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melly bean: I've lost 26 lbs, and Reeds 9 days old today
I've got about 12 to go!~!!

I wish I had some words of wisdom for you about your dilema
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Wow, you guys have lost a lot!!! I have no idea how much I have lost, since I never monitored weight in pregnancy, and don't own a scale. I don't think it is anywhere near that much, though! My belly is pretty huge and mushy. Hopefully breastfeeding will help, though.

Kind of along the same line, what are you guys wearing right now? Regular clothes? Maternity?
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I'm in regular for the most part. I'll wear the old navy 1st tri. stuff. I have kind of an assortment of sizes for pants. I'm in my Old Navy 16's. I'm usually around a 12/14. If I get down to a 10 I look like a babe! : Here's hoping nursing gets me down to pre-Miles size!!!!
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nak...when am I not nursing???? I feel like a human pacifier. I have a not so little piggy on my hands! I know she has put weight on since she is getting a double chin. Nights are still quite long and she nurses often. Since we're still in the living room, I turn the tv on for light to latch her on. She still doesn't always open her mouth wide enough, so I need to have light to see that she does. I swear, if she's in my arms, she has to be eating!
Had my first nip experience yesterday at the grocery store. I don't know if anyone there saw or cared b/c I was too busy trying to get the shopping done b/c I was tired and just wanted to go home! We had already spent time in wal mart and it was a lot for both of us! Dh was kind of freaked about me nip, but I think he will get use to it.
Speaking of weight...did I mention that I can wear my pre pregnancy jeans? I can't believe it! Of course, that makes more laundry b/c a lot of those clothes are smelling musty from not being worn for almost a year.
Well, tomorrow I need to call and schedule her two week appt, which I procrastinated on. I figured if there was a problem with her last jaundice test or her pku, they would have called us. Since they haven't, I'm not too concerned.
nak is tiring!
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If you think under supply is the issue, there are things you can do to help that (fenugreek is the first thing that comes to mind). Also, even if you do end up having to supplement with formula, you can always try a SNS (supplemental nursing system) which will help you build back your supply, but keep your baby from being hungry and dehydrated (I'm looking for a site that explains the SNS better than I could). http://lact-aid.com/

Pain meds -- I absolutely agree w/ everyone else, Katie. You *need* to be comfortable, esp. w/ a toddler to care for too! I was on my meds for the entire first week, and once I got my staples out I didn't really feel like I needed them any more. I was surprised w/ how much of my discomfort was coming from the staples. Weird. Anyway ... listen to your body, and don't feel badly doing what you need to do to take care of yourself. s

Weight loss ... Meli, it's weird to me too, but I've lost all 20-something pounds of my pregnancy weight too. I still have a floppy squishy belly, but I weigh what I did when I got pregnant. I've been eating normally too ... actually, worse than "normally", if you consider the halloween candy Until Friday, I was still in my wide-elastic-waist maternity jeans (not panel ones) ... which were comfy, but kept falling down so I was hitching them up every five minutes ... annoying. Now I'm wearing what I called pre-preggy my "fat jeans" (you know, the ones you wear when you're bloated or feeling fat? *lol*) ... my "regular jeans" ... well, I can get them on, but I have belly overhang, which when you're picking up your shirt to nurse all the time ... not good :LOL

Older siblings: Ethan is doing *amazingly* well ... we still deal with the same old 4 year old nonsense that we dealt with before, but he's an angel towards Noah. *Very* loving and concerned and gentle. I can't describe what it feels like to lay in bed snuggled between my two boys, or to watch Ethan loving on Noah. It's such a fullness in my heart, it makes me get teary every time. *sniff*

I can't believe my babe is going to be 2 weeks old tomorrow. On one had it seems like he's always been a part of the family, but on the other hand it feels like I was pregnant yesterday! He's such a delight, I feel so blessed
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I can not believe that some of you are actually wearing your pre-pregnancy clothes already! I am so jealouse! I still can't even fit into Dh's pants yet and I've lost almost 20 pounds since Harrison's been born (got about 15 more to go to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight). So I'm pretty much stuck to wearing sweatpants and a couple of my non panneled maternity pants.
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Oh Meli- Do you have plans to see a lactation consultant...sorry I am coming in late on this. It really sounds like you need RL support for this problem. I hope that things get better soon for you. Cluster feeds are normal, Ember did that everynight when she was a NB (she'd eat constantly from about 6-9, and then she'd have a 4 or 5hr strech of sleep) but the dryness has me worried.

About weight, I don't have a clue what I weight right now but I sure do feel skinny, :LOL. Funny how you can feel so skinny and probably weight 20+ lbs more than prepregnancy (at least). As for clothes, I am wearing a nursing top at the moment and strechy leggings...not really in real clothes, but not in mat. either.

Ember is doing great as a big sister. The first day or two were a little hard as she thinks she is big enough to pick him up and move him, etc. but she is learning. But she absolutely adores him and helps with diaper changes by getting me things and singing to him if he is fussy.

