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Originally Posted by Debstmomy
This crying for me has to stop. It is driving me nuts. I read an email, I cry. Kerry lost, I cried. I think about school, I cry. I watch extreme makeover, home edition, I cry!
I am not usually like this!!! I feel like I am going crazy!
This was me last time (maybe this time too but not yet). One day I came home from work during my last pg and dh asked me what I wanted for dinner. I just looked at him dumbfounded, threw up my hands, said "I don't knoooooowwww" and started bawling. He was scared of me. His usually completely on the ball, in control, never-weepy wife was a crying wacko. Debstmomy, this too shall pass. You're still trying to process quite a shock and life change. It looks like you were pretty used to a family of four and suddenly you will be five. Take a brisk walk if you can - that always helps me clear my head.
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I just wanted to let you all know that I am feeling much better. Yesterday, I did not cry at all and today I feel pretty good.
I went to see my Doc yesterday. All seemed ok. He could not find heartbeat, but I am not to worried. (I have a friend that ia a MW apprentice, I will ask her to check in a week or two)I am a big gal, and the baby is still small. He did dig around a bit above my pubic area, and last night I had a pinching feeling on my left side of my uterus. Sort of stressed me, but I am trying not to think about it. I am still sort of achy, but no spotting or anything. I am going to lay low this am, perhaps all day. Drink tea, and chill.
Anyone else get those achy feelings down low? I presume it is due to all that streching and growing that is taking place in my uterus.
I hope everyone has a wonderful day!!
How about a quick poll?
Hmm, 2 to choose. Will you cloth diaper? and How long will you breastfed?

Me, I will try CD for the first time! I will let my child self wean, my 7 yr old nursed until he was over 4!
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Originally Posted by Debstmomy
How about a quick poll?
Hmm, 2 to choose. Will you cloth diaper? and How long will you breastfed?
CD -- not likely. We haven't with dd although I did think a lot about it before she was born. But, dh cares for her while I work FT and he is definitely not into it.

BF -- until at least age 2 I'm sure. Dd is almost 2 and still nurses once, sometimes twice, per day. But, I confess that I do want her to stop before the new baby arrives. Right now I still think I want 3 kids total and I'll be 36 when baby #2 comes. I don't want to be 40 when #3 comes so I'll probably shoot for a 2-year-ish age gap.

I just want to say to the first-time mamas that I never thought I would nurse a toddler. Before I had dd, I always thought that a year was plenty and could not imagine nursing a kid who could talk. But, your perspective can change with experience and knowledge. I do have friends who believe in the importance of bfing but who weaned their dc's between a year and 18 months. Just wanted to throw that out there so folks don't feel this is a competition or anything.

I had my second prenatal yesterday. Things are fine and they are using one of my ultrasound photos on a new brochure that explains the procedure. My kid is famous at 12 weeks - :LOL

One last tidbit.... the couple who wants to buy our house took a tour yesterday. Turns out the guy is a small-time realtor. I think he thinks he can simply get our house for market value. He fails to understand that we really like our house and it would be a major PITA for us to move when we planned on raising our kids here. But.... money talks so if he is willing to make it worth our while, then he can buy our house. I don't think he gets that concept. I also think he was really trying to convince us to just trade for his house which is on a lake. BUT it's a really, really small house and further away from my job. DH and I decided it's not an option. It's just so bizarre to have someone want to buy your house when you're not trying to sell it.

Oh, this will really be the last thing of this now very long post... Velvet005 mentioned talking about our hobbies and such in the "where is everyone" post so here are mine: I like quilting, travel (especially to Europe), sailing - winter on ice and summer, and I'm trying to become a gardener but I seem to always neglect my plants.
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I can't believe this guy just came to your house and said he wanted to buy it !!! (I don't mean that I don't believe your story - I do. ) I do not own a home but I have a tendency to become attached to my home. (example: dh and I live in a SMALL country house with a nice front porch -swing included and a deck that comes off the porch so it's almost like a wraparound and we have lived here for 8 years ... we do plan to buy when we can though) It would take a lot of money to talk me into selling my house. You need to express this to this guy so he doesn't think he can just talk you into selling your house for his price. People can be very sneaky sometimes.

