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hate to do this

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BUT.....I am going to have to be less of a part of the boards for a while. I am having a really hard time right now and have a lot of things going on. For some reason i can barely sit here 5 minutes looking at the screen until i get extremely faint and dizzy. My BP is fluxuating from rather high to rather low also and i don't know if it has anything to do with being sick recently or not. Could someone please take over the due dates list and shower lists for me please?
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Hey Leigh,

Didn't I tell you to take your time and get yourself well??

I can take over the due date list... The shower list though, I truly am not sure as to how it all works, so maybe someone who's had a little more experience (or organizational skills, lol) might want to volunteer for it.

Can i redo the list as needed on the same thread or should i start a new thread all together?

I hope you are feeling better soon, lady. Dh has pneumonia and has lost 20 lbs and has spent maybe a full 24 hrs out of bed in the past 2weeks. You need to rest as much as you possibly can, eat and drink nutrionally sound and REST some more!!
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Well...if nobody will get upset i can catch everything up when i feel better. I just have no energy to do anything. DH is on the road and i still have to take care of DS and DD and two dogs...still have to go pay bills and buy groceries. I just want to pass out. DD is going through some phase and plain refuses to go to bed until around 2am and then she is up again at 7am. (this is why i am STILL up right now) I have lost weight also in the past two weeks. I just can't seem to stomach anything. It is all i can do to force myself to eat one decent meal a day. All this after having NO morning sickness or anything. I have a raging yeast infection...and i mean RAGING!!! DH will be home sometime Monday and i have an appt with the midwife on Tuesday. Not like anyone can really DO anything right now though. I have to go to Atlanta either Monday or Tuesday also to pick up our new dog from the rescue. Maybe one day soon everything will slow down enough for me to get some decent rest.
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Do you have anyone who can help you? Family? Friends? Church people? It sounds like you need some help. NOW! You're getting very run down and it is physically manifesting (which is a bad thing). Please, if there is anyone you can ask for help, please do!!!

And yes, nobody cares if you catch up later! BE WELL, you silly!!!!
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Hugs to you, Leigh. We completely understand, and hope that you get stronger!
Will be thinking about you!
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feel better

WOW! I was going through the same thing for the last 7 weeks! I couldn't even look at the computer screen without my stomach turning. It's miserable. I hope you feel better soon. If you have access to homeopathic remedies, try Cocculus Indicus (sp?) or Gelsenium. They're both for motion sickness. Gelsenium worked for me. I took a dose 2x a day. It took a few days. But now I'm able to sit at the computer, read, and even ride in a car/metro without getting very dizzy. Blessings to you.
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