Sleep around here is going pretty good, we are all hitting the sack early, about 9:30 or so and so while he does wake up about 4 times or so I still get quite a few hrs of sleep in. He has had a couple of 4 hr streches at night, so I am pretty lucky (although the first night home it was ME that was lying there awake while he slept, nothing more frustrating than knowing you are missing your chance at some zzz's).

This is his fourth day and already his poops are turing mustard yellowy He never did get any jaundice and it looks like we are in the clear now.
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Bluehalo - Thanks. I actually went into the hospital tonight to have them check me out, cause I was having so much more pain. I don't have an infection or anything. My surgeon was there to look at the incision and he said it looks great....told me just to take the percocet so I can rest and heal (he was a little surprised I hadn't taken any pain meds) and to ONLY sleep and nurse for the next few days. He thinks I just overdid it.

I don't have staples - I remembered how much they hurt with Lucy and requested stitches instead. They stitched "inside out" so you can't even see them. Just a line and a stitch on the very end. They really did do a good job. Good thing you got those staples out - they are so rough!

Gotta go - Levi is waking!
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Lucy, I'm just amazed you even tried to go without meds. Even on my meds, I overdid it the first couple days home and paid for it. Please take care of yourself!

I gained 33 lbs during my pregnancy, and so far I have lost 15 lbs. The weight was dropping every day, but sadly seems to have levelled out over this last week. I have been eating alot of junk, but I was hoping to get lower than this during this early phase of rapid weight loss. My pre-pregnancy weight was 140, my ideal weight, and 12 lbs less than I weighed when I got pregnant with DD. I maintained it very easily thanks to breastfeeding. I'm hoping it won't be hard to get back to that weight again this time. I'm in that awful inbetween stage where most of my maternity clothes are falling off me, but my normal clothes are nowhere near close to fitting. And it's not even just a matter of pounds - the weight is distributed much differently for me post-partum. My stomach is huge, my butt is huge...I'm afraid I have a long way to go to get back into my "normal" clothes. But oh how I long to get there!!

Sasha had a rather fussy day today. He seems to strain alot. Sometimes his efforts result in farts, he only has one major poop a day, the rest of the diaper changes have little bits in it. He doesnt' seem to be in any pain, so I'm thinking it's not reflux. He seems mildly uncomfortable, that's it. But the noises and the contortions...I just hope we aren't headed for some kind of gas issue where I have to start restricting foods. Anyways, he finally crashed this evening around 7 or so and is still down. I gave in and nursed a very tired DD to sleep. Gosh the boob works magic! While I like having DH in charge of her bedtime, he really has to wait until she is zonked out and her bedtimes are so late now, even without naps during the day. It's nice to be able to type two-handed again!
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Piglet~Reeds been going through the same deal. He strains, and only sometimes gets some gas out. He also will be sound asleep and wake up with a scream... I think I may need to lay off the nuts

I've been using CPF's w/covers, but I'm thinking I'd like to switch over to fitteds. What's everyone suggest? We don't have a ton of money to put into it, and once I start to look it's a little overwhelming! I really like the bitty bums (name?)
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Wow, I can't believe some of you are wearing pre-pregnancy clothes. I have no idea how much I weight, since we also didn't monitor it and I am really afraid to find out. I totally can't wear my pre-pregnancy clothes but I won't wear maternity clothes either. I actually went out and bought 3 pairs of pants yesterday, all with elastic waist but they are nice pants ( not sweat pants), one jean-pair, on khaki-pair and one tan pair. So now I have some nicer pants that fit. Before, I had just been wearing sweat-pants or stretch pants..yuck. I tried on some prepregnancy pants and I can't even get them past my upper thighs. GULP, so I was afraid it would be a few months before I fit into them, so I just went out and bought things which fit now and don't make me look like a total slob.

My old shirts all fit fine, which is good, it is just the pants. I know I gained a lot of weight this prengancy. I don't gain weight easily except for when pregnant, when I seem to pack it on. I really hope I lose it easily. Of course it would help if I would ease off the junk as well. I have been eating lots of candy lately and my mom brought us lots of junk and sweets so, that hasn't helped either LOL.

Piglet, Greta does the straining thing too. I was told not to worry about it, newborns just have weak muscles. I also really don't want to get into any dietary restrictions, althought it would probably help me with the weight a lot! LOL
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moma: for covers i'm nuts about my loveyboms pul covers and her prices are very good www.loveybums.com

i love her dipes too but sasha is already soaking thru sherpa so fast...its hemp for us from now on

just ordered some more baby soft wraps a minute ago. they are fabulous - the fleece around the leg holes is so soft on sashas legs and the soakers are sooo absorbant. being able to switch out soakers makes for cheaper changes. www.babysoftwraps.com

that's my 2 cents on that!
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the breast massage is working, i'm leaking again! the hard part is needing to calmly massage while she goes from zero-to-cry in 2 seconds, but when i hear her swallowing it's worth it the oddest thing just happened, she ate well and then burped up 4 huge gushes of mamamilk! but isn't acting hungry at all. i'm watching her carefully.

