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Count me in!

Hi there, I am new to the MDC boards, e.d.d. 1/10 or so... ds was late so we'll see how close we get this time. Planning a home, water birth but will check out the birth center first just to make sure ;-)
I'm feeling really big and really tired in the p.m. these days. I should really be napping now, so we can go out tonight.
zzzzzzzzzzz........... who can sleep when my ebay auction is ending in 5 minutes?
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please add me to the roll call too. it has been a while since my last posts since i was first too ill with ms and and then too excited to feel good enough to play with kids. it is finally under 90 degrees here most days and we can go outside again. winter is a blessing in this desert.

i am due with my 4th boy (ASHER) around 1/26 and am planning my second homebirth (4th midwife-attended "natural" birth)
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Hi, and welcome to all the new mamas.

I have not been around much lately either. I am feeling pretty good but starting to have trouble sleeping more and am feeling more "full on preggo" lately when I try to bend over and stand or sit for more than 15 minutes in one position.

I have had a rotten cold for over a week and between my high stress levels (due to very busy life right now as we open our new practice) and pregnancy I just cannot seem to kick it. But otherwise, all is well.

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We are having total name trauma. The boy name is all set...but the girl name is just impossible this time. We really want a celtic name and we are just under-enthused with everything. There are two or three that we like "okay" but nothing that really snaps our attention. And I think we are going to have a girl...so...the search continues.
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chiro - you seriously need to sit back and read some adventure/romance novels. They give you a few hours off, you can pick some Ireland ones and get some great name ideas, and they will de-stress your world for a few moments, anyway. The only really Celtic name I like for girls is Ciara. I'm sure if I knew more I'd like them... In most of the books I 've read that have these type of names in them (which isn't really very many), I have a hard time pronouncing them. : There's also the Americanized ones, like Tara, Colleen, Shannon, etc. More Irish than Celtic, I guess... Good luck! Andy
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Thanks for the imput. Seriously I have scoured like lists and lists of celtic names including all the irish and celtic baby name books and websites (I think). I've seen pretty close to all from the pedestrian to the archiac...we just can't seem to agree on any that we are excited about. So, either something will change or....we'll have a boy and all will be fine.
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Chiromom, I feel your pain. DS has a very Gaelic/Celtic name. We wanted to name our daughter in a similar fashion, but cannot find a good name. I have plenty of option that I like if she is a boy (we had an u/s, but who knows).

DH now is switching to a more English name that has become terribly common. I just cannot accept it yet. I wanted to keep with the names we had started. Also we will have one child with a unique name and one with a common one

Oh well, let me know if you find a good one that people will possibly be able to pronounce and spell...

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don't forget you can always make up a name. if you usee some common sounds that you like that remind you of your favorite gaelic ones but change them slightly. they can still be easy to spell, just different. our only "normal" name is aidan (which wasn't as normal five years ago) but that was because we'd agreed on one name and my husband revealed after ultrasound that he actually hated it (quentin--but we went to school with quentin richardson at the time and it seemed inevitable he would make it to the NBA, which he did and he now plays for the phoenix suns...anyway). we only made it through the a's in a baby book before dh had to get to an evening class and we found one we both liked. why am i rambling?
my point with aidan is that we did give him a more unique middle name (aquinas) which gives him other options as he grows.

our biggest qualifier is that our children's names did not lend themselves to instant nicknames and cutesy names like changing william to bill or billy....

anyway good luck...
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Aloha everyone,
I've been away from home for the last couple of weeks, but so glad to be back sleeping in my own bed (not that I can get truly comfy at this point at all....). I'm with Chiromom, that I can't be in any one position for more than 15 minutes either. It makes it hard to do schoolwork, read, sleep, basically ANYTHING. ugh. I don't remember this in my other pregnancies, but then I was in my 20s then and now in my 30s? When we were on vacation I drove the family (in search of sunshine) in a rental car that was probably not made for my size on a 2 hour drive and my knees were in massive pain for 2 days afterwards.... WTF??

I feel for you all on the name things. We've always had an incredibly easy time picking out girls names and so far have 2 boys. We figured that if we got a boys name easy this time, we might have a girl.... no such luck. Girls name came quick and boys name.... well the jury is still out, but we're better off than before, as we do have a list of possible boys names.

I hope everyone is generally feeling WELL! We don't have much longer!

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