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I recently read the articles on forgiveness--very insightful.
I was driving today and thought briefly about out first nanny, who turned out to have some issues--she was very paranoid, sad, angry and mistrustful--a result of the many bad things that happened to her early in life. She said and did some hurtful things to me and was basically scary, and we ler her go. Anyway, I was just glad to get her out of our house, and we have since had a wonderful nanny, who I feel comfortable with. Upon thinking of the old one--who left more than a year ago now, I had a flash of anger, and fought thoughts of wishing something bad would happen to her --for being so mean to me. But when I think about it, she has been hurt enough, and I really wouldn't want to wish bad things on her. Does this mean that I haven't forgiven her? I thought I had, but according to the definition in the article, maybe I haven't. . .
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Forgiveness can be a process and sometimes we have to deal with it on a daily basis.
If you have doubt....pray about it.
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I was really angry a few years ago about many things that went on in my life--family, friends, a whole bunch of bad stuff. Then, on my 2-year hiatus (i.e. Peace Corps), I got some distance and perspective, and somehow, I really did find peace with these things, and in the process, forgiveness for them and myself.

My sister requires her children to ask forgiveness for their day-to-day transgression--I think this is an Ezzo tactic--and it makes me cringe. I told her I didn't understand forgiveness in my own heart until I was like 23. How did she expect her kids to get it? If they couldn't, how could she expect them to believe her when she says she forgives them? Hello, guilt!

Forgiveness is a gift. When it reaches you, you know it, and you are truly thankful. It feels kind of like stepping out of a long, hot bath. Look at why people might do bad things, and pray for them, too--you'll feel forgiveness.
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I struggle with forgiveness, too. We had some really nasty encounters at our church several years ago. It took me many months and hours and hours of prayer to come to some kind of forgiveness within myself.

I had to pray for myself and for the person who had hurt my family.
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This quote is at the top of my mind whenever I get angry:
Anger is like holding a hot coal, as you're waiting to fling it at someone, you're the one getting burned
Peace to you
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