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Any experienced eBayers out there?

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I bid on an item on eBay France thinking the price was listed in French Francs but it was actually in Euros, making this item 6 times as expensive as I thought.

What I would like to know is: is it such a big deal to not go through with a purchase? I know I probably won't be able to use the site, but I could really care less, I never use it anyway. Anyone ever done this?

Another thing is, the guy told me I'm getting such a great deal, to go check out the price of the same item on eBay US, which I did. Well, the same item on the US site is $189, while I'm paying $300!! So I don't like the guy anyway!
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Email the seller & tell him you are backing out and why. (sounds like you already did) Email Ebay and tell them why. It was an honest mistake. I'll bet they are getting a lot of withdrawls if the exchange rate is that skewed.

The seller will probably leave "negative feedback". No big deal unless you get a lot of them from different sellers, then your bids could be refused by the sellers on those grounds. One will not hurt.

The worst that Ebay would do is give you a watch or warning. They can suspend your account but shouldn't for just one issue.

Dh and I get things from there, great deals sometimes. (recently got norton systemworks w/antivirus for $1 ) Just read the info thoroughly and ask ? before you bid.
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I think if he leaves negative feed back you have a chance to post a response , so you could explain yourself, if you want to
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I assume the auction is over, but for future reference, you can retract a bid if something like that occurs. If it isn't what you thought, I would offer to pay a small amount for the fees he/she incurred, and then back down gracefully.

I wouldn't give negative feedback if someone did that, but that's not to say this person wouldn't...
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All comments above are great. As long as you explaine it will be fine. Even if he leaves negative feedback, you can explaine. That doesn't mean you can't use the site, other sellers can read your feedback and decide for themselves.

If it is a lot of money, don't buy it. Sounds like it was an honest mistake. They must be getting used to this by now with the new $.
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Thanks everyone. I just couldn't tell how serious it would be to retract. I would have retracted before the end of the auction but I didn't realize my mistake until he sent me an email saying Congratulations! You can send your check for 2000 francs (300 bucks instead of the 50 I thought) blah blah.

I just wish they would change over on January 1st instead of 1/4 of stores and web sites changing a month ago, 1/4 changing over now, etc. etc. Just change already! You know?
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I hope it worked out. It's funny how easy it is to bid the wrong amount even when items are listed in one type of money. My mom was about to bid $16 for something and she accidently hit $116! This was just before the auction ended, so she didn't have a chance to retract her bid. My mom emailed the seller and Ebay (being super, super sweet and polite in both emails), and the seller was peeved but didn't end up leaving negative feedback.

Good luck!
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I agree with what everyone has said here. If you explain to him what happened, the worst thing he'll do is leave you a negative.

If I were the seller, yes, I'd be peeved, he probalby thought he was getting lots of $$ only to have you back out. As a seller, these things do tick me off, but mistakes happen.

And if he does leave you neg feedback, you can put an explanition under it.
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