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Ivory Soap?

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Okay, mamas . . .I've got a question. I am trying to get my children (ds's 6 & 4, dd 3) and myself weaned off the whole shampoo and soap thing because of all I've been reading about in previous threads. My question is this: we live in a small town with not a whole lot of "healthy alternatives", so when I do make the kids wash their hands, etc., I have been using Ivory because I've read somewhere that it is one of the mildest. I don't use it for bathing any of us (hubby still uses it--can't convince him ), just for hand washing and such. Is this okay, or is there a cheap, easy to find alternative? TIA
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Anybody out there?
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OK...I decided to visit google myself to try to help you (and because I was wondering this myself)...
As far as "natural"products to buy go, I'm thinking they'll all be a little pricy, so maybe a do-it-yourself approach would be best...
If you're like me, you're mostly concerned with something antibacterial for the hands...here's what I found were the best natural antibacterials, in order of antibacterial potency...
1)tea tree oil (I know this one works, as I've used it as a cure all on my pets and family for years for everything from scrapes to boils [had a cat with chronic boils])...
2)Red pepper (don't know how well this would work in a hand cleaner)
4)Garlic (drop a few cloves in the mix? Might not smell like garlic if not cooked?)
5)Goldenseal (useful in ways that don't involve drinking it...is antibacterial as a ecezma/acne wash as well)
5)echinasia and burdock

Hope that helps...
Wish someone with more experience would add a thought or 2....
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I wouldn't worry about antibacterial, myself, thorough handwashing is more effective & less risky in terms of developing a resistant bacteria population. But if you're really concerned, lavender, cedarwood and rosemary essential oils are all antiseptic.

Ivory is basically lard soap. Lard soap has been used for hundreds of years to clean bodies, hair, floors, dishes & laundry. It's no doubt better for your skin than petrochemical detergents. I still use soap myself for handwashing. I'm sure Ivory has added stabilizers, bleaches, scents & junk like that, though; have you tried Googling "ivory ingredients"? "You might also have issues with buying from the corporation that makes Ivory.

Dr. Bronner's is a really good, economical natural soap from a small, ethical, environmentally responsible company. The liquid can be diluted half & half with water for use in a handpump, or 1:4 for use in one of those pump foamer things. Also comes in bar form. The price might look steep but a little goes a long way!

It's available lots of places online, besides health food stores Fred Meyer's (Kroger's) and Safeway carry it (although at inflated prices). I think the company site is www.drbronner.com or www.drbronners.com. They don't sell it, but they list sources who do.

Another natural brand, cheaper (but not necessarily more economical if ykwim), available at Albertson's & Kroger among other places & also online is Kirk's Coco Castile. This is a bar soap made with coconut oil.

You also might consider making simple cold-process soap yourself, which is easier than you probably expect. www.thesage.com and www.soapnuts.com have lots of info.

Hapy washing!
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Thanks, ladies! You've given me lots of food for thought.
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I have a good use for ivory and white sugar....they make a great poultice! Ive been using this since last night and it has worked wonders on my infected foot
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From the horse's mouth at http://www.gentlecycle.com/FAQ.htm#soap4

What are Ivory's ingredients?

Ivory Soap is made of both vegetable oils and animal fats. Two different kinds of vegetable oils are used in Ivory - coconut oil and palm kernel oil. We add a preservative, less than 1/10% of tetrasodium EDTA, to keep the bar as white as its name.

Ivory contains no dyes or heavy perfumes and creams. A light fragrance is added to provide that Ivory clean smell.
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Hee hee. So in other words it contains no scents, but it's scented. :LOL
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I know that Ivory is a very strong soap in the sence of Alkalinity. Your skin's PH is 4.5-5.5 ans Ivory's like a 7 on the alkaline side(if I remember correctly) whatever the number, it is high and that means it is very drying to the skin, and it strips all your dermal's natural emmoilents.
I don't know what Dove has in it, but it is one of the very few soaps on the market that has the same PH as your skin.
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Actually, Dove isn't a soap. It's a "beauty bar" meaning its cleansing agents are detergents, then they add a buttload of moisturizers that they wouldn't need if the detergents weren't so harsh.

My DH had awful eczema, and for years & years he used Dove because his mom had been convinced it was "so gentle". I kept telling him the Dove was probably making it worse, but he didn't believe me till he gave the darn stuff up
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I think Ivory has tallow (cow fat) and that alone is not a good moisturizer for the skin. Tallow tends to dry you out.
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