I am planning to breastfeed but like I have said I do not know anything about it. I am approaching this with an open mind. I do not know how long I will breastfeed either. I am sure I'll figure it out though

Don't know about cloth diapering yet. I guess I better figure it out pretty soon though.

Debstmomy- I am glad you are feeling better today. I have had that pinching feeling in my lower abdomen too. My Dr told me to expect it because it is the ligaments around the uterus stretching.

schatz- I absolutly love quilts - but I do not know how to quilt.
I like plants and gardening but the truth is I usually let dh plant and maintain our garden. :LOL I usually have lots of annuals around to take care of though.

My hobbies are: photography -I love to take photos mostly of nature but also of architecture. water skiing, I love traveling too but I have never been out of the US. I really want to travel to other places in the world. Right now my brain is sort of stumped on things I like to do. I can get obsessed with a hobby for a while then move on to a new one. I am weird like that. I also like to make beaded neclaces. I am really really into interior design and architecture. Hence the reason I am in design school. Don't misunderstand though - it is NOT all about interior decorating. Most people think it is and that we are in college for 4 years to learn how to match fabric and hang window treatments - so far I haven't learned a thing about fabric or hanging window treatments. You all would not believe what all is involved in the industry. Believe it or not interior design is everywhere you look (indoors of course :LOL )
Now I have become too excited I am going to stop now before I bore you all to sleep.
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BF - I breastfed with Aleks for 13 months, but it was all pumping because Aleks was born with a severe cleft lip and palate. So I'm totally new to nursing. Never done it at all. I'm nervous about learning how to just because it didn't go well for us the last time, though the circumstances were extraordinary. I am really looking forward to a healing nursing experience since I greatly mourned the loss of it the last time. Ideally, I will follow child-led weaning, though I am open to the fact that I may at some point really want to stop.

CD - we have CDed with Aleks his entire life. I will do it again, though I am also vaguely interesting in ECing.

I paint and do collage and write and have done some photography. I am fairly crafty, though in a whacked-out sort of way. Right now I am working on holiday gifts (when my stomach and energy level permits it), doing some collage for an iron-on transfer and trying to figure out what I can sew (I'm getting a sewing machine this weekend because I can no longer stand being without it when I get an idea). We're pretty poor, so I have to make almost everything because my list is long (huge family). I stay at home, but have been in and out of school over the years, studying Art History. At this point, I don't plan on finishing, though I may one day decide to. Right now I am interested in doing the Birthing From Within training and possibly one day becoming a midwife. I figure while my kids are young, this is all a ways away. Plus DH has been in school forever so we'll need to wait until he has established a career before complicating things again, which I don't mind at all as I'm not anxious to start training any time soon. We're planning on unschooling as well, so my plan is to just stay at home forever, continuing with my writing and art.
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Hey, I am around kinda.. I am 14+ weeks now too, and feeling pretty good, although tired. DS is wearing me out with his nursing, but I'm still a-going at it. Today we are going to leave the house and go and buy a curtain rod! Woo!

I am planning on BFing the next babe too...

We CD kai, and plan on CDing the next too.

Does anyone have any names picked out?

