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Thought I'd say something. :LOL

Well! I was looking at a pouch that a mama had on the tp but it sold. I went direct though. She's from outside the city in my state where my mamas side of the family lives! I won't have to worry about a long time shipping! I think she's a diapering WAHM, I thought mamas use her dipes. I didn't know she made slings. Daisy Doodles. Its only $18 for a pouch. I'm getting a simple khaki for me and dh to wear. Won't show too much lint and won't compromise dh's masculinity.

Katie: who besides FM are you buying from? I've got a custom from VK and Tykies I'm waiting on and a new WAHM, who's sig I saw here and had some interesting stuff, WAHM Sampler and had a coupon. She had a cute ladybug dipe for my business partners wife who's due this month and is cding soley for the savings and won't buy herself anything cute so I will. I also had to of course, get myself a silk brocade snowflake print. I'm waiting for Crystal to reopen. Hers are still fitting really nice. I want her to open so bad I picked out the prints yesterday am. :LOL I like the new WAHM Mammamade too. Those fit well on her. Got more fmbg; but, will check her out when she stocks again. Things have been quiet, I wonder who's stocking before Christmas! I need more dipes.

I have a total of 17 dipes, including those I'm waiting on for her now.
How many covers should I have? I have 5, I think?

We had our second appointment yesterday. UNC has a group parenting too. I checked it out. Its nice that two of us CD and all of us cosleep and bf. One mama seems a bit frustrated and wants to move towards more mainstream practices. Its run by the MW I knocked heads with;but, since she delivered me and I got more of my wishes in the hospital than I ever would have, we are allright. She advised CIO though. : I was thinking we were allright until that. And, she's not pushing vaxes. I opted out of the hep B some mamas were getting and we were able to have a dialogue about vaxes different from the doc Mik was seeing. She's 9lbs 14 oz. I was surprised she wasn't 10 at least. I'm getting nervous about smalls....my mamas best friend said you're ordering (she used flats or prefolds though) smalls! She didn't think I needed nb.

DTD: you're kidding right? dh says he's more excited about my appt. The *last* thing on my mind. So NFP girls are yall ok with getting pg again? I *hate * bc. We used natural latex no spermicide condoms when I was waiting for surgery and when I wasn't ready to ttc after I was cleared. We then used FAM for ttc. I don't know....having to think about bc with a nb...I just might have him wear a hat.

Father bonding: well, they do allright. She feeds a lot, so usually if she's crying that's what she wants and he has to bring her back. My LLL leader said to try to get her to feed longer so she'll go longer stretches and then I can get sleep too, which is a concern that has made dh discuss me pumping so he can help. They did good today. Dh is telecommuting for the rest of the week and as a surprise when I came back from washing my hands after a diaper change, dh said he had her and I was able to lay down. I didnt get her and she was allright until I had let down sitting here and I thought I remembered Peggy saying in her new book that when you do and your near your baby feed her. I feel like I need Bfing 101. I can do the mechanics just fine; but, now that she's here I feel like I need more information on how to do it. I should join LLL and get the Womanly Art or check out Peggys book again and read about bfing or something.


: eta: she fell asleep with dh and when I fed her she was sleep and latched on and is now sleep beside me, which I'm thankful for so I can have some time to myself. Wow, I don't take that for granted anymore! Am I gonna regret this around midnight when I want to sleep is she gonna be wide open? I've heard a lot about keeping babies up and mama washed my face. That seems cruel to me! Just seems like everyone is all about *their* convenience when it comes to babies. Why have them! Anyway....hope you're having a better day today, Pig! I never told anyone about a couple nights I had. Lets just say once I made the decision to have her in bed it got better.

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Piglet, you know I didn't even know you could get your hands on Baby Soft Wraps! I have one I got off the TP for DS a while back and loved it, but it was at the time it was impossible to get her stuff. Guess I'm gonna have to try a couple out again now!! DD is probably about 10-11lbs...do you think I should go right for the medium or get a small? ETA: How do you use the covers more than once? Whenever I've tried that with fleece-lined covers, the pee smell is on the cover after one use, 2 max. Also doesn't poo get all over them?

As far as dipes go, I actually have a custom RB order I'm waiting on, I can't wait. Then again I also really hope they fit DD well, I liked them for DS but only have size 2's. I have a sugarpeas I like a lot too (side snap) but I hear lots of people are having quality issues so I'm thinking twice about getting more.

Slings...I LOVE my pouches! I have a New Native (from DS) and a PIP; also a Kissasling (ring-type). DD hates the Kissasling. So I wear the other 2 all the time. I get so many compliments on them!! So many people have never seen any such thing (especially in our moderately small town with all male OB"s....). LOL I had one older woman tell me "they didn't have things like that when I was having babies" and I had to keep my laughs inside my head....aren't slings one of the oldest ways to carry babies around? If you can ever get your hands on a PIP (she has auctions a lot now) I would definitely go for it!
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regarding daddies bonding with babies, I just wanted to second what everyone else said, I think daddies tend to bond more as babies get older. When Heidi was a baby, she was a total mama's girl and only wanted mama, even when we were both home, I did most of her care and holding her. However, once she got older and able play more and be more interactive she bonded much more with DH. Now, she is a total daddy's girl, and runs to the door screaming "DAAADDDYYYY" everytime he comes home. He puts her to bed more than 50% of the time. We usually start out the night with me sleeping with Greta in the Master bedroom, Heidi sleeping in her room and DH falling asleep watching a movie on the futon in the living room. If Heidi wakes up at night, I would say that at least 60% of the time she goes in by DH and sleeps with him the rest of the night.
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AMy, Miles used to have night terrors! They were so intense! He would have them if he was operating on sleep deficit mode!
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momadance - It's crazy isn't it? He doesn't seem to be having horrifying dreams, but he is crying most of the time and talks about things that don't make sense. One night we were searching his room for the "green bear". Most nights, he is up briefly and I lay him down and he goes right back to sleep...others it is a 10-20 minute ordeal until he settles again. I read about it happening when kids are overtired, but it happens almost every night, regardless of how much sleep he has had. I guess it's possible he never gets quite enough sleep, but even trying to get him to bed early and nap didn't seem to make a difference (at least it seems so, I wasn't keeping track back then). He hasn't been napping the past week or so bc I'm trying to get him to bed earlier instead but they didn't just start. It's a pretty weird thing. I've read it can be hereditary...I'll have to ask MIL if DH did anything similar. Did Miles's just go away on their own or did you do anything? (though I guess maybe you just made sure he had enough sleep...)
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Since it's a new month and all I thought I'd take the liberty to start us a new thread. Come on over and join me New October Babies Thread
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