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Bath salt makers...

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Where do you buy your salt, what do you pay, and what kind do you like best?

I have been using course mineral salts I buy in 20lb bags, but the shipping costs way more then the actual salt. Looking for a local source.
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Why not ask your co-op if they can get it with thier stuff, freight for them is prolly WAYYYYY less than for you since they have a place of business. You may even be able to barter some of your bath stuff.

They SHOULD be able to get it in.
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They do get it in, and they charge $8 a pound for it! My co-op is a little less then what you might expect. They sell Campbells chicken noodle soup if that gives you an idea
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I bought coarse kosher salt for making bath salts. My recipe says this will work. Am I wrong? ( I bought it at local supermarket.)
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I used Epsom salts mixed with some rock salt to keep the shape of the netting I put them into.Hope it works in the tub! I did not try them yet.
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I use epsom salt and sea salt. I buy them at the local drug store.
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I also use epsom salts bought at the local health food store - plus a dash of Dead Sea Salts from Masada I got online.

I once apon a time found a site selling 50-lb bags of variously graded salt (coarse, fine, medium) but can't find it now - and the prices were good, too

I find that people who received my salt baths as gifts this Christmas were impressed with having "Dead Sea Salt" as an ingredient in their bath - they really thought they were getting something exotic and pretty neato. I didn't add much either, just enough to get it on the label!
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