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I can feel the ridges on tooth nuber 5 today. Angelica has been pretty cranky today too. This morning she woke me up by biting my belly! Crazy kid.
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Angelica is eating her first penut butter and jelly sandwhich and is doing it all by herself.
She likes it
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oh wow. peanut butter. is that safe? not that i'm so worried. i've already given my little guy (Dane) milk, cheese, eggs, beef, etc.
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I hope it is since she just had it. She was screaming at me cause she wanted a sandwhich like her brother....Now i'll have to email the pediatrition. I'll let ya know what he says.
She just drank lots of milk through a straw too! (lots for her not really a lot of milk)
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you can e-mail your pediatrician???? wow. that's cool.
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HE IS COOL. THATS WHY i DRIVE 55 MLES FOR APPTS. Sorry about the caps.
I email him all the time. We talk about digital camera and pics all the time too. At ds2's 18m appt he snapped a real nice pic of him and I because "I am the one always holding the camera" I enlarged it and put it in my parlor.
One day about 2 months ago I emailed asking about tylenol. Turn out he replied while on vacation in California!! I was impressed. He keeps a lot of info on a palm pilot type thing so he knew exactly how much she weighed at her last appt to give me the correct dosage.
I dont think we'll ever leave him...
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i'm impressed. you've just raised the bar for my expectations of doctors. we plan to move in less than a year; i know what questions i'll be asking!
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I started my period!! It's my first since Iris' birth... makes me sad for some reason...
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Originally Posted by sagewinna
I started my period!! It's my first since Iris' birth... makes me sad for some reason...
I only wish mine took this long to show up!
Dont be sad.......

My goodness, I dont know what i'm gonna do with my girl today.
She just learned how to climb onto Jonathans toddler bed!!!! Not a good thing since he always takes the guard rail off which gives her full acsess. She was so proud of herself though.
Thats 3 firsts in one day.
I wonder what she will do next?
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okay - do any of you give your babe tylenol or motrin for teething? geez, these all-night nursing marathons leave me sore and cranky. he's usually only a twice a night nurser, something i have no problem with. i'm a AP, cloth-diping, selective vaxer...so I just feel so guilty for drugging him as soon as i can tell he's teething! :
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I give Angelica tylenol. I don't feel guilty at all. It helps her feel better.
Cant add more cause ds2 is touching the laptop all over
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i'm all about the tylenol - hylands did nuthin for him. don;t feel guilty for making him comfortable.
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So how do any of you feel about the flu shot??
I got letters in the mail(one for each kid) suggesting My babes get one and I just don't know....
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i don't feel very good about it. i've had it twice in my life and didn't think it made a difference.

i've got him vaxed up to 6mo, but have decided to stop until he's 4yo or so.

ds1 is in school, so i'm paranoid about him bringing something home. i'm being anal about washing hands.

i've researched as well as i can the issue online from two great online docs, imo. one is dr. sears. the other is dr. joseph mercola. they both say to do several things: 1) cut back/cut out sugar, 2) eat garlic daily, 3) wash hands often 4) increase vit c. intake, like from juice, 5) get plenty of rest 6) reduce stress.

so, that's what i'm working on. if i understand correctly, the flu definitely has thimeresol (mercury) in it. i just don't feel good about it. so, i'm buttressing up our immune system and taking our chances.

what about the rest of you?
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i give sage tylenol and orajel only after she has bitten me afew times, not just my nipple but also my shirt, finger, nose, forehead, etc.... her molars are just under the gumline

talked to the realtor today. going inside the house wendesday. she definately thinks we can get it cheaper, but 29k might be too low. she doesnt want to insult them, lol. i think maybe she doesnt' want a small commission paycheck from our sale, lol. I'm worried about the roof and getting a loan. I'm hoping we can find out about that wednesday too.

i hate my MIL....:
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no flu shots here either. we dont go anywhere and DH and FIL dont work around ppl, so i'm not worried, but we are upping vit C intake
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Originally Posted by ~WickidaWitch~
. I'll let ya know what he says.
He says smooth penut butter is fine that I should just watch for allergies. She's fine so I am betting mo allergies to it!
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WOW- peanut butter. That's awesome that she isn't allergic.

We seem to be on a solids strike. He will play with food, but not actually eat it. : The dogs are having a field day with all the "leftovers". I feel like I have been beaten with a baseball bat today DS woke me every 30 minutes last night.He doens't seem to be in pain, per se, so I haven't been giving him anything. He just won't sleep!!!!! He can't seem to get comfortable and has the jimmy legs( and arms and body) DH finally slept on the couch so he could get some sleep. These molars are a :!!! He has been walking more and more- It is so cute that he is so proud of himself.

I gotta go- I need to be getting ready for a board meeting. And I have my bookclub meeting here tomorrow my house looks like crap.....

Later y'all!
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i can't beleive how fast time is flying. and i'm feeling the baby blues more and more... I was telling BIL's GF that once we get into our own house and get settled, we are going to start TTC#2. I just dont think i want to wait any longer. of course, all of his will be after sage turns 1, and that was when I had planned TTC anyway.......altho i still have to discuss this with DH, lol!!

not sure if sage's molars are thru yet or not, i haven't been brave enough to stick my fingers in her mouth today, LOL!

off to call the realtor.........
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Ok, let's see if I can remember everything I wanted to answer here - since I've been MIA for a few days.

I give Jessica Tylenol or Motrin for the teething at night. It does help - when I remember to give it to her that is.

I gave Jesi a bit of peanut butter on some toast a few weeks ago, she licked the PB off the toast and threw the toast on the floor :LOL She likes it! I wasn't afraid to give it to her because there has never been anyone on either side of the family who had any peanut allergies. She's had a few bites of egg white too. There's really nothing that I'm not giving her, except honey. I usually hold off on that until 18-24 months.

I don't think we'll get the flu shot. Jess goes in for her 1 yr check on the 24th and I know the doc will ask about it. If I can get the no mercury shot then I might consider it, if not then no. Mikayla and Danielle both got the shot in previous years but that was before I knew anything about it. We don't go anywhere and Mikayla is out of school a week from tomorrow until the first week of January so she won't be bringing anything home anyway. Dh is the only one I have to worry about. I usually get the shot, but don't know if I will or not this year.

Christy~ I think "insert Senior Name here" is cute - and it's only 2.50 to change it later.

OK, my turn :LOL Jessica took a step last night, actually it was more of a lunge, but it was unassisted. She was standing up with her back to the couch leaning on it and she went forward to get me. She took one step then fell into my arms. She was proud of herself though.

She fell off my bed the night before last. I have a tall bed, 31" from the top of the mattress to the floor. She went over on her belly, did a flip in the air and landed on her back. I was RIGHT THERE too. Scared the bejeepers out of me. I picked her up, dh comes running like her leg had been cut off or something "OMG, OMG, what happened!" I almost had to laugh at him. Anyway, she cried and then threw up onme, that's what scared me. I couldn't get her to stop crying then she just fell asleep on my shoulder. Danielle came in and woke her up and after that, she was fine. She was playing and moving, and crawled over to the edge of the bed - AGAIN! We don't sit on the bed anymore unless it's time to go to sleep.

No more new teeth since the 4 top front ones gave us so much trouble, but I'm not brave enough to stick my fingers in her mouth to check either. She has problems nursing now with the top teeth in, her latch just isn't right, and it hurts. She bites down more, which hurts, my poor boobs are having such a traumatic time right now!

On a good note, my mom is coming to town tomorrow night! I'm so excited! I haven't seen her since July.
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