's also come down with a funky case of baby acne ... poor kid At least he couldn't care less about it *lol*. And whomever mentioned the green flecks ... we have that here too. I don't think it's anything to be concerned about. Noah's umbilical cord stump is still attached ... I'm ready for that durn thing to fall off. It doesn't seem to be irritated or anything though, so I guess I'll be patient. Ped. said if it's still there when we see him back at 4 weeks he'll want to cauterize it ... that doesn't sound fun ... so hoping it drops off in the next week!

Meli, I'm so glad you managed to get some sleep. Hope this is the bend in the road for you and things are less difficult from here on out!

FutureMama ... I really admire your perseverance. Yay for you and your babe '

Oy, I was up from 12:30 to 3ish last night with a baby that was slightly fussy, and determined to be awake. Needless to say I was dragging this morning, and I had my first serious emotional meltdown. I was trying to get breakfast for Ethan, and had put N. down on the boppy, which he'll usually tolorate for a few minutes while I try to quickly do something ... Ethan started whining about the (in his opinion) poor selection of cereal, and Noah started crying loudly (who knows why!) ... and I totally snapped at Ethan. He looked up at me and his eyes filled with tears and he said, "Why are you talking to me like that, Mama?". So I proceeded to feel horrible and cry, and we sat down on the couch and cried together for a few moments, and I apologized and eventually we both recovered. Whew. I felt so horrible. My poor, sweet, big boy ... he kept saying "It's ok Mama, please don't be sad". *sniff* I'm waiting for N. to settle down for his long afternoon nap, and hopefully I'll get to nap too, since E. & DH are outside raking leaves.
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Well, things here are crazy as per usual, nak too. Took E for a walk today since we're having a beautiful day. I used the stroller, which she didn't mind. I can't wait though b/c yesterday my maya wrap came. It needs to be washed up before we test it out. I think I will really like it though.
Her belly button seems to be doin okay. I haven't seen any blood or discharge for a couple of days. The thrush is still hanging around. Took me a few days to find some grapefruit seed extract, so that has to kick in still. Feeling a little less sleep deprived as dh let us have the bedroom Sat night and we slept really well!
okay...one handed typing isn't fun...
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hi everyone.....our little perfect boy is born... he was born on friday after 40 hours labor (being stuck inside) ...24 hour labor at home with mw..and the rest at the hospital where i was brought for c-section but ended up having most beautiful natural vaginal birth....i am badly torn now and can;t sit but so totally happy...
sorry still didn't readd the posts so don't know any news but will do so soon....much much vibes to all who needs them...thank you all so much , i couldn't have done it without your support.......
working on the birth story now (story i thought can never happen to me) and will post it soon...
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HOORAY!! Congrats!! You got the boy you wanted!! Looking forward to your birth story. What did you name your sweet little boy?
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I posted some pics on our Yahoo group. Also I put a little file on how you can see the picture the hopital took for their web nursery. Yes they suckered me into buying a picture becuase it was soo darn cute. It ws a total rip-off but it's something special so why not. Big bummer is we were giving Tara her first bath and Liam wanted to join her in the tub and our digital camera broke! : Off to spend money I didn't want to for a new one. Time is too precious to wait for this one to get fixed if it's even is repairable. I can't believe she is already a week old!

I am very thankful things are going well. Liam at least stayed in bed until 6:00 today he was half sleeping half awake so things are getting better there. Tara is doing great. Nursing like a pro! I hate to say this but I have to wake her up at night to eat. She loves being all warm and snuggly in her blanket next to me that she doesn't wake up.

For some reason now my stiches have dissovled I feel a little more tender down below than I have. So I think I'll just take it easy until things feel a bit better.

I have to say I am loving my Kozy! For some reason that is the only sling I feel most secure carrying her in and can nurse in. I can't get the hang of it in my homemade maya. What slings are you momma's using these dyas?

Well I hope everyone get's through their hurdles okay. I am thankfull I'm over my anxiety attacks of how in the world do I manage two. Now I have the hang of it I feel ok! Now let's see how I am doing in a month or so.
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Hey, how come the post windows are all weird and narrow? It bothers my anal retentiveness that my sig. line now spills onto another line...

Katie - The picture of your 2 is very cute. They look so happy together!

FutureMama - Way to go in overcomming your breast feeeding obstacles!

I'm using my hotsling and loving it! I can comfortably carry Harrison in it for about an hour or so, then my back starts to ache. I also have another sling type carrier that I'll use when Harrison bigger and stronger.

Ahhh spit up crisis!!!!!!
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Darn, my sling isn't completely dry yet. I washed it last night and hung it up to dry...sigh. E really responds better to life the more she is held, so I can't wait to get her slung!
Brave woman who looked at her stitches. I haven't. I have no clue what is going on down there and I don't want to know!
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Congratulations Ekatherina!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I'm so happy for you three! Be sure to let us know about your wonderful birth, it sounds so interesting already (when you have time)! Relax and enjoy these precious times with your new baby boy!
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holdin babe

speakin of stitches....anybody itchin? :
had surgery last year and site itched and so I wonder if its the same....bad place to itch...

eta: *put babe down* not about itchin: a friend sent me two hotslings b/c we were *supposed* to be the same size and apparently not anymore. and they don't fit
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