Our next appt is on the 10th. I hope we can hear the heartbeat, if not, I am going to get a u/s because my blood pressure can't stand not knowing!
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Yes, I definitely will breastfeed. Oscar self weaned at 22 months, when I was about 6 months pregnant with Rose. Rose has been nursing up till now but I think she is gradually weaning herself (she's 34 months). Neither of my kids seems to be that in to nursing while I'm pregnant. I can't say I'm too disapointed though .
As for cloth diapers, we used a diaper service with Rose until she was 2 or so and had become too wiggly to manage putting them on. She toilet trained a few months later. I plan to use a combination of cloth and disposables with this one. I don't like the diaper service ones though so I will have to increase our already huge laundry load!
Hobbies? Not much lately. I volunteer a lot and I love to read. Before kids I liked to cook. I really love to travel, I have fantasies about packing up the whole family and taking off to India again, or somewhere else . But we'll see!
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i am planning on nursing this one. i tried with my other two but it only lasted about 6 months because i dried up. with ds (#1) my milk supply went down because i was pregnant...i had a m/c and "got milk" again. i tried to start it up with him but he was not interested. with dd i have no idea what happened and it was a little scary because i didnt know i wasnt making milk. i knew something was wrong with her and i just thought maybe i should try giving her some formula (good thing the hospital gives them out free) and she drank so much and was such a happy baby after that. i am nervous about trying it again and am not sure if i should. i have heard that oatmeal increases the milk supply and plan on eating a bunch after i have this babe but if anyone knows any other tricks, i would love to hear them. this is definately a concern for me. i love to nurse and am always disappointed that i cant for very long.

my hobbies include: scrapbooking, sewing, crocheting, family game night, i am very interested in photography and i do an okay job with it, i would just love to take a class and learn the tricks to it.
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Diapers: We cloth diaper dd and will do so with this one as well. I've already gotten 6 kissaluvs, a dozen indian prefolds, some flats and some tie dye to make 'em pretty! Don't have any covers yet... except for one 'crat from dd's stash.

BF: we are still nursing with dd, but I kinda think she may be headed for weaning. Don't know. With the new bub, we'll go as long as possible. Don't know what that means yet, but will just go with the flow (don't push the river).

Names: we have a boy name picked out from when dd was born but haven't thought much about a girl name. For a boy we like Spencer Flynn.

Hobbies: I have none. No kidding. I don't do anything interesting but read. I LOVE to read, mess around on the computer... I'm so boring!

Did I get all the questions?

Still doing the cold thing, but getting better everyday!
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This is Fun!

I had no idea so many would answer those questions!! I am thrilled!!
To those of you that had breastfeeding hurdles last time, seek out help this time!!!(You may have last time too!) Go to your local BF support groups, either at your hospital or LLL. Heck, look online. There are many support groups there too.
(You can private message me too! I am a LLLL and CLE.) Most BF hurdles can be overcome, and remember the beauty of breastfeeding is not all or nothing. (Perhaps next time we can share nursing stories.)
My hobbies: well, LLL if you can consider that hobby. I used to scrapbook before I was so envolved with school, now that is on hold, I think I shall pull that back out. I love to cook & try all kinds of recipies. Other than Mothering.com, I can spend hours on foodnetwork.com.
I sure hope this forums are not down too long! I for one am really glad I found them.
Have a Wonderful Weekend!
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Everyone's Chatting Here!!

Wow. So much going on with everyone i can't keep it straight.

Lemme answer the questions posed.

BF -- heck yea!! I'm still nursing Gabriel who's 23 months. I am hoping to have him weaned by the time "peanut" is born. It'll be more parent led which is not the way I wanted to approach weaning this time but I don't feel that I am ready for tandeming. As for how long... I'd say at least 2 years.

As for CD-ing, I just started with G-boy 4 months ago. He had a terrible rash after using the on sale brand of disposables. Alot my friends CD, so I call in every favor I could and scrounged up enough dipes and covers to let my baby's bottom heal. We did that for 4 days and even DH commented on how easy it was, so we bought our own stuff and have been at it ever since. And he commented that we have made our money back since the initial $175 investment. Since we use CPF's and covers Gabriel has a lot of room left before he'll outgrow the system we have now.

I have already picked up a fuzzi bunz, stacinator wool, 'crat, HB, Poochie wool, Nikky wool, 4 bumpy covers and 10 contour dipes (that I plan on making into fitteds with the addition of elastic around the legs and back of waist and some aplix at the waist) off of the TP and Ebay. I also have 3 proraps from my first attempt of CDing when G-boy was a NB. I have to get some infant CPF's to help round out my stash. I'm going to use Tushies or 7th Generation in the beginning as well until the mec. poop clears out.

