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Reintroducing myself

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I haven't really posted very much here with the November Mamas, (I do lurk a lot though ), We are expecting our first at the end of Nov (26.11.04). We're having a baby boy, Max. I'm an Australian living in Taiwan - so a fish out of water sometimes. You have all been such a lifeline to me during my pregnancy because I can feel connected to others who view pregnancy & motherhood the same way I do. So a BIG thank-you to everyone.

Now, reading about all the Mums having their little bubbas I thought I should definitely reintroduce myself and say a HUGE congratulations to you all!!! I shed tears everytime I read about a new bub entering the world.

I will try to post more & lurk less
Thank you all once again.

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Hey Dani! Are you getting excited about the due date closing in? Honestly I still remember falling in love with Rhys the moment he was born and it was just such an amazing experience...becoming a parent for the first time is truly one of the most amazing experiences of my life so far.

I can't wait to hear about your birth story!

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Thanks Steph.
Yes, I'm soooo excited & getting so impatient. I feel like such a dork though, when Max gets the hiccups I sit there and rub his little back hoping I'm helping him somehow - imagine what I'll be like when he arrives!
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