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I'm hungry

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So my midwife gave me kind of hard time about how much I'm (not) eating. But I have a hard time with heartburn and I tend to get full really fast. So Ieat sall meals through out the day. Give me healthy ideas for snacks...also I eat vegetarian 90% of the time.

Snacks I have been eating.:
cheese and spinach quesadillas
spinach topped with cottage cheese
toast with almond butter
mix of dried fruit and nuts (although the dried fruit is making my tummy upset)

that's all I can think of...
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I have the heartburn thing going on as well. Usually during the day I snack on..
yogurt with some honey and wheat germ
oatmeal with milk and bananas
rice noddles with vegi broth
string cheese
peanut butter with bananas
homemade granola bars

thats all I can think of at the moment....

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Hey - I get full really fast, too. I eat toast with a topping (apple butter at the moment), veg and dip (hummus, spinich&artichoke) which I sometimes buy if I see a good one when I'm at the store, and sometimes just a bowl of cereal - cheerios and rice milk are always welcome in my tummy! Also I heat up a little bit of left over soup or whatever is around, and that works too. I've gained about 14lbs so far (29 wks). I'm hoping to keep it below 20lbs because I went into this kinda heavy for me. I figure I'll still have that 10lbs to lose, but if it's 10 and not 30 I'll be much happier (since I have the 30 from last time!!!). : For me getting enough nutrients in during these "nosch" sessions is hard, which is why I eat a lot of leftovers. My prenatal vit. is good, excellent really, but I'd still like to get the iron etc. from my food. Making a big pot of soup that lasts a couple of days is a really good way to get snacks in (soup 2x/day plus the other snacks) - that's a lot of food!

Good luck! :
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You sound to me like you have a perfectly fine diet. I asked my MW if it was possible to starve a foetus to death by not eating (I puked a bit at the start LOL) and she said, "Well yes, but you'd die well before it!" So basically they take what they need. You're doing fine. Try to not take it to heart. Would it be better if you ate junk??? Grazing is a very good idea so you have constant nutrition and blood sugar. Tell her to get over it
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Whew! You tell em Mama!
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A couple other yummy snacks are half of a whole wheat bagel with butter and nutritional yeast and whole wheat crackers with goat cheese.....

On the unhealthy side, has anyone had those peanut butter covered pretzels from the Wild Oats (I think Whole Foods has them too) bulk bins??? They are a little piece of heaven!!
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Thanks all! Some of the ideas look sooo good. My MW has been great and I tend to be on the skinny side, living a somewhat high stress life right now, so I think her concern is more for me than the baby. As my dh puts it, the baby's kind of like a parasite, it will sap me dry before it will ever starve.

Delfina- I love those peanut butter pretzels. And a few weeks ago I bought chocolate covered almonds (in the name of protien, of course ) MMMmmm I have the worst sweets craving this time around.
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