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Yeah! A July expecting board up! My name is Emily and I am due the 4th of July. How funny is that? I got a positive test a week ago. I had hyperemesis (severe nausea and vomitting) with daughter 4 years ago so it has taken a lot of faith to get pg again. But I am so excited. I am already on medications to help so maybe this time it won't be so bad (95% recurrence rate with hyperemesis bleh).

Have you all been telling people yet? We have told several people. I guess because I am not really worried about miscarriage nearly as much as facing hyperemesis again and I need family support early on.

Anyhow, it is just so exciting to be here!

Edited to add: lol I guess I can say a little bit more! I had my first baby in Portland, Oregon. I started off with a midwife and due to complications with HG (hyperemesis gravidarium) switched to a perinatologist at 18 weeks. I ended up being induced after being dilated to 4 cm for two weeks. Had to have an epidural and suffered 4th degree tearing delivering a nearly 10 lb baby!

So, I had since moved and really wanted to go back to a midwife. I found the most awesome midwife and coincidentally, she worked with my peri from Portland several years back. So, I am so excited to get good care for HG BUT also get a supportive environment for the type of pregnancy/birth I want. I had my first appt with her Monday (because of the HG). If all goes really well, I won't have to see her for 4 weeks! Yippee! I am keeping my fingers crossed.

Mom to Gwendolyn 8-20-01
and baby due 7-4-05!
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Hi! Congrats, and I really hope you don't get sick again like you did the last time, blah.

The midwife I used last time has cancer and is only practicing a couple of days a week. I still haven't settled on another one.
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Emily, I hope your pregnancy this time will be as smooth as it can be. Here's hoping for that 5%. Were you able to get any help or relief last time?
I have told some people, thinking about telling my parents today. I know it's early, but I don't want to proceed as if something is going to go wrong. Also I wouldn't want to go through a loss without support because I never told anyone...you know?
Congrats to you.
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congrats and welcome
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Welcome aboard! It's nice to already have support here. July seems so far away!

Fingers crossed you avoid getting sick so horribly again.
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