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GTT, anybody decline

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I'm 25, of average height and weight, due in early May and planning an unassisted homebirth. I'm still seeing the GP for backup and he wants to do the GTT and will write AMA all over my chart if I refuse. I don't care so much about that and I'm pretty set on my decision, I'm just wondering if anybody else did the same. I've read the stuff by Henci Goer and a bunch of studies on GTT (universal vs. risk factor, etc). I think the testing is a bunch of silliness. But of course now that I've made my decision I find myself drifting off to sleep after every meal and I wonder--does that mean I have GD??? My diet is great and I'm currently eliminating the last bit of refined sugar from my diet. (Now before the holidays--nobody better send me fudge this year!!!!!)
Just curious what others have done/think,
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I did have GD, that's the only way I would have found out. I had no symptoms, and even ended up being insulin dependant for the last two weeks. I do have a history of diabetes in my family (mother, maternal grandfather, & marternal grandmother had GD w/ her last baby).

I only want to share my experience and is by no means a "scare tactic", just more information to consider.

Good Luck!
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I refused it. My midwife said, fine, you shouldn't have to drink that crap if you don't want to. Instead we did a fasting blood sugar test. I came in at 8 am, after not eating since midnight, they pricked my finger, and about 30 seconds later we knew I was fine. If the results had been borderline or high, we would have gone ahead with more testing. Just tell your doctor you want to do the finger prick route instead. It's much less disgusting. And cheaper. And less time consuming.
If they do force you to do the test, make sure you eat lots of protein that morning to offset the obscene amount of sugar they'll give you.
Good luck!
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Because diabetes ran in my family, they tested me for the first time when I was only 9 weeks pregnant. I drank the stuff which tasted great and got one blood test an hour later. My results were borderline!

At 20 weeks or whenever they do it again they wanted to give me the 3 hour test. I really didn't want to do it but finally consented because I felt there was very little risk to me and the baby.

This test also said borderline. When I met with the dietician and she discussed my vegan diet she felt I was already on the correct diet.

The only thing I changed was that I used to have fruit smoothies upon first waking in the morning. After the test I decided to eat toast with peanut butter instead of fruit.

Personally I think the way they test is lame. If you fast and then drink sugar, how is that a true indicator of how you eat normally.

I would not get the test again.
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I think the test is pretty stupid too, because it isn't a real world scenario and none of us are shooting up with sugar. However, that being said, I did take the one hour a couple of days ago. I had a stillborn birth a year and a half ago and the baby was 11 lbs so that red flags me. Of course it worries me as well even though I am of normal weight, height and no history in my family. The test was normal, of course,and I have no doubt if repeated It will be as well but the biggest reason to pass is that I am birthing with a midwife in the hospital and if I pass everything then there is no reason for anyone to interfere. That is the main reason my midwife suggested it.
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I really didn't want to do the regular sugary thing.
My midwife had an alternative for the sugary drink and that was a rather large breakfast. Let me see if I can remember everything, two eggs two pieces of toast with butter on them (as per insturctions) an 8oz glass of milk ( I don't do cows milk so used rice or soy), cup of tea or juice or something else, i forget. I was stuffed at the end of it as I don't usually take in that much liquid in one go. She took my blood work sent it to the lab, and I passed the test. No GD.
If you want to know the exact food stuff I can call and ask her to email it to me or something. PM me if you want more info.
good luck!
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no GTT for me - just pee in the cup, please!

Hi violet. I am 31 weeks pregnant, and I did not have the GTT. I did a lot of reading about it early in my pregnancy, and I really have doubts about its value. I am seeing a midwife, and she is fine with just screening my urine for sugar at every visit. If this shows something is out of whack, then we will consider a GTT. Maybe you could talk with your doc about this approach? It's really simple, I just give her a urine sample and she puts a little test stick in it.

BTW, I am 29 years old, normal weight, and no history of diabetes in the family. However, during a routine blood screening about 3 years ago I discovered that I was "close to borderline" diabetic. I am definitely sensitive to sugar and am NOT a happy camper if I let myself get too hungry (low blood sugar). This was true before I was pregnant, as well as now. So I wanted to be extra careful about GD. I feel good about the way I am being monitored, and the baby seems to be healthy and a good weight.

Good luck!