Names -- Yep already picked them. The night we accepted this baby into our lives as well as hearts the names came easily. There was a couple of days where we were in limbo and didn't know what to do. So the turning point was September 11th, an especially hard day for us. It seemed fitting and healing that the meaning of that day will not be remebered for us as the day of the attacks but rather the day we accepted and started preparing for our fourth child.

The name for a boy... now if i tell you all you have to promise not to use the names!!... Liam Mychal. Liam in honor of Dh's brother and father, both are William. Mychal after Father Mychal Judge, the first victim (on the ground) of the attacks on 9/11, whom we knew.

And for the girl, which I say wistfully because I fully expect another BOY, is Hanorah Gayle. Hanorah after a great-great grandmother and Gayle for the reference to Gael, Gaelic root both DH and I share. She'd be called Nora.

Of course these are the names we chose 8 wks ago and both Dave and i have said to one another, "What do you think about the name "XYZ"?" We did make the provision if when the baby is born and clearly looks like "Therbert Manchester Xavier Ichabod" we have to go with that... Maybe we should be calling the baby "Bertie" vs "peanut" everyone seems to be so fond of. :LOL
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I am so excited that thread is moving much better !!! I hope we can keep it up that way

funshine: I think it would be fun to reupholster old chairs!!! I recovered (seats only not the whole chair) my dining room chairs and wow what a difference it made and I was so proud I did it myself. Let us know how they turn out.

I have a friend who is adopting a baby from China in anytime from March-May. She already has her nursery finished and complete!! I haven't even bought one thing for ours!!! Now I am geting scared that I should be working on it already. I have ideas and know what kind of furniture I want but just do not have the funds to purchase anything yet. Not to mention I haven't even had time to work on it at this point.

DH has come down with something. He thiks it is step throat but of course you never know that for sure unless you get a culture. I have been streering clear of him. He sleeps in the bed and Ihave been camping on the couch. It's no fun sleeping on the couch but if it helps me not to get his ailment then so be it.

I hope I didn't sound stupid when I wrote about my house earlier in the thread.
I do not own a home but I have a tendency to become attached to my home. (example: dh and I live in a SMALL country house with a nice front porch -swing included and a deck that comes off the porch so it's almost like a wraparound and we have lived here for 8 years ... we do plan to buy when we can though)
I meant that like I have become attached to my itsy bitsy tiny weenie rented house and if I owned it I would sell it but ... the money would have to be right. I was just relating to schatz liking her house and having to have the right amount to sell it. I hope this doesn't seem stupid. Sometimes I get worried that I am misunderstood and seem stupid.

well, I am going to stop now before I get to ahead of myself. I hope all of you have a great weekend.
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LOL Desa - now that is a name. We have a boys name picked out, but DH is sooooo scared that someone is going to steal it, we won't say until after the babe is born. We don't have a girls name yet.

I wish I felt that way about a house. We are renting, and while I love our new apartment, I can't wait until we own a house. Another 1.5 years to go!

We have quite a few cloth diapers for the new babe, but not nearly what I would like, or the system I am planning on using. After Xmas I will work on it!
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Tish - I wouldn't worry about the nursery - why do you need one? Not to criticize, just curious. If you co-sleep, you'll never need a crib. Changing tables are expensive and I thought I would want one, but the floor is a lot easier once they start squirming. I got a bassinet and made my mom sew a beautiful ducky lining and then we used the thing maybe once and it held stuffed animals until I got rid of it. We did use a moses basket that was gifted to me when Aleks was teeny tiny some. Heck, most of the stuff that they tell you you "need" you don't really need. Someone said to me while pregnant, "Get the infant travel system". I just sort of looked at them weird. I knew I didn't want to have to push around one of those hulking masses, and I certainly didn't have the trunk space to make use of it anyway. Aside from clothes, toiletries, diapers, baby blankets, a baby bath (not necessary at all), a car seat and the moses basket (which were all gifted to us), we bought a sling, and uh... that's it. Later I got a cheap umbrella stroller then a friend gave us her jogging stroller when Aleks was about 10 months old. We used those some but now they're pretty useless. So what is it that you think you need, because you may not want to waste the money (especially if you don't have a lot)? Actually, that's a good question for everyone. What do (or did) you think you need versus what you actually need?

