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Happy Halloween Belly Pic

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Hey guys:

I did it...we made my belly a halloween costume...check it out in the album belly pics


Hope everyone had a wonderful day!
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How cute! That looks like fun... I wish I would've done that! Maybe I can go find something to paint my tummy with....
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Your belly looks great Meg

I had every intention of doing the same and was entirely too busy yesterday and today decided to do some vey neccesary housework.

Hope you had a fun Halloween
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omigosh the cuteness! and meg, you have a belly button still! no fair.

i'm going as saturn tonight, complete with a ring; i'll post photos when i have 'em.

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Happy Halloween Meg, that was classic!
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I did the same thing don't have any pics to post though
Love the Saturn idea, never would have thought of that, how cool!!
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Cute! Too cold to go out with a bare belly here.

I wore a tight black shirt and sewed some orange fabric on it with a pumpkin face carved out. Worked pretty well for a last minute costume, though I had to sew it on while I was wearing it to get the shirt to stretch properly.

I went to a indoor party last weekend and painted my belly to resemble the earth. Wasn't the best representation, but it was fun.
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here's the belly as saturn !

i am such a goofball.

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That is WAY cool!! Thanks for sharing it!

PS..told my daughter about you today (finally got to talk to her...apparantly turning 18 means you forget to call your mom back for a while he he) she said she'd love to hook up when she gets up there this summer..and that she loves babies I can attest to that!
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