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I also declined. I think it is kind of a silly test. The midwife takes my urine sample every month and I think that there would be blood in my urine if I had GD. I was fine with my last pregnancy BTW.
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Thanks everybody
I saw the GP today and he said that I still have time to decide but if I decide to decline I'll have to find another doctor. Hmmm. . . That's not very helpful. We did not discuss but the urine test is not enough. He's very liberal when it comes to letting things go along naturally and not intervening--but the hospital there is very small and does not do C-sec so any risk at all and he gets really nervous. I understand his position and I appreciate that he doesn't argue with me--he actually hasn't even really discussed with me the things I've declined.

Actually Medium Geek (I love your screen name) I'm a lot like you. I've always been sensitive to blood sugar imbalances and if I don't eat I go a little nutty. Part of the reason I don't want to do the GTT is I realllllly don't like the idea of the fasting version of the test that they'd do if I fail the first one. The very idea of not being able to eat--even over night--gives me the willies.

But i'm rambling. I guess I'll think it over some more. . .
I wish I had a midwife I could trust but there's nobody here--I feel like I'm on my own doing the research and not really trusting my medical provider.
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Can you ask him if there is any acceptable alternative to a fasting GTT?
Some doctors will accept fingersticks done at the same time several days running, or fasting fingersticks. If you have access to a glucometer, this is easy. If not, you will have to go into your OBs office several days running. If there is a high fasting blood sugar, then you could agree to the GTT.
I am going to talk to my OB/midwives about this as an alternative. I have been told that if I refuse the GTT, I will be risked out of delivering at their birth center.
Good Luck!
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Modesto Doula--i tried to catch you on the Spring Babies thread--We are living in Riverbank. It's so good to know there are likeminded mamas in the area. If you don't mind my asking--where is your midwife and birth center. I didn't have much luck that route which is why I'm still with the GP and feeling lonely.
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There is a modified version of the GTT where you can eat a specific meal (after fasting) that equals out to 200 g of carbo anbd then test yourself at the prescribed intervals. For me, not pregnant, I have a hard time drinking the GTT solution-makes me nauseaous with the oversweet taste. Having a family history of diabetes, I did not want to avoid the test (even though I have been religious about my diet for that reason), but this was a much less stressful way to take it.
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I am seeing the office of Dr Bouchard in Manteca. There are two midwives there whom I get along with well, and Dr Bouchard was a midwife for a long time in LA. Her dream was to have her own birth center, so she went back to school to get her OB, and came up here.
I am of the thought she is the kind of doc that will do just about anything that a pt wishes so long as it is not dangerous. (By that I mean induction and such.) She doesnt automatically induce at 41 wks, which is rare here. For me, she has a very midwifery-modeled approach, and I suspect that if thats what you want from her thats what you get.
She is the only doctor I know in the valley that will do a vag breech delivery, and has experience with them. She has even done a footling!! If you want more info, PM me or email me...
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I am currently 38 weeks preggo with baby#2. Had the test done with Jake and it was negative. My backup midwife suggested i have the 28 week 3 hour test done this time because I was (and still am) measuring pretty big for dates. I took the 75gram test, and it was negative.

A month after I took the test my midwife comes back from her hiatus and the baby was measuring 4 cm. too big for dates. She called a high risk OB who suggested I do the 100 mg. 3 hour test.

I grappled with it big time but ultimately decided NO.

However, I was/am concerned myself about the baby's size (I am 38 weeks, measuring 44 cm. currently) so this is waht I did. it seems few women know about this but it seems more natural and rational to me than drinking such a huge slug of sugar after fasting.

I bought a glucometer (what diabetics use for random blood sugar testing) and I have been monitoring my own blood sugar upon awakening in the morning (the fasting test) 1 hour and 2 hours after meals. At first I was testing my blood 4-6 times daily but now i check in a few times a week.

Results: I feel empowered to be responsible for this on my own AND my blood sugar varies very little AND it is usually in the low to moderate range. Plus I am testing my blood after normal eating, not after doing something so unusual as drinking 100 gm of sugar!

I bought the glucometer at a drugstore. I told my midwife that after I had tested my blood myself for a week, and if I found abnormal (high or fluctuating) readings THEN I would consent to another GCT. But I did not, so I feel good about refusing the test...no second guessing this way. BTW, other than being overweight and having had an over-9 lb. baby, I have no other risk factors or precursors or symptoms.

Read up on this. I went to the Canadian Diabetics Association website, and you could check out the American one. There are other sites I can't think of right now, but do some research.

I hate the idea of anyone having medical interventions done without feeling 100% safe about it. I was glad to have discovered a viable alternative.
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