As far as names go for us - we're still struggling. Jon and I do not like the same names at all. But maybe that's because he only likes a very few number of names in general. So we're having a hard time. For a girl, we're considering Mathilde Esme, but it's not set in stone. Mathilde was our girl name last time and we could never think of a middle name - for a while it was actually Mathilde Soup - lol. This time there's lots of girls names we like but very few boys names. We have a very complicated, very ethnic last name too, which makes it difficult. My last name is german-meixcan, Jon's is ukranian and Aleks' and new baby's is jonslastname-mymexicanlastname. So if we like say a very Jewish or French name, it really doesn't work with our slavic/hispanic last name. Aleks' first name is slavic and middle name is hispanic, and we like that tradition, but it's hard to keep it going. I like a lot of Wasp-y old lady names like Lilly and Eleanor and so does Jon. It's just problematic and we're not sure how to figure it out. Maybe the baby will tell us.
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I agree with anna, there are a lot of things you really don't need!

We are buying - this time- a convertible car seat (no bucket seat, hated that thing), newborn/small dipes, and uhm.. hrmm... a toyota 4-runner :P

I saved all the baby clothes from #1, and I didn't need much more than that anyways.
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Originally Posted by annakiss
So we're having a hard time. For a girl, we're considering Mathilde Esme, but it's not set in stone.
Dh loves that name! Doesn't feel right to me, so it won't go for us, much to dh's dissapointment!

Originally Posted by annakiss
I like a lot of Wasp-y old lady names like Lilly and Eleanor and so does Jon.
Our dd is Lily. We love it and it fits her very well. Still not sure what names we'd go for if it's another girl. I like Anya and Isabella... don't have a clue! Thank goddess we have some time to figure it out!
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Tish - I forgot to say! You don't sound stupid at all! I would never have considered the bit about the house stupid. I think we all wish we were attached to our homes like that. I need some time to get used to my duplex rental before this birth, personally. It'd be nice to have a wonderful cottage and love it like you do. I'm not even sure that I like this new city.
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Originally Posted by nym
LOL Desa - now that is a name. We have a boys name picked out, but DH is sooooo scared that someone is going to steal it, we won't say until after the babe is born. We don't have a girls name yet.
I haven't shared the names with anyone IRL... The way I look at it is if anyone here wants to use our names for inspiration go ahead but give us credit... This is our son "Ichabod Manchester" and her got the name because a lady on MDC was going to use the name and I fell in love with it!... lol

And just a side note, no we aren't planning on using the Therbert name for real... It was just an example. Outlandish one at that.
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we are not going to cd. i did for a while with dd but dh was so against it that he would not change one dipe. it has been a source of conflict in our marriage and i dont think it is worth our marriage to cd.

we dont cosleep either. maybe i am not "natural" enough to be on this website. this is something that both dh and i agree on. i dont understand how a couple can be "romantic" while there is a babe in the bed next to them.

a lot of the stuff we got for our babes were from yard sales and we just fixed them up. we got a changing table for under $10 that i painted and it looks great and we still use it on our 23 mo. dd. we love our johnny jumper that hangs from the door frame. we have a high chair that just attaches to our kitchen chairs and reclines. of course we have our car seat and we have a double stroller that we use often. i doubt if we will need to buy anything this time around. we will get a few new outfits because new babies need some new clothes but we have what we really need. every person is different as are their needs. i wouldnt worry too much about not having the nursery ready and only get things you are sure you will need and when they are on sale. where i live, a lot of things go on sale from thanksgiving thru christmas. keep your eyes open for the specials and check out yard sales and it shouldnt cost too much money.
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