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Ear candleing

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I love to do this! I had forgotten for a long time and just returned from a long trip (8 flights in 3 weeks) and noticed my head has felt heavy and my ears have been stuffed up for a while. SO last night hubby and I did each other ears. It just feels so good! Does any one know of any down side?
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Well, I don't know that it will feel the same for everyone, but for us the first time we did it it was dramatic. It was near the end of a bad cold and flu season and I swear my hearing improved dramatically. One thing we did was let the person being candled adjust the tip of the candle so it felt right. The assistant watched to be sure no smoke was coming out the bottom. It is sometimes hard to be sure it is in a good place at first but as the candle burns down you can hear the slightly magnified sounds of the fire snapping and crackling and the smoke swirling around will create a warm sensation in your ear.
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Here is Health Canada's statement on ear candling: http://www.hc-sc.gc.ca/english/iyh/m.../candling.html

An excerpt: However, there is plenty of proof that ear candling is dangerous. Ear candling poses a risk of fire. It can also cause serious burns and other injuries if hot wax drips into your ear, or onto your skin or hair. There have been reports of several cases of ear injury in Canada.
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When we do candling here I use a dry towel to lay on-(we lay in the recliner)then place a damp washcloth over the hair & we keep a pan of water nearby to place the pieces of the candle we cut off as it burns.We put the candle in a pie-pan that has a hole in the middle so it protects the persons ear in case a piece falls off.
I put out the candle by using a wet washcloth to smother the flame before removing it from the ear.
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I have heard it is better to use two for each ear, and then afterwards put mullien oil in the ear( Eclectic has a nice one) with a cotton ball in the ear to protect it for a day.
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We love ear candles here! The kids will actually sit still for it and find it relaxing. They all insist on cutting open the candle afterward to get a look at all the hard wax/debris that got sucked out - that's their favorite part!:
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