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Me Me Me!!!

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We found out Monday. Estimated due date is around July 6-7..but both babies so far have been 3 and 5 weeks early, so we're figuring mid June for this one
Not finding out the sex, planning a UC...not much else to add
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Congratulations! I'm due around the end of June, beginning of July too. Not totally sure when this babe will make an appearance but I'm looking forward to it whenever it happens, lol.
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congrats mama! we are planning a uc too, though with shadow care with a mw...mostly for legal reaons sadly.
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Our planned UC is b/c we couldn't find a midwife that attends home births in our area....but I contacted the state's midwifery assn. and they got meincontact with an unlicensed MW that's been catching babies for over 20 years, so we'll have her attend the birth, although dh will be doing the catching etc.
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