i had lost 30 lbs. during the pregnancy so i'm way beyond my pre-pg weight, it feels really weird! i'm not a jeans person so all my stretchy yoga pants that i wore before still fit, just a little loose, need to wash 'em in hot and shrink 'em. a nurse at the hospital who'd had c-births was telling me she never lost her "mommy bubble" meaning the poochy flap, i still crack up thinking of it as a mommy bubble.

this morning i'm going to a LLL meeting! and Wednesday my friend who will be helping will be here. still only 3.5 hours of sleep but that is *way* more than i had been getting. i hope to be able to nap during the rest of the day soon, it'll be so sweet to curl up and catnap with my lil babe.
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Harrison is a pretty gassy little guy too. But I don't think it's because of something I'm eating, he just really gulps a lot of air when he first starts out nursing. I usually have to burp him 2 or 3 times in the middle of a feeding and then again at the end. Fortunately he's not too tough to burp and usually gives up some pretty good belches in only a minute or two of burping (of course followed by much spit up). But he still seems to have periods during the day when it looks like he's struggling with even more gas. Poor little guy. I look forward to him growing out of this.

Meli - Happy to read that your milk flow is improving. Have fun at your LLL meeting.

Katie - Take it easy and enjoy your rest time. You deserve it!
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Congrats to the new moms.
Well, last night got hairy. We fell asleep for a few hours, she woke hungry, tried nursing laying down, but she wouldn't latch. Sat up to try, she tried to latch, but wouldn't. So, she starts screaming. I take her over to the glider to see if that would calm her down. i try burping her...nada. By then, dh is awake asking what is wrong. Well, if i knew, i would fix it!!!! So, now im crying. dh goes back to bedroom. i hate small houses! i change her diaper. back to couch, try nursing again, finally she gets on. I don't know what the problem was at all. She hasn't had many latch issues aside from getting her mouth open wide and she sure was getting it open enough last night! She ate for a while then passed out for which I was thankful! We actually got some sleep after that. The only thing I can think of is that she didn't like the taste of my milk? I am too lazy to go see if we have a head shaking emote. But if there is one, imagine it here.
also, forgive the typing as some of this is done one handed due to nak.
I am starting to feel as if life will never come together again. Today I have to make an appt for her with dr, fold some laundry, tidy the bathroom, eat, pee, shower, and get some sleep, and think of something for dinner, get it going. I feel like i am missing something on that list...oh, feed, diaper, and love this baby. It sure doesn't seem like a lot on the moniter, but trying to get it all done is a challenge. I need to order a sling...oh...time to find one online and order it...sure, I've got time for that!
See, as long as I am somewhat rested, I can face it all,but sleep deprived, I feel more vulnerable to the baby blues. Why do all my friends have to live in other states? Why don't I have friends in the area who can come help? I feel like I am rambling now, I better go get some stuff doen.
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I'm in a better mood after I let d()h have it. I did it...

take a look

bbl goin to diaperin. Gotta wash dipes today! :

btw,*announcer's voice* the dipe you will be seeing is a organic cotton sidesnap in seafoam made by MDC mama todzwife.
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Letia, Mikayla is BEAUTIFUL!!!! You must be sooooo proud, mama! I am so happy for you.

Thank you thank you thank you for my swap package! I LOVE IT SO MUCH! You knew I would! (For everyone interested, it is a little Full Moon Baby Gear nautical all-in-one and a big stack of great wipes!) It fits Levi perfectly with room to grow. So cute, I will try to post a picture!

Re pooping: Levi does that too, Pig. He has one BIG explosion a day, and a lot of little wet-fart kind of deals. I think it is pretty normal.

Can I just say, I am IN LOVE with my son?!!?
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Letia - Mikayla is such a cutie!!!! Glad to read you're feeling better. It is so maddening when "well meaning" relatives won't respect your space.

Thia - Hang in there. It will get easier. I remember a friend of mine telling me shortly after Alias was born how funny it is that you spend 9 months excitedly waiting for your baby to come out and then when they finally do you just want them to go back in for another day or two. Vent away here momma, we totally know what you're goin thru.

I was going to post more but I just don't have the patience for this slow 1 handed typing. Maybe later.
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Letia! What a beauty your wee one is

Well, my polar babies stuff came today. Just in the nick of time! I love it so far. I'm pretty sure Dh is going to be ok with ordering some more of their stuff.

Piglet, thanks for the links! I think we may try one of the SIO's. Looks like you must have wiped out lovelybums! NOthing's in stock

Today was my 1st day flying solo. I will say I broke a sweat on an occasion or 2. but Reed's sleeping and Miles is playing quitley, and the house is relatively clean. I feel like a champ...

Oh, I forget if I mentioned this but the day after giving birth I recieved a notice to appear in court for....JURY DUTY :LOL
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Originally Posted by momadance
...Reed's sleeping and Miles is playing quitley, and the house is relatively clean. I feel like a champ...
this has been one of the most wonderful and unexpected experiences being a mother of 2 - the amount of pride i feel when i successfully negotiate an outing with 2, or when the house is tidy and its peaceful...i don't think i ever felt this way